Is the fetal dream a "signal" to her mother?Too frequent is not a good thing, pregnant mothers have to be vigilant

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Speaking of sleeping and dreaming, most of us will not care about the night dreams after getting up in the morning. If you dream of interesting things, you may share with friends and laugh with a smile.Maybe you will forget that you have done dreams.

However, the pregnant mothers who are pregnant during pregnancy are just the opposite. Pregnant mothers have a certain sensitivity to things around during pregnancy.Meaning, the dreams of mothers at night are also called "fetal dreams".

Different dreams will make the pregnant mothers feel beautiful, and even some pregnant mothers will choose "Gua Gua" to find out. The final conclusion may be: "My child has given me a dream."

What happened to the doctor’s rebuke in each pregnant mother’s mind in the delivery room, and what happened to make the doctor so angry?

Xiao Zhang is a pregnant mother after 1990. After checking out, she cried very much after she was pregnant, and she could finally become a mother.

After pregnancy, Xiao Zhang often dreams, and often dreams about some things about the baby. At the beginning, Xiao Zhang only thought that he had something to think about every day, and he dreamed of his baby every night.Long, Xiao Zhang began to pay special attention to what happened in his dream:

For example: Xiao Zhang Hui dreamed that the baby put on the small skirt he bought for her, which made Xiao Zhang convinced that he would have a cute little girl in the future. Dreaming of the baby crying at herself, Xiao Zhang would go online."" ".

However, because Xiao Zhang dreamed of almost every night, his mental condition was very poor, and his body became weak.

Xiao Zhang didn’t care, and he was still keen to study what happened in his dream. When it was a good thing to query what the dream represented, Xiao Zhang was happy. When he dreamed of bad things, Xiao Zhang would be depressed all day all day long.of.

After a long time, Xiao Zhang’s body was getting worse and worse. Xiao Zhang’s husband couldn’t stand it anymore, so he took Xiao Zhang for a check. The doctor asked what happened recently. Her husband said the "fetus tire in Xiao Zhang’s mouth" tireDream "told the doctor that the doctor warned Xiao Zhang that this was not a secret sign, it was a signal, and the spirit should not be too nervous. This situation would also be reduced.

But Xiao Zhang did not seem to listen to it, and the doctor blamed: "The signal is unclear, and you should pay for your ignorance! Boys and girls are determined by genes, not to be determined by a dream!"

The doctor’s rebuke was like a alarm bell waking up Xiao Zhang.Finally, under the guidance of a doctor, Xiao Zhang’s body and spirit began to improve.

The first point: pregnant mothers have great emotional fluctuations

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers can easily endocrine disorders, and hormone fluctuations will cause the emotional fluctuations of pregnant mothers, which will cause the sleep quality to be severely reduced, and many times cannot enter deep sleep.And during pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s psychological is fragile and sensitive, and a little thing will be enlarged infinitely by them. The heart is sometimes happy, sometimes angry, and sometimes sad. After a long time in this state, it is easy to bring emotions into dreams to release them.It is also the so -called "fetal dream".

Second point: pregnant mother is exhausted

Even if you are not pregnant, you often have this situation: I am busy working during the day and overworked their bodies. I feel unsatisfactory when I go to bed at night, and even occasionally do nightmares.During pregnancy, the pregnant mother is overloaded by the body, and it must be maintained for ten months. It can be imagined how tired the pregnant mother’s body is.For a long time, the quality of sleep will inevitably be affected at night, and even if you enter sleep, you will often dream.

The first point: proper rest and entertainment

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers can chat with friends, and pour out the happiness or unhappiness in life. This will be released in this way. It is released during the day, and there is no need to release it in the dream at night.You can also listen to some soothing music in time, which can not only smooth out his emotions, but also bring high -quality prenatal education to your baby. It is also a good choice.

Second point: Don’t have too much psychological pressure

As the saying goes: I have something to dream about the night, and I often dream that pregnant mothers often think of their babies. I think they are boys or girls, will they grow up healthily, will it be smarter?There will be dreams at night.

Pregnant mothers still relax their hearts. Regardless of boys and girls, they have decided at the moment of pregnancy. As for the health of the baby, I believe that if the pregnant mothers can maintain good habits, maintain a smooth mood during this period.There are also good development.

In short, dreaming is very common, but because pregnant mothers always maintain a state of tightness during this period, they also have a different understanding of the content of the dream.It will cause problems with their spirit and physical condition, and it is also very unfavorable to the growth of the baby. At this time, you must seek medical treatment in time.

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