Is the "blood mark" of cupping and extraction of the body?Reminder: cupping is not suitable for everyone

When it comes to traditional Chinese medicine, everyone must think of things as the first time that acupuncture, massage, and moxibustion, and in the traditional treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, "cupping" actually occupies a place. As everyone’s health awareness increases, everyone has improved.And the popularity of Chinese medicine knowledge, more and more people are willing to try the cup.

However, after the fire can, many friends will find that the "blood marks" of the size of the tank mouth will appear in the position of their backs and shoulders.The logo of "pulling out" is more cupping, which is equivalent to detoxifying the body.Is this true?

Is the "blood mark" of cupping and extraction really detoxifying?

Although cupping is indeed a very good traditional Chinese medicine health method.But we have one yard and one yard. In fact, there is no effect of detoxification.

Speaking of this, some friends may refute:

"Since you can’t detoxify, what’s the matter with the blood mark from cupping?"

The reason why cupping occurs is actually because the fire tank is trapped on the skin surface during the vacuum adsorption process, causing local capillary damage.

In other words, the "blood mark" of cupping is actually the congestion after capillary damage. It is the blood of the human body. Naturally, it is impossible to be a "toxin".Those who think they can "dredging and detoxify" through cupping can actually save worry.

But then again, since cupping cannot be detoxified, the "blood mark" of cupping is still congestion, isn’t cupping a proper "self -harm" behavior? How can it become one of the most traditional Chinese medicine health methods? ActuallyIt’s outrageous, but you can’t think of the role in it.

Cupping is not "self -harm", it mainly has these three kinds of health effects

① Can make you "happy"

Happiness and cupping, although seemingly non -sideways, actually have a certain scientific reason. During the cupping process, because the skin is stimulated, the capillaries can cause congestion.Endorphins.

Endorphins can act on nerves, play an analgesic and soothing role, and bring us a pleasant feeling.It is precisely because of this that many friends who work in a lot of work. Friends who are unwilling on weekdays can also try cupping appropriately. It may be able to relieve your troubles and stress and greet the next day’s life in a better state.

② Can be excreted from body moisture, cold

There are pores on the surface of human skin, so the cold and moisture in the external environment can easily enter the body along the pores. In addition, some friends may have staying up late, irregular diet, etc.Essence

While cupping the skin, cupping will also increase the permeability of skin tissue and pores. The humidity and cold in the body can be discharged more effectively.It is very good help.

③ Improve physical self -repair ability

The human body itself has the ability to self -repair. The stronger self -repair, the stronger the immune ability and the healthier body.

When cupping, it often causes capillary damage to the local. In the process of physical recovery, human self -repair ability can also be improved to a certain extent.For example, people who are constantly fitness will also cause muscle cells to be damaged and repaired by high -intensity exercise, which can enhance the effect of muscle tissue.Proper cupping can also make skin tissue more tough, and the ability to resist external bacteria and harmful substances will be stronger.

In summary, although cupping does not have any detoxification effect, it can still make some reason to be one of the ways of health care.But having said that, not everyone is suitable for cupping. After all, cupping itself is a kind of behavior that causes physical damage. Please also try carefully according to your physical condition.

Cuppies are not suitable for everyone, please try carefully

【Anemia or blood disease group】

For those who have anemia or blood diseases, any situation of rash bleeding must be prevented in advance, so as not to cause excessive blood loss or difficulty wounds.Cupping itself will damage the capillaries, and naturally it is not suitable for such people.

There are also patients with metabolic diseases such as hypertension, hyperglycemia and other metabolic diseases. The blood quality is poor and the blood vessels are relatively fragile. It is also not recommended for cupping, so as not to cause unnecessary burden such as vascular inflammation.

[Skin allergies or skin lesions]

Skin health is also the prerequisite for cupping. During the cupping process, the skin will bear the greater pressure brought by vacuum. If the skin is allergic to symptoms, or the local skin is damaged, the wound may be more serious, even infected with infection under pressure.Maybe, please try it carefully.

[Pregnant women and those who are weak]

Pregnant women and friends who are generally weak, their physical energy itself is a little bit insufficient. If you try such as cupping, this kind of very losing blood and blood can cause the endocrine system in the body to be affected, the symptoms of physical weakness exacerbate, and increase the risk of illness. ThereforeNo physical examination.

In summary, although cupping is a good health behavior, it is also necessary to adapt to local conditions, and try to try according to their physical conditions.For friends who are eligible and needed, we must also understand the specific role of cupping in advance. Do not blindly believe in the so -called "detoxification" saying, but delay your own health.

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