It hurts everywhere, and it is said to be very useful to deal with the pain.

Pain and pain … pregnant, in addition to holding all kinds of discomfort during pregnancy, you have to endure all kinds of pain on your body.

Back pain, back pain, pelvic pain … The people around me said that it was normal, "just have children" became the condolences of the elders.

Pregnant mothers with various pain of skeletal muscles during pregnancy are not rare. ↓

I want to say that these pains are sometimes unbearable!Otherwise, it may have a lot of negative impacts on pregnant mothers:

Therefore, the pain of skeletal muscles during pregnancy, don’t just bear it!

Pain during pregnancy, who is making a demon?

This is the pot of pregnancy. A body must be installed with two people. The skeletal muscles of the pregnant mother must naturally provide a good living space for the baby to make a compromise in all aspects.

Increased weight during pregnancy, the body’s center of gravity began to move forward, and the posture of the posture, the relaxation of the joint of the lumbar vertical ligament and the rear longitudinal ligament, can easily cause muscle strain.

At the same time, the enlarged uterus will also compress the vein of the cavity at the lumbar spine, causing the blood vessels in the waist area to be congested, tissue hypoxia, and back pain.

Hormone will also come out as a demon.Preparation for delivery, pregnant mothers will produce relaxin and estrogen, which will cause reconstruction of pelvic connective tissue and ligament relaxation.

Therefore, various forms of muscle skeletal pain occur during pregnancy.

The easiest pain during pregnancy is so painful!

During pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will mainly experience these two types of pain ↓

◆ Lumbar pain+pelvic paint pain ◆

These pains may occur at any stage of pregnancy, but they are mainly common at 18-36 weeks.

Although pregnant mothers have pain in these two areas, their expression forms are different.

There are many forms of pain!

You may appear:

Back pain

Half -butt pain

Leg pain

Deep pain in the pelvic cavity

Tailbone pain

Vagina, rectal, vulvar discomfort


The pain worsens when turning over and climbing the building

The pubic separation is separated, walking is duck -like, the legs are strenuous and weak

When you have these situations, carrying the problem with hard carrying, and even aggravating symptoms!

Don’t resist hard, 5 tricks make you not do "Pain Ninja"!

Recruitment 1. Find a doctor

Pregnant mothers may vomit, "It’s useless to find a doctor!", Bacteria was in the clinic and heard this original sentence.

Who said it is useless!Doctors can do a certain security assessment and solution based on your specific pain.Active response can reduce postpartum development into the risk of long -term chronic pain.

Recruitment 2: Reasonable exercise

1. Pelvic leisure practice -relieve back pain

2. Stretching exercises -make the back and leg muscles more flexible

The movement must be soft, and under the premise of ensuring numb safety.Don’t be too fast, frequent times, so as not to cause greater pressure on the joints.

3. Kegel practice -strengthening the bottom muscles of the basin and relieving lumbar spine pain

Because of the big belly, it is inconvenient to exercise. Pregnant mothers can do the simplest movements in daily life to exercise the bottom muscles.

Suddenly stop urinating

When you sit on the toilet to urinate, you can try to stop peeing suddenly, and you can do it a few more times.

Step your hips and shrink the anus

Whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down, you can step up your hips hard, shrink the anus, keep it for 5 seconds, then relax for 5 seconds, and repeat after 5-10 seconds.

These actions can be used to exercise the bottom muscles, whether it is a pregnant mother or a treasure mother, and can improve sexual life.

Recruitment three, wedge pillow

You can put this pillow in any place you want to put, how comfortable and how.

Recruitment 4. Drug treatment

When pregnant mothers have severe symptoms of muscle and skeletal pain, professional doctors need to prescribe safety analgesic drugs during pregnancy.

Generally speaking, in the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester, you can take acetyl aminillol drugs, and use non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs in the middle of pregnancy to relieve pain.

Pregnant mothers should not buy drugs without authorization. They must take it under the guidance of a doctor.

重 I don’t want to get worse, do this!

1. Under normal circumstances, ensure 30 minutes of exercise time every day;

2. Wearing a low heel (but not a flat heel) shoes that can be well supported;

3. Don’t be too soft in bed, slightly harder;

4. When moving the object, you should squat down, bend your knees and keep your back straight;

5. Sitting on a chair made of a good back or using a small pillow cushion behind the waist as a support;

6. Sleep on the side, you can put on the pillow between your knees to provide support;

7. Hot compresses, cold compresses or massage at the pain site;

8. When standing or sitting for a long time, you need to rest properly. You can put one foot on the low stool to relieve waist pressure.

In short, when you should be a soft girl, don’t treat yourself as a female man, and you can resist everything. You should see a doctor to see a doctor.

To be honest, as an obstetrician and gynecologist, the bacteria are most afraid of encountering a "ninja" pregnant mother. Fortunately, they feel that they have passed. In the end, they are uncomfortable, and even delay the timing of treatment …

Promise bacteria, a soft girl, ok?Intersection

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