Is it useful to eat steamed buns and peanuts?Let your doctor teach you a few tricks, which can effectively relieve it!

Many people have the problem of "burning heart". Looking at the literal meaning of this word seems to be related to the heart, but this is not the case."Burning the heart" is mainly because there are some problems with the stomach, and you should also treat it scientifically.

Burning heart refers to a "burning sensation" that stimulates the esophagus, and then stimulates the esophagus.So why is it called heart burning? In fact, it is specific, mainly because the distance between the esophagus and the heart is very close. When many people have a burning sensation in the stomach, they always think that this is the feeling of the heart.

In fact, this should start with the digestive process of the esophagus and stomach. In general, when the human body swallows food, the sphincter under the esophagus will relax, which will promote food to enter the stomach; next, when food enters the stomach, it will enter the stomach.After that, the sphincter will shrink, which is to prevent the material in the stomach from flowing into the esophagus.

When the sphincter of your esophagus is abnormally relaxed, the gastric acid of the stomach will flow back to your esophagus to induce the appearance of "heartburn"; generally, when you lie down or bend over, the situation will be more serious.This is why many people feel serious when they go to bed, lay down and rest.Assuming that you have a heart burning situation, you will find that when you eat some fried foods and irritating foods, the heart burns are more serious; when you eat big fish and meat, when you drink big wine, or you drinkAfter coffee, this situation will become serious.In addition, obese people or you will increase your risk of heartburn when you are pregnant.

Eating steamed buns and peanuts for anti -acid heart can briefly relieve symptoms, but the fundamental problem has not been solved.

Eating some alkaline steamed buns can indeed neutralize gastric acid. Food can also reduce the contact between gastric acid and gastric mucosa when digested, thereby alleviating symptoms, but it cannot cure diseases.The feeling of "anti -acid":

The so -called anti -acid reflux is actually the intuitive acid reflux you think. When you are not working hard, if the material in the stomach or the esophagus returns to the throat or oral cavity, there will be a feeling of acidity at this time.Essence

Difficulty in swallowing:

Difficulty swallowing is also a feeling that may occur when burning. Generally, when inflammation causes spasm or stenosis in the esophagus, swallowing pain (difficulty) will occur.Always chest pain:

Most of the chest pain when heart burning occurs behind the sternum.After eating something, you will feel heartburn. Is this sick?Many people will feel the problem of burning heart, and always wondering if this is the manifestation of illness.But in fact, there is a normal heart burning situation once or twice. If you repeatedly appear heartburne, you may have something to do with gastroesophageal reflux.

For anti -riversary esophagitis, it only needs to include self -lifestyle regulation, endoscopic therapy, drug treatment, and surgical treatment.Self -treatment is important:

For self -treatment, you need to pay more attention to adjusting your eating habits and lifestyles.In your life, you must refuse the intake of high -fat and high -energy food, reduce the intake of stimulating substances such as strong tea and coffee, quit smoking and alcohol, and raise the pillow properly to avoid wearing tights and waist clothes;Reject obesity, controlling weight is a major measure to refuse to burn heart.

Drug treatment can be appropriately intervened:

If the burning heart is serious and the gastroesophageal anti -inflammatory inflammation has occurred, please take the medical treatment.The fundamental principle of drug treatment is to reduce the secretion of gastric acid in your body, then protect the gastric mucosa and enhance the gastric motility of the body.

In addition to drug treatment, common treatment methods include surgical treatment and endoscopic treatment, which has a good effect on gastroesopae inflammation caused by heartburn.

First of all, please eat less sweets and eat less high -fat food.Reduce the intake of foods such as fried foods, chocolate, refined sugar, desserts, coffee, cola and other foods.

Secondly, improve your bad living habits, quit smoking and restriction, refuse to sit for a long time, and sleep after refusing to eat (resolutely refuse to eat and lie down and sleep).

Moreover, protect the stomach, please do not overeating, you can be full for each meal. Eating less meals is the king.

In addition, eating and balanced, refusing to obese; loose wear, do not squeeze the abdomen too much to avoid raising abdominal pressure.

Finally, take a reasonable rest, do more things you like, maintain your good mentality, and prevent the disease from adjusting your mentality.

Burning heart is not a serious disease. You don’t have to pay too much attention to it, and of course you must not despise it.Scientific prevention and restoring health, may you be healthy and happy.

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