Is squid a mysterious "alien guest"?

Whether it is lying in the beach tent of the sea breeze, or on the seats of the roadside barbecue stalls, a few bites of grilled squid are really the best memories of summer.For me waiting for food, squid seems to be just a delicious food, but how much do you know about the root of life behind it?Today, I will talk to you about the squid news that overseas media has followed the report in recent years. The most eye -catching is the squid squid family.

Squid is called "Devil Fish" in South America.It is really rare compared to other creatures on the earth. It is really very rare than other creatures on the earth. Deep sea squids in adventure film and television dramas often play strange devil characters.It also seems to cooperate with these claims.

Among the vast ocean -free vertebrates, squid has the highest learning and memory ability.According to the papers published in the academic journal of the National Academy of Sciences in 2020: Ocean giant squids actively convey information between groups through more than a dozen stripes of their bodies, coordinated the division of labor, completed the group attacks and attacks and the group attacks.Share the prey.

In addition, studies have shown that the brain of squid has more nerve cells compared to its body shape.Two -thirds of these cells are distributed in the tentacles.Each tentacle is like an independent supercomputer, which can perform completely different actions at the same time.Imagine that it is difficult for us to do it: at the same time to direct our left and right hands to do different things, this is not comparable to squid.

The monocular structure of squid is the same as humans, and the vision is equivalent to our 0.6 degrees. Its eye is the same as us. It has the function of lens focusing. You can see higher resolution objects.This function is also very useful when defending enemies or capturing prey.If the ratio of squid eyes to the body, our human eyeballs need to grow to the same size like basketball.The eyes of squid grow on both sides of the head, without blind spots, far better than humans with a total perspective of about 130 degrees.If you look for their shortcomings, it is a bit regrettable that the images seen by squid are always black and white, without any color.

Observation vision of squid eyes: 360 degrees without dead ends

There is also a place for squid:

Have three hearts.The main heart is responsible for transporting blood to the whole body.The other two hearts are also called gill hearts, and the blood is cut into the gill body like a pump, and the gills are quickly swimming with gills.

Superman’s movement speed.The maximum speed of squid is about 41 km/h.Bolt (theoretical speed of 39 kilometers per hour) is also unable to catch up. Conversely, once the squid is stared at, even the elder Bolt can’t escape.

Bolt: Actually, I can’t catch up with my speed and can’t get rid of a squid …

More and more overseas researchers believe that it is likely that during a certain historical period, the microorganisms (virus cells) from the space from space fell into the ocean of the earth, and then the biology that was inhabited in the sea was wrong.The body, combined into a new gene body. After experiencing a unique evolutionary process, the squid (squid includes octopus) was born.If these assumptions are established, it seems that there is more lurking in the ocean of the earth, and a larger squid creature.Perhaps they have already built their own underwater world, society and civilization where humans cannot contact.While they lived on the earth and lived peacefully with everyone for many years, they even never stopped moving to the mother planet’s hometown deep in the outer space, which continued to convey information.

The more I know, the more I feel that I dare not eat squid casually … But the confidence is difficult to defeat appetite. While the most lofty respect [squid through the intestines, the Buddha’s heart], I picked up chopsticks [better than heart]

Home -cooked dish, dried squid

Squid Living Sashimi is a world of the world

Squid Sky Macro is even less than one by one

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