Is the child who is pregnant after taking contraceptives, is "stay" or "flow"?Many people have done wrong

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Not long ago, a background netizens sent a private message, saying: I just got married this year, and neither of my husband had a plan to have children. Although the family was tight, our contraceptive measures were also very good.It is always lucky to use sanitary products.But yesterday I found that I was pregnant, but how could I get pregnant unexpectedly when I took contraceptives?Can you stay after taking medicine?

I believe that many people have the doubts of this netizen. The contraceptive pill is obviously contraceptive, and it is said that the effect is good. Although it is not good for the body, fortunately, the contraceptive success is high and the sense of use is good.

But why do you still get pregnant after taking contraceptives?

1. I am pregnant

If a woman is pregnant before taking contraceptives, then taking contraceptives will be invalid again. There is no contraceptive effect. This netizen may not know that she is pregnant and take contraceptives after the same room, so it will fail.

2. Time to take timeout

Most of the contraceptives taken by women in my country are emergency contraceptives, and its efficacy is generally effective within 72 hours after the incident. If it exceeds this time, it will naturally lose the role of contraceptives, so "accidents" will occur.

3. Take contraceptives during antibiotics

If women have an experience of taking antibiotics and contraceptives at the same time, the efficacy of both sides will weaken. Because antibiotics can inhibit contraceptives, it will easily lead to contraceptive failure.

4. Physical reasons

This varies from person to person. Everyone’s absorption of medicines is different. Contraceptives need to be absorbed by most of them to exert the effect. If the absorption is not good, it is likely that the contraceptive effect will not be able to play after taking contraceptives.

Generally speaking, the success rate of emergency contraceptives is not 100%, only about 80%, and it needs to be taken on an empty stomach. Otherwise, it is easy to have no effect, and it should not take more than 2 times a year, because contraceptives are still very harmful to women’s bodies.

So, after taking contraceptives, if the child is pregnant, is this child "stay" or "flow"?This needs to see the specific situation, but many people do it wrong.

Under normal circumstances, women also follow the survival of the fittest, because in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, any behavior of any negative impact on the fetus has only two results on the fetus, "harm" and "no harm".

In other words, if the child can grow up safely in these 4 weeks, and there is no abortion, it shows that these toxic substances have no effect on the fetus.Because if it is not good for the fetus, they will naturally flow away, and they cannot survive.

Therefore, if the baby can grow up normally, eating contraceptives after pregnancy has little impact on them.

However, having a child is a very serious thing. If you are not ready to meet your new life, you must choose a reliable contraceptive method. Compared with the 80%success rate of contraceptives, the success rate of the condomSafe, if you want to succeed in contraception, you might as well choose a contraceptive cover directly. This is not bad for both sides. It is responsible to women and is also responsible for innocent children.

Although many people still avoid taboos of "sex" topics, in order to be responsible for themselves and their children, everyone is better to pay attention to contraception. Some things are not back.

What kind of contraceptive method do you usually like?Welcome to leave a message to discuss together.


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