It is not reliable to plant yam in plastic tubes!Just look at it as a joke

Yam is a rhizome -like food that we often eat in our lives. It tastes soft, glutinous, fragrant, and sweet. It is a dual -use food.Those who often buy yam should know that yam is a relatively expensive food, three or five pieces per catty, seven or eight pieces of expensive, and even a dozen dollars a pound.

So why is yam so expensive?The reason is that the planting and harvesting of yam are too difficult. Before planting, open a ditch with a depth of more than one meter and a width of only 20 to 25 cm.You have to dig more than one meter deep to take out the yam.

In order to solve the problem of yam planting and harvesting difficulties, some people invented the method of planting the soil with plastic pipes and planting yam on the flat land.In this way, there is no need to be ditch to grow yam, and you don’t need to dig down one meter deep when you harvest yam.

Her specific method is to use a green plastic tube with a diameter of about 20 cm and 1.5 meters high. Fill in the well -equipped nutrient soil during planting. Two vertical tubes are parallel., Better to water and fertilize.According to inventors, such yam not only saves labor, but also has good quality and productivity.

So, can this method of planting yam succeed?Is it really good as she said?In my opinion, it is impossible to succeed, and the quality of yam planted is not necessarily good. The only benefit is to save labor.So why do I think so?The reason is the following points.

The soil conditions do not meet the yam that requires nature to grow in loose, fertile, and deep soil.Although the planting mountains in plastic pipes can meet the requirements of soil loose and fertile soil, the deep soil layer cannot be satisfied anyway.Some people may say that plastic tube is 1.5 meters high!Deepness should be enough!However, the real soil layer is not the same. Although the soil in the plastic tube has reached the vertical depth of the soil, the horizontal depth has not been achieved.It is another temperature, so it is not good to grow this yam.The soil humidity conditions do not need to be drought to resist, but they are not resistant to waterlogging. They cannot be planted in excessively humid soil. Only in the soil with soil water content in 18%, the yam yield and quality are guaranteed.The water retention capacity of plastic tube should be okay. Under the circumstances of raining, watering with droplets can also meet the water need of yam, but if it is raining, especially when it is rainy, plastic tube drainage drainage drainage water drainage water drainage waterCompared with the normal land, capable of water is definitely not as good as that in the plastic tube. The most afraid of yam is the waterlogging. Even if it is not drowning, it will definitely affect the output and quality if the semi -death is not alive.After the day is clear, the excess water in the normal land can quickly evaporate, but the water preservation ability of the plastic tube is too good, and it is not easy to evaporate. If the moisture in the plastic tube cannot be discharged in time, the temperature of the sun rises, plastic plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, and plastic.The tube is a high -temperature, high -humidity environment, so yam not only does not grow well, but also easy to get root diseases.

Plastic contains toxic and harmful substances such as hydrogen cyanide, phenyl -containing compounds, polyvinyl chloride, toluene diisyatocyanate, phthalate, and bisphenol A, and some can cause cancer.These harmful substances in plastic tubes will definitely penetrate into the soil and be absorbed by yam. This kind of yam will definitely have an impact on the body, and it is not allowed to be sold.

In short, it is difficult to succeed with plastic pipes to plant yam on flat ground.Because doing this does not provide appropriate conditions for the growth of yam. Even if the yam is barely planted, the yam yield and quality will not be good, and the benefits will be lost.So planting yam in plastic tubes is not reliable.

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