Is the "sour girl" during pregnancy true?Why do pregnancy change the taste, the reason is a bit amazing

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I recently watched "Rugao Biography" again, just chasing the two episodes of Rugao’s pregnancy, and I have been mentioning the incident of having a sour boy who is pregnant.

It seems that people can guess the gender of the fetus as long as the pregnant woman likes to eat. Until now, the topic of the "sour girl" of pregnant women has not changed.

Ms. Tian was pregnant with her second child last year. She has always liked sour things from pregnancy. Orange, lemon, and cherry all pick up sour. These are all seen by her mother -in -law.

In the eyes of the old man, you are pregnant and love sourness, so he is very worried: What can I do if the first child is a boy?Ms. Tian doesn’t matter, boys and girls are raised together.

Ms. Tian’s love for sourness has not changed until she was about to be born, but her second child gave birth to a cute little princess.

The ending of this "turning" makes the family very happy, and her son also likes the younger sister very much. Now she is a dual -children.

In fact, pregnant women around them not only like these two flavors. Some people suddenly fall in love with durian during pregnancy, and some people like to eat various meats.

I used to see the nausea during pregnancy, and even seeing someone or an object would be nauseous. This is not a pregnant woman’s affection, but there are many layers of reasons.

1) Hormone changes in the body cannot be avoided

During pregnancy, the increase in velvetic membrane in women’s body increases, which has a inhibitory effect on the gastric acid of pregnant women.

Pregnant women will feel nausea, no appetite, and spicy and sour foods will have a certain stimulating effect on the stomach, promote gastric acid secretion, and make pregnant women feel that they are no longer disgusting, so pregnant women like to eat.

2) The changes in the sensory of pregnant women are sensitive to the surrounding environment

After pregnancy, women’s taste will become sensitive, and they can feel a little bad taste.I don’t like greasy foods, I don’t like to smell the smell of tobacco and alcohol.

So some meals have a little taste that pregnant women do not like, and they can’t eat it.

3) Nutritional needs in the abdomen

Human body has a self -protection mechanism. The more nutritious elements the body is missing, the taste of food with such nutrients in taste

During pregnancy, the fetus will absorb nutrients from the mother. More nutrition needs to be pregnant, and a certain food will be needed to supplement nutrition.

Maybe there are pregnant women who like to eat sour sons, but they cannot be preferred. The sour woman is not directly related to the gender of the fetus.

Like Ms. Tian, I like to eat sour during the whole pregnancy, but the last thing is female treasure.I had a colleague of Chongqing before, and I still like spicy food after pregnancy. I finally gave birth to a big fat boy.

It can be seen that "sour girls" are not completely accurate, and sometimes they are related to taste preferences in different regions.

√ Hot and sour should be moderate

These two flavors of foods during pregnancy can relieve the discomfort of pregnant women, but we must also pay attention to moderate.These two kinds of food have a certain degree of irritation for the stomach and intestines. Eating too much is not good for the body.

√ Eat less pickled food

Some pregnant women may like to eat some pickled plum meat. The sour and sweet is very appetizing, but after all, this is not fresh food. There will be preservatives.

Although all kinds of pickled foods are appetizing, they are high -salt, high sugar, and unhealthy. It is not recommended to eat more pregnant women. It will not only increase their edema, but also cause harm to the fetus.

√ Eat the food of seasonal and fresh food

You can eat some sweet and sour fruits often, both appetizing and vitamins.However, pregnant women need to pay attention to eating as much as possible vegetables and fruits, so that there is no material such as cooked agents, and it is safer to eat.

If the food is not fresh, you can’t bear to throw it away. It is very dangerous if it causes pregnant women to pull diarrhea.

Tuanzi mother’s heart:

It is important to supplement nutrition during pregnancy. The right amount of health for eating is good, and there is no need to make up for it every day.

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