It is uncomfortable everywhere after pregnancy, and the leg cramps have become commonplace. Is there no way to resolve it?

When the 1980s and post -90s, the only children became prospective mothers, and a more interesting phenomenon appeared.They are commonly used to and care for them, and they are a child, and they are going to have children by themselves.This is really a very difficult process in psychology.This also made this approved mother seemed more coquettish.

But in all fairness, pregnancy is really not a relaxed thing. He has a good figure, a great look, and has a variety of discomfort.It’s really a bitter mother.In the case of a very common leg cramps during pregnancy, not only will they pain in their bodies, but even their psychology will be suffered.Is there no solution?

In fact, there are really tricks here. To reduce the frequency of cramps, we must first understand its cause.The medical community agreed that for pregnant women, the main cause of leg cramps is calcium deficiency.Because a person’s body carries the nutrition of two people, there will be some insufficient nutrition.Coupled with the current expectant mothers, they don’t care about it, regardless of their past pregnant women.Many prospective mothers still need to pay attention to their image and figure, so they dare not eat more, which will increase the lack of calcium intake.

Needless to say, it is estimated that every expectant mother will do this.However, it is still necessary to remind a bit that there are diverse types of calcium, and the choice must be based on a regular big brand.It is also necessary to combine vitamin D in order to achieve the best results.In addition to drugs, food supplements are also a good way.The structure of the diet should be abundant, don’t pick eaters, let alone eat less.After all, the nutritional intake of the two is a lot. In addition to calcium, the fetus also needs other large amounts of nutrients every day, and these depends on the mother’s diet.

High calcium food: milk, soy products, lean meat, seafood, mustard, cheese cheese, sesame sauce, etc.

Many pregnant women are afraid of exercise once they are pregnant.It is believed that improper exercise will affect the fetus.Of course, this kind of concern is also normal.It’s just that there is no problem at all.For example, the movements such as jogging, swimming, and yoga are low -intensity, and it is also suitable for pregnant women.This can not only help the absorption of calcium, but also allow the entire body level of pregnant women to be in a good state.It is very helpful for children and postpartum recovery.

Of course, in addition, the prospective dad is also one of the magic weapons to solve the cramps.Every day, I go home to massage her wife and help her bubble her feet with warm water. It can not only enhance the relationship between the husband and wife, but also make the blood circulation of the wife’s legs smoother, but also reduces the frequency of cramps.

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