It is critical to fetal development, and pregnant mothers must stay away from the source of radiation!

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After pregnancy, I am most afraid of hearing about radiation, and I am also afraid of contacting some radiation things, but this is the era of civilized electrical appliances in the 21st century. How can there be less radiation since there are electrical appliances?Since you ca n’t do it without. Try to avoid it and hurt less, so you must understand how much radiation the most common things are to get pregnant with peace of mind.

X -ray radiation (5 stars)

X -ray is a kind of electromagnetic wave with strong penetration. Excessive contact will be affected, but the effect within the allowable range of X -rays will be relatively small.There will be serious consequences in the early stages of pregnancy, which may lead to miscarriage or death. If it is not necessary to shoot.

Microwave oven (4 stars)

The electromagnetic wave of the microwave oven in the household appliances is the largest, and the quality of the microwave oven will stop working without being closed, which can reduce the radiation to a certain extent. Pay attention when using it: For a reliable microwave oven, do not stick your stomach during hot rice on hot rice. Do not stick your stomach on your stomach on your stomach.On the door; don’t put it in the bedroom, unplug the power supply; turn on the side, wait until the stop work is closed, and the quality of the microwave is kept for 5 cm away, and the radiation is very small.

Computer (3 stars)

How big the computer radiation of the fetus has a clear conclusion, and there are more discussions on pregnant mothers, but during pregnancy, you can contact less contact during pregnancy. Keep a safe distance during use and reduce the time of use.

Mobile phone (2 stars)

Mobile phones are things that everyone cannot do without. Whether it radiates or not, or not, in short, everyone is inseparable. Fortunately, the radiation is not too big.However, we have the most time to contact mobile phones, so during pregnancy, we still reduce the frequency of using mobile phones. We can pick up to wear headphones and stay away from ourselves when we sleep.

Is it used for radiation -proof clothing pipes?

The design of the radiation clothing is small shoulders, and there are some holes. The mobile phone and wireless use are low -frequency electric waves. They have a strong radical ability. You can receive a signal everywhere, let alone a few large holes in the radiation clothing.EssenceThe temperature rises and the weather is getting warmer. It is better to buy some better sunscreen to prevent ultraviolet radiation.

Mom, what do you think of radiation?


Can anti -radiating clothing really prevent radiation?Do you have to be dead when you have a cold?Tang Si is so terrible and do you want to do it?Swallowing, the whole person is not good, what should I do?Don’t shirk the responsibility of a pregnant man!… …

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