Is the postpartum neck and back pain because the confinement did not sit?The doctor tells you the truth

After giving birth, many mothers have symptoms such as neck and back pain to varying degrees.Many people think that this is the "confinement disease" left by confinement without notice.

However, there is a more common phenomenon among raw women, that is, after the past few years, it still feels back pain.What’s happening here?

Ms. Wang is 30 years old and is a university teacher.

After she gave birth to her first child three and a half years ago, and after a second child a year and a half ago, she felt back pain and discomfort for a long time, and had insomnia for a few months.It is necessary to take painkillers to relieve; the back muscles are also sour, and occasionally have palpitations and chest tightness. The sacrum feels pain after a long sitting, and feels like squatting down and then leaning forward.

Due to the discomfort in the body, we came to Longji Kang for a doctor. After we used three -step positioning diagnosis, we found that it was spondylosis.

1. Physical examination

C2/3 left, C3/4 left, T7-9 spiny proceed tenderness, L4/5 right, S2 right soreness.

After measurement, blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature are normal.

Last menstruation: early October 2021.

2. Radiation diagnosis

The gap between the tooth of the cervical spine is not equal to the width and the right width of the left; the cervical spine has multiple spine abrupt right, and the physiological curvature of the cervical spine becomes straight.

On the left, the cervical spine tattoo position, the right side of the cervical vertebrae

Thoracic vertebrae

Lumbar vertebrae on the left, the side of the lumbar vertebrae on the right

For the patient’s condition, the Long’s treatment is mainly used-relaxation method+reset method: cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, pelvic (including the method of sacral joint method); medium frequency electrotherapy: bilateral shoulder well acupoint, lumbosacral two two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two, two lumbosacral two-sides, lumbosacral two two, lumbosacral two-sides, lumbosacral two-sides, lumbosacral two-sides, lumbosacral two two, and lumbosacral two-sides.Side muscles; Tongluo Bao: neck and waist.

After 1 treatment, the patient’s migraine on the left side basically disappeared, and there was still pain and discomfort at the junction of the chest and waist, and the pain in the upper corner of the bilateral scapula.

When the third time came to treat, the lumbosacral area on the right should not be fully tightened when lying on the flat.The left tenderness is obvious.

Therefore, before the third lumbar spine reset, the sacroiliac joint was reset first. After the method was completed, the patient lay flat, and the discomfort of the right lumbosacral discomfort had disappeared.

After 5-6 times system treatment, the patient’s symptoms were basically relieved. Occasionally, the left side of the migraine occasionally was occasional for 2-3 months.

Ms. Wang had two consecutive births. After her first child, she had no full rest, and she was pregnant with her second child again. The spine has never been adjusted and resting.And in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, low back pain is obvious.

During the consultation, Ms. Wang also asked: Is these symptoms because the confinement is not sitting well. It belongs to postpartum style?

In fact, in the third trimester, pregnant women secrete two hormones: progesterone and relaxation peptide, which will relax the pelvic ligament so that the fetus can be delivered smoothly.The stability of the joints is weakened. If it is slightly sprained or the posture is poor, spinal joint misplace is prone to occur.

During the normal delivery process, the mother may be tolerated due to pain, which may be dislocated by the neck, chest, and lumbar joints that have been relaxed due to the excessive twisting body on the birth bed.

In addition to the improper posture during childbirth, the spine problems are caused, and in the process of taking care of the newborn, the posture is poor and it is also prone to joint misalignment.

Because some maternal hormones can quickly return to normal level after childbirth, and some often need a month or even longer.

Therefore, hormone levels and ligament relaxation performance will also take a period of time to repair.During this period, bad breastfeeding postures, too high or too low pillows, and long -term low head bending and bowing back, etc.

Therefore, before pregnancy, women should pay attention to exercise and strengthen the exercise of core muscle groups. This will not only enhance physical and muscle strength, facilitate childbirth in the future, but also reduce back pain during pregnancy.

After pregnancy, you can do some self -activity of cervical and lumbar spine, or you can exercise muscles and protect joints.

If it is checked, these neck and low back pain are caused by joint misplacement. After professional doctors/therapists perform small joint reset and adjustment, the symptoms can be cured, and the earlier the treatment effect, the better.

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