Is the fetus living in the "palace", is it "the ears are not heard of foreign affairs"?The fetus said: Please be quiet!

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After pregnancy, every movement of pregnant mothers may affect the fetus. Most of them know that far from radiation sources, stay away from unhealthy odor, and reject unhealthy food, but do not pay enough attention to noise.Essence

Some young pregnant mothers especially like to go to the singing hall to sing before pregnancy, and they can’t help but go after pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers are emotionally unstable and can’t control themselves. They often quarrel with people around her husband, and they feel comfortable.

However, these methods will affect the fetus. A friend said that when she was pregnant, she quarreled with her husband. The baby kicked in the stomach.

Hearing is the earliest consciousness of developmental development, so experts advocate music prenatal education.After the fetus was born, his vision was very poor and approximately blind, but the hearing was very sensitive. If he heard a big voice, he would be shocked.

At 7 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal ears were obviously bulged.

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, the inner ear of the fetus began to form.

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’s ears were still in the neck.

At 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’s ears were transferred from the neck to the normal position on both sides of the head.

At 15 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’s ears had moved to the right position, but it was a bit low.By 16 weeks, the hearing of the fetus gradually formed, it was the little "eavesdropper" in the mother’s belly, and you could hear the sound of the mother’s belly.

At 17 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can hear the mother’s voices in the body and the outside world through the transmission of amniotic fluid, and even occasionally responds.

At 18 weeks of pregnancy, the hearing of the fetus has developed well. He likes to squint his eyes to listen to the sound of his mother’s belly, and speak to the outside world.

At 19 weeks of pregnancy, the hearing of the fetus occupied a special area in the brain.At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can hear a strong outside voice, and British scientists have also confirmed that the fetus has a hearing memory ability in 20 weeks for the first time.

At 21 weeks of pregnancy, the outside world’s sudden and louder sounds, such as the loud noise of the door, the sound of broken porcelain bowls, and the quarrel with her husband, they would wake up the fetus in sleep and make him a greater response.

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus likes listening to music and listening to the outside world, especially the voice of the mother.

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal brain feels the signals received by the auditory system.

At 26 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal auditory system is almost completely developed. If you hear some of the noise, the fetus will restless and make a bouncing or peristaltic action.

At 27 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’s ability to discriminate and memory is more powerful, especially to distinguish the mother’s voice and remember them, so after birth, you will like the gentle voice of the mother especially like the mother.

1. Filial movement response

When the fetus hears the sound, there will be a shocking reaction, such as the head rotation, the head of the head, the upper limbs and the lower limbs bend and stretch, the mouth is open and closed, the tongue is tongue, the face, and the fist.Studies have shown that the fetal movement reaction girl was earlier than the boy, 25-26 weeks of pregnancy, 75%of the girl responded, and 33%of boys responded.By 28 weeks of pregnancy, the girls all reacted, and the boy had 80%reaction.

2. Heart rate reaction

If the fetus is stimulated differently, the fetal heart rate will accelerate or decelerate.If these reactions can appear normally, the ductive and central nervous system function is developed.

3. Central nervous system response

If the central nervous system of the fetus is normal, a blink of an eye reflection will be made when the sound stimulation is accepted.And with the increase of the gestational week, the sensitivity gradually increases, and the response speed is faster.

These reactions can indicate whether the hearing of the fetus is normal and provide a basis for determining whether there is structural malformation.

Behavior scientists have done a study that allows pregnant women to listen to the first set of tapes between 7 days between the 20th and 21st weeks of pregnancy, and listen to the second set of tape between 7 days between 31st and 32 weeks.After the baby was born, he listened to the 3 -disc magnettan belt, and one of them was not heard in the uterus.When a baby hears the music in the uterus, it will be relatively quiet, and there is no difference in the 20th and 31st weeks.

The above experiments show that in the 20 weeks and 31 weeks, the fetus has the same memory ability.At the same time, it is explained that music prenatal education is functional.

Psychologists believe that music can penetrate people’s hearts, arouse the illusion of people’s unconsciousness, and can evoke the memories that are usually suppressed.

By admiring music, pregnant women can regulate their emotions, have a sense of tranquility and comfort, and make the fetus quiet.At the same time, sound waves will also directly transmit the fetal auditory system through the mother’s abdominal wall to promote the intellectual development of the fetus.

1. The start time of prenatal education:

About 26 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal auditory system was completely established. At this time, prenatal education began, and the effect was particularly obvious.

2. The length of the prenatal education:

Do not exceed 20 minutes each time, 1 to 2 times a day.The growth and development of the fetus requires a quiet environment. The appropriate sound will stimulate brain development, but long -term music becomes noise and affects fetal development.

3. How to prenatal education:

It is best to play the sound with a player. The pregnant woman is the most appropriate between 1.5 meters and 2 meters from the player.The sound of the sound is controlled from 65 to 70 decibels.If prenatal education is used with headphones, the sound of the sound is controlled at 60 decibels.

After 8 months of pregnancy, repeatedly play the same fixed music, which can cultivate music hobbies for children after birth and lay the foundation for developing children’s imagination.

4. The sound that the fetus likes

Light music: The fetus likes soft and soothing music. Playing some light music with the internal sound of the uterus will increase the fetus mild fetal movement and low frequency heart rate, which will help the fetal brain development.

Mom and Dad’s voice: The fetus will distinguish between men and women’s voices. Moms and dad should talk to the baby more to let the baby remember these sounds. After birth, it will help build a good parent -child relationship. The fetus will be full of happiness. The fetus will be full of happiness.The heart secretes the hormones that benefit the body.Moms get along with the fetus every day, and the fetus naturally likes her mother’s voice even more. Dad must not ignore more communication with the fetus.

The American Children’s Science Society said that the hissing sound of the fetus in the uterus is louder than the sound of vacuum cleaners, and the fetus is easily affected by huge noise.A pregnant mother said that when she heard the sound of hitting the door, the fetus was spasm or kicking.

So pregnant mothers must pay attention to stay away from noise.Avoid places where noise pollution, do not go to the music halls and ballrooms.Usually regulate your emotions, do not quarrel with outsiders to prevent the fetus from being affected.Usually pay attention to the soft movement, do not have too loud the sound of closing the door. Do not let the appliances on your hand occur to avoid hurting the fetus.

In short, although the fetus lives in the "palace", "the ears are also heard of foreign affairs". We must be good at using this feature to develop the child’s intelligence and protect his hearing.

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