It is true, the manifestation of belly swelling in the third trimester is normal, which is related to this factor.

At the advanced stage of pregnancy, we must always pay attention to changes in the signs of pregnant women at all times to prevent the production process from starting to start without knowing it.Usually at 38 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will be basically perfect because of the fetal development, and each pregnant woman will have different physical fitness.Therefore, there will be a certain childbirth signal from 38 weeks of pregnancy.Therefore, we must learn to make accurate judgments to make preparations and wait for the mobility of the birth process at any time.So, what causes the reasons for the bloating of the stomach in 38 weeks of pregnancy?

In the thirty -eight weeks of pregnancy, the inflation of the belly is actually because the fetus is excessively growing, resulting in a prone to falling in the abdomen. In addition, the pregnancy week is approaching the due date, which will also cause the placenta to move downward.Therefore, the manifestation of belly bloating in the third trimester is very normal.When the belly is swollen to a certain extent, when the placenta moves directly to the specified position, it will naturally make the body make a comprehensive change and adjustment, and wait for the production process to start and give birth.It’s just that each pregnant woman will have different childbirth time, so there will definitely be fluctuations in the bloating time in the later period.Only by making a reasonable determination and judgment based on the situation of pregnant women in time, can we clearly know the first time of the outbound launch and immediately go to the hospital for delivery.

After learning that the reasons for the bloating of the stomach in 38 weeks of pregnancy are related to the three reasons: fetal growth, placental movement, and production process launch.When pregnant women reach the third trimester, they must pay attention to whether they have the three performances of breaking water, redness, and regular contractions, and to prepare for the production packages and make preparations early.Once the pregnant woman’s body begins with a sign of delivery, it is necessary to take the delivery package and go to the hospital for internal examination to ensure that the palace mouth is effectively expanded to a certain degree, and immediately eat and go to the delivery room for delivery.Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention from the details in the third trimester to discover the physical changes in pregnant women in time.And make relevant preparations and reactions in order to immediately know and give birth at the time of mobilization of pregnant women.

In short, the cause of the stomach in the thirty -eight weeks of pregnancy is mainly caused by the oppression of the fetus, or the placenta movement, or even the physical response after the production process is launched.Therefore, when the signs of pregnant women are different, the determination of relevant reasons will also vary from person to person.You must learn to make a reasonable determination and understanding from the relevant details in order to further prepare for the relevant preparation.Only by effectively doing it in multiple details can we ensure that there is no leakage in the physical fitness of pregnant women and reduce abnormal problems in the pregnancy state.

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