Is radish a "catalyst" of the lung nodule?Doctor: I don’t want nodule cancer, eat less 6 things

As the saying goes, "The radish is out of the ground, and Lang Zhong has no business."The leaves of the radish are green, and the leaf teeth are very uniform. Like a ladder, radish has the reputation of "villain ginseng". It can be seen that eating radish is good for the body.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, white radish is sweet, cold, and enters the lungs and stomach meridians. It is good for diet.It can also effectively treat a variety of diseases, and the commentary of the grass is called "the most beneficial to vegetables."

Most people generally think that eating radish is good for the body, but some people say that radish is a "catalyst" of the lung nodules. Is there a scientific reason for this statement?

Radish contains carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, zinc and riboflavin, vitamin C, vitamin A, carotene, etc.It also contains a spicy mustard oil that can help digestion.

According to analysis, every 100 grams of edible parts contain 6 grams of carbohydrates, 0.6 grams of protein, 49 mg of calcium, 34 mg of phosphorus, 0.5 mg of iron, 0.8 grams of inorganic salt, and vitamin C30 mg.

1. Cough

If we do not have a cold or the bronchus, we still cough repeatedly, and even cough when we sleep. At this time, we need to pay attention to it.

Because the lung nodules can also cause cough. If it is allowed to develop and continues to deteriorate, coughing and blood in sputum will occur.

2. Lymph nodes enlargement

During the examination, you will find that you have a problem with the swelling of the pneumon and the lymph nodes, and the borders of the swollen lymph nodes are very clear.

If the problem is more typical, it will even show potato status.Therefore, if this problem is found during related examinations, then your lung nodule problem has occurred.

3. Decreased appetite

If a person has a lung nodule disease, the appetite will be greatly affected due to the weakness of the body and the decrease in exercise.For example, do not like to eat greasy foods, decline in eating or not to eat for a long time.

If this situation lasts for a long time, patients will not only lose their bodies, take off a small amount of hair, but also absent from immune capacity.

4. Low body immunity

Patients with lung nodules can cause lung function loss, which slows down the rate of self -repair and metabolism in the lungs.

As a result, the lungs have the ability to resist external bacteria and fungal invasion, which can easily lead to infection of the lungs after the body’s immunity and resistance are low.

There are rumors on the Internet that white radish is a catalyst of nodules. Patients with nodules are not suitable for eating white radish, otherwise it is easy to aggravate the condition.Is this a rumor or a scientific basis?

Patients with lung nodules can eat radish, but they should be appropriate.

Radish is a family of cross flower, rich in cellulose, low calories, low fat.Can supplement vitamins and enhance physical fitness.There is a sulfide in the radish and the effect of swelling and sterilization. Therefore, patients with nodules can eat radish and effectively prevent nodule lesions.

However, the cold fruits of radish, eating too much can also cause hormone disorders in the body, weaken the stomach and intestines, and cause poor digestion.Therefore, people with poor physical fitness or digestive tract diseases must be cautious before eating radish.

1. Mold food

Mold peanuts, melon seeds, corn and other foods contain a large amount of yellow citromycin, which will show yellow or yellow -green visible to the naked eye on the surface of the food.

After inges in the body in the body, the liver will be absorbed by the liver. The metabolism of the cytossence enzyme can easily cause nodule cancer. Therefore, try not to eat moldy foods as much as possible.

2. Food overnight

After the food is overnight, there will be a big discount, and it may also contain a certain amount of nitrite.

Among them, the types of microorganisms are complicated, and some microorganisms will produce nitrate enzymes and restore nitrate into nitrite.

Nitrite is a substance that cause nodule cancer, so everyone should try not to eat overnight dishes in daily life.

3. Pickled food

Many families of the tables often see pickled pickles or meats. Although they satisfy their appetite and improve their appetite, a large amount of food additives are also added to this process.

In particular, the excessive sodium salt will inevitably lead to increased blood pressure and affect cardiovascular health.The key is that once this long -term marinated food decreases in the metabolic function in the body, it will inevitably be converted into nitrite and sodium nitrite. This is top carcinogen and affects physical health.

4. Foods containing hormones

If you have nodules, you can’t eat some hormone foods, such as cattled milk.This health product contains a lot of hormones, although it can have a certain health effect.

However, excessive intake of foods containing hormones can cause hormone disorders in the body and affect normal hormone secretion.It will also accelerate the growth of the nodules and even cause worsening nodules.

5. Pepper

Pepper contains pepperin, which is a spicy and irritating substance. Eating chili often stimulates the thyroid gland, causing thyroid nodes to be blood and dysfunction.

Patients with thyroid nodules should avoid eating spicy and irritating foods. If it is benign and does not affect the thyroid function, you can eat it appropriately. Pay attention to light diet.

6. High -fat food

A large amount of high -fat foods can cause obesity.High fat content in the body will affect the body’s metabolism, hormone levels will be affected, so it will be constantly stimulated to nodules.

Generally, people with nodules in the body have poor digestion and absorption of the body. Eating high -fat food for a long time can easily increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and gastrointestinal diseases.

So to eat some light foods to help the body digestion to dissipate.

1. Stay away from second -hand smoke

Smoking is also very harmful to our lungs. Long -term smoking has caused some damage to our lung tissue, making lung nodules easier to form.

The harm of second -hand smoke is equally huge, so if there are smokers around, you should try to persuade him to quit smoking.In addition, it is necessary to avoid long -term contact with cigarettes and oil fumes to prevent the disease from worsening.

2. Maintain good living habits

There are often problems in the lungs that are often caused by poor immunity. Keep good living habits and maintain adequate sleep. Proper exercise can enhance our body’s immunity and resistance.The dissipation of the festival.

3. Pay attention to diet

In daily life, you can choose some foods to help clear lungs to eat.Of course, spicy foods must also be eaten less, otherwise it will stimulate the severe nodules of the lungs and make treatment more difficult.

Therefore, everyone must pay more attention.

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