Is the pregnancy line related to the gender of the fetus?

After pregnant women are pregnant, a pregnancy line will grow on the stomach.The pregnancy line of pregnant women is caused by changes in hormones in pregnant women.In China, there have always been many claims to judge the gender of fetus through pregnancy lines.

Is the pregnancy line related to the gender of the fetus?

From 2 to April of pregnancy, an intermediate bar or a vertical line that across the belly navel appears as a pregnancy line, which is a product of changes in hormone during pregnancy.The length and color of each mother’s pregnancy line are different.During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, with the development of pregnancy, some pregnant women will deepen the color and even grow body hair, and even extend to the chest, but there are no pregnancy lines at all, which are normal.During pregnancy, some pregnant mothers say that there is a black line on the belly. The so -called black line is also called "pregnancy line".

The pregnancy line is a very important part of anatomy. Renxian is a relatively important axis on the stomach, and it is also very important in surgery.Therefore, after pregnancy, the pregnancy line will become more obvious. Because after entering the pregnancy, the level of hormone secretion in the body will change, making the melanin on the pregnancy line more and more, so the color will become deeper and deeper.And with the increase of the gestational week, the color of the pregnancy line will become more and more obvious, and the width will become faster and faster. It was originally a manifestation of the healthy development of the baby in the abdomen.

Seeing the length of length, thickness, and color depth of the pregnancy line to see the gender of the fetus:

① The pregnancy line is thick and dark, and the chance of pregnant boys is high;

② The pregnancy line is thin and shallow, and the chance of pregnant girls is high;

③, the pregnancy line is very long, the boy, and the short girl;

④ The pregnancy line exceeds the left of the navel, and the girl is usually a boy.

In fact, the above statements are rumored. There is no scientific basis and is not accurate.The emergence of the pregnancy line is due to the imbalance between the pregnant women and the estrogen in their body and the deepening of the pigment, and deposited on the bottom of the skin, so the pregnancy line occurs.Generally, it appears from February to April, and the early stage is not obvious, and it will be particularly obvious in the middle and late pregnancy.The pregnancy line generally disappears after childbirth, so don’t care too much.How is the pregnancy line formed?It is mainly made of muscle tendon membrane in the abdomen, making muscle fibers attach to it, forming a mid -line that seems to separate the left and right sides of the abdomen.The changes in hormone levels in the body in the body make melanin precipitation, so the color of this line will become darker, and some even become black.

The gender of the fetus is composed of chromosomes.Among the human reproductive cells, 23 pairs of 46 chromosomes, including 22 pairs of ingrains, 1 pairs of sex chromosomes, and women’s sex chromosomes are XX; men’s sex chromosomes are XY.When the sperm carrying the X chromosome and the egg, the girl is obtained; when the sperm carrying the Y chromosome, the boy is binding to the egg cells.

The gender of the fetus has been determined that many people have been happy to discuss each other when we are pregnant. This matter, especially for the older generation, may be very believed in this statement. In fact,To be honest, you can refer to men and women casually with your eyes, and it may be more accurate. After all, it is either male or female, and the ratio of each accounting is 50%, so you have half a chance to say right.

Therefore, the morning and evening of the pregnancy line has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus.This pregnancy line has nothing to do with the health of the fetus and has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus. It is only a phenomenon during pregnancy. It is normal.

Most expectant mothers will grow their pregnancy lines after pregnancy. This is a very normal physiological phenomenon. After some pregnant mothers are pregnant, this line will soon disappear. That is to sayThis line has become less obvious, but for pregnant mothers with darker skin color, this process may be relatively slow, because the melanin content in their bodies is moreThe line disappears in the future, try to avoid exposure in the sun as much as possible. Of course, you can also use some other things to help dilute the pregnancy line.

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