It may cause birth defects, abortion, and death!Libaweilin Preparation Manual Revision

On April 24th, the State Drug Administration issued an announcement on revising the instructions of the Libaveling Preparation of the whole body (No. 55, 2023).

According to the results of adverse drug reactions, in order to further ensure the safety of public medication, the State Drug Administration decided to use the Libavirin preparations (including Libavirin sodium chloride injection, Libaweilin injection, LibaweerLiming injection, injection of Liba Veveling, Libaweilin pimple granules, Libavirin tablets, Libaweilin oral solution, Libavirin scattered tablets, Libavirin films, LibaweilinCapsules, Libaweilin Granules) The content of the manual is uniformly revised.

These include black frame warnings that Libavelin may cause birth defects, miscarriage or death.Contraindications are women during pregnancy, planning for pregnancy, and male partners for disable Libavirin.

Libavirin, also known as "Virus", is an antiviral drug.It can be used to treat the treatment of Lasha fever or popular hemorrhage, the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, and preventing and treating viral upper respiratory infections.

Can it be used to treat colds?

The "Expert Consensus on the Diagnosis and treatment of normal colds" issued by the Chinese Physician Association in 2012 clearly states that there is no specific antiviral drugs specifically for ordinary colds, and ordinary colds do not need to be treated with antiviral drugs.Blind use of antiviral drugs has a significant risk of increasing related adverse reactions.

The influenza antiviral drugs recommended by the "Popular Cold Diagnosis Plan" released in 2019 include neuropine enzyme inhibitors (Oshewiri, Zanamov, Paramov), hemagglutonin inhibitorsWait, it is not recommended to use Libavelin.

He was written into the new crown diagnosis and treatment case

The "New Coronatte Virus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Fifth Edition Amendment)" released on February 8, 2020 has been written in the method of "treatment-general treatment-antiviral treatment" method.

The relevant original texts are: "Anti-virus treatment: currently not confirmed effective antiviral treatment methods. You can try α-interferon atomization inhalation (5 million U or quite dosage for adults, 2ml of sterilization injection water, 2 ml per day, 2 daily 2 dailyTwo), Lopanovy/Lito Navavv (200 mg/50mg, each) 2 capsules each time, 2 times a day, or can be added with Libaweilin (500mg/time, 2 to 3 times per dayInfold). Pay attention to adverse reactions such as Lorepanavir/Litonova related diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, liver damage, etc. At the same time, pay attention to the interaction with other drugs. "

The article published by Popular Science China on February 19, 2020 stated that "Because there is no clear and effective antiviral drugs at present, using Libavirin is one of the treatment methods adopted by experts in the face of new crown pneumonia.The measure of power and appropriateness is not applicable to the general public. "

Libaweilin has a high degree of reproductive toxicity

Libaweilin eliminates very slowly in the body. The half -life dose for doses is 12 days, and it may remain in the plasma for up to 6 months.

Libavirin is X -level in the FDA drug pregnancy level, which is the most dangerous level.A large number of studies have shown that Libavirin has obvious teasing and/or embryo toxicity.Even the treatment dosage of as low as 1%can cause obvious possibility of fetal malformations.

The abnormalities that have been discovered are skulls, palate, eye, limbs, jaws, bones and gastrointestinal malformations, and their incidence and severity increased with the increase in dose.The toxicity of Libaweilin’s embryo is reduced in the survival rate of the fetus and the child after the medication.

Libaweilin can also cause testicular toxicity (causing testicular sperm morphology).

Therefore, Libavilin is disabled in pregnant women and women who plan to pregnancy and their male partners.In particular, women and male partners should take effective measures to avoid pregnancy during the use of Libavelin treatment and discontinuation within 6 months.

Medical personnel in pregnancy or pregnancy should avoid participating in the atomization operation of Libaweilin.

Because Libaweilin’s small amount of drugs were excreted by milk, animal studies have shown that they are poisonous to the second -generation mother and child. Therefore, it is not recommended that breastfeeding women use Libavirin.

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