It won’t count fishing fish, and you will urinate in the bed … Have you been deceived in your hours?

I don’t know if you have experienced such things when you were a kid: there is a plate of fragrant braised fish on the table, and the stomach is bulging, all of which are fish seeds.Compared to the most essential "fish belly", you want to eat a grain of seeds inside, biting crispy, fun and delicious.But my mother stops you and tells you: You can’t eat more fish seeds, you will become stupid if you eat too much, and you will not count in the future.Although you are mouthful, you don’t want to become a stupid child, so you put down the chopsticks with a desperate head.

When I grow up, I know that eating fish seeds will not only become stupid, but also have a good effect of nourishing the brain.Fish seeds are rich in nutrition, rich in protein, various vitamins, and trace elements such as calcium and phosphorus, which are suitable for children to eat.Eat in moderation, with bright eyes, black hair, brain health, and promoting development.Specific mothers during pregnancy can also eat some in moderation.However, the cholesterol content of fish seeds is relatively high, it is not advisable to eat too much at a time ~

Here are also reminding everyone that the drugs and pollution residues in fish seeds are much higher than that of fish, so be sure to cook them.

Things can’t be eaten randomly

In addition to eating fish seeds, in the mouths of adults, chicken feet, watermelon seeds, various fruits, gum and earwax …

The child ate chicken feet, and later writing was like a chicken scratch, very ugly; there was another saying that he would not write or shake his hands.

Children eat watermelon seeds. In the future, watermelon in the stomach will swallow the core of the fruit, otherwise they will germinate in the stomach and break the stomach.

Children swallow the gum will rot their stomachs, swallow the bubble sugar, and the intestines will be wrapped together to SI.

Children cannot eat earwax, and they will become dumb after eating.

Boiled eggs and boiled eggs are not high.

Eating "Wang Egg" will not remember your name.


Do not make a chapter

Everyone should have been naughty when they were young?For example, as soon as it rains, grab the umbrella handle, turn around, and throw the rain on the umbrella everywhere, or just hold the umbrella to mess up.

At this time, adults often stop you, and then said with a long -term focus: "Children can’t take an umbrella in the house, otherwise it will not grow!"It is said that there is another saying that it will become bald.Of course, in fact, it is not a pot in the house to support the umbrella.

In addition, there are also the following behaviors that cannot be available:

Can’t kiss or hold hands with the opposite sex, this will make girls pregnant …

Can’t catch the gecko, caught the gecko gecko tail, will run into the ears, which will cause deafness.

You can’t use your fingers to the moon with your fingers.

You can’t show a small JJ, or you will be eaten by the duck.

Can’t play fire, you can urinate at night at night.


Growth and development

Where to come from

Children will be curious where they come from, and always love to ask their parents.Parents usually say vaguely: You picked up from the trash can, or it jumped out of the stone seam.

Drop your teeth

When you change your teeth, your teeth are dropped, and you will not grow up.Parents may comfort you and say: The folds dropped above are thrown under the eaves, and the throwing house dropped below will grow.In the United States, children hide their teeth under the pillow because they believe that fairy will turn teeth into gifts.


I believe that when you were a kid, he heard the "lie" of the above adults.Once naive believed that it was true, and when he grew up, he knew that he was a bit Sha.However, these are the most precious memories of childhood.

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