It ’s too difficult to sleep after pregnancy. Mastering these three kinds of sleeping positions, the pregnant mother sleeps until it is dawn.

After pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, 90%of Baoma had a "right rotation", in order to alleviate the discomfort, doctors recommend "sleeping on the left."

Women are pregnant more like a experience. Drinking a small life in the belly every day face various tests.

From pregnancy, indigestion, cramps, edema in the middle of pregnancy, to the second trimester, to the poor breathing, and the affected sleep, each physical discomfort requires Baoma to persist in the past.

No one can replace the pregnancy, and it is even more difficult to suffer.Especially because of sleeping problems, the mother who was troubled by sleeping problems, night people looked at the people around him to sleep well, but they were uncomfortable in any posture. They could only survive the long night.

Xia Yu has been pregnant for more than 6 months, and she is pregnant year -on -year. Xia Yu seems to be more lucky.There are no severe pregnancy vomiting in the early pregnancy. Although there are occasional disgusting, the frequency of occurrence is very low. It can be said to spend very smoothly in the early pregnancy.

I thought that this good pregnancy would always be accompanied by the whole pregnancy. I did not expect "who has been spared by the sky". From 6 months, Xia Yu has never slept.

First of all, it is difficult to fall asleep. Even if you are too sleepy, you will turn back and forth as long as you lie on the bed. You can’t sleep for 2-3 hours.

After finally falling asleep, the abdomen will appear oppressive, waking up the sleeping summer rain.So every night is the most painful time of Xia Yu.

I was worried that this situation was affected by the development of the child, so I went to consult a doctor.The doctor told Xia Yu that it was because the stomach became large and compressed the organs of the viscera, especially the oppression of the spine was relatively strong, so he felt uncomfortable.

It can be used to sleep on the left, and it can be relieved with pregnant women’s pillows.

After returning home, Xia Yu quickly bought a pregnant woman’s pillow, but it was really amazing.The feeling of sleeping in the night of the pregnant woman was significantly weakened. Not only was I fell asleep, but I did not feel uncomfortable at night, and finally I could sleep well.

◆ Hormone cause

After pregnancy, because the level of hormones is relatively large, it will cause many problems with pregnant mothers.

For example, nausea and vomiting occur in the early pregnancy, and there will be acid reflux and indigestion in the middle of pregnancy.Poor sleep is directly related to hormones, so there is no good way to relieve it during pregnancy, and you can only endure the baby’s birth.

◆ Pre -birth emotional anxiety

The less time is from the due date, the more the mood of Baoma will fluctuate.Will entangle your own production methods, worry about the health of the fetus, the relevant procedures for production and hospitalization, and so on.

Especially in the night, what is thinking about these anxiety in the mind of the pregnant mother on the bed, it will aggravate the appearance of insomnia.

◆ Stomach discomfort

As the stomach grows day by day, the skin on the belly will be pulled, and the skin will itch.The impact of physical discomfort on sleep is also critical.Bao Ma can rub some olive oil to relieve the discomfort of the skin.

★ lying down and sleeping

This posture is suitable for early and in the early pregnancy and in the middle of pregnancy. The belly of Baoma is not very large, and it is not possible to lay a sense of oppression when lying down.

★ Left lying

It is also a sleeping position recommended by doctors, especially in the third trimester, and it will be more comfortable to sleep in this posture.

Of course, it is not necessary to keep this posture all night, and it is a 90-degree standard left on the left side of the bed. As long as the body is facing the left side, such as 15-30 degrees of posture.

★ Sleep on the right side

It is generally recommended to sleep on the left side because many Baoma is prone to the right rotation of the uterus, but some Baoma’s body will have a culprit, so it is recommended to sleep on the right side.

✔ Drink milk before going to bed

A cup of warm milk before going to bed can not only help sleep, but also supplement the calcium needed for the baby’s development.It should be noted that the amount of milk should not drink too much or in advance to prevent sleep at night.

After meals, exercise

Pregnant mothers can do some exercise appropriately after dinner, such as walking outdoors and making yoga at home.On the one hand, we can control weight and promote digestion.Traditional Chinese medicine says that "stomach discord is restless", and sometimes insomnia may be caused by indigestion of the stomach.

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Soak your feet for 15 minutes before going to bed, promote your body metabolism, and eliminate fatigue.Especially the pregnant mother who appears edema can also relieve the discomfort caused by edema.It is best to soak the foot barrel a little higher, which can reach the height of the calf, and the effect of soaking feet is better.

枕 With the help of pregnant women’s pillows

The invention of the pregnant woman’s pillow really rescued a lot of Baoma, which can give a certain support for the heavy stomach. After the baby is born, she can still be used as a safe protective pillow to prevent the baby from falling on the ground.

Even after giving birth to a baby, sleeping in pregnant women’s pillows is particularly comfortable.Recommend Bao moms to try it.

Today’s topic: What kind of sleeping positions are you sleeping?

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