Jiangsu Huai’an: When you are pregnant under the age of 14, the hospital system will report to the public security when you are clinic.

According to the Huai’an People’s Procuratorate of Jiangsu, Jiangsu Huai’an Procuratorate and the Municipal Health and Health Commission added a compulsory report "Red Orange and Yellow" three -color warning function in the electronic medical record system of various medical institutions at all levels in the city.When a girl under the age of 14 is registered and admitted to the hospital, if there is a pregnancy and pregnancy, the system will automatically jump out of the red warning, reminding the doctor to report through the electronic medical record system, and report to the public security organs or procuratorial organs through a compulsory reporting platform to avoid a doctor.I don’t know who reports to who reports, how to report, and dare not report.

In addition, a reporter from the Health Client of the People’s Daily found that Jiangsu Yixing also forced reports to automatically remind the procedure into the hospital diagnosis and treatment system. When the doctor entered the infringement of minors,Prompt the doctor to fulfill the obligation of compulsory reports.Jiangsu Lianyungang embedded the "Mandatory Reporting Reminder Procedure" in the city’s hospital diagnosis and treatment system, reminded the sexual assault clues in the diagnosis and treatment, and recorded the case with one click to the hospital’s legal department.

"According to national laws, medical staff faced the obligation to report to relevant departments in the face of possible minor infringement. The entire medical community should actively cooperate with clues, which is an important part of protecting minors." 3On the 26th, Deng Liqiang, executive director of the China Health Law Society and deputy director of Beijing Huawei Law Firm, said in an interview with the Health Client of the People’s Daily that "the construction of a compulsory report platform will be reminded to embed the electronic medical record system.The improvement of the procedure is to solve the problems of how the doctor encounters suspected minors’ infringement and who reports to whom. "

However, Deng Liqiang also pointed out that after the hospital diagnosis and treatment system access reminder procedure, information protection of non -specific personnel is a question that needs to be followed."In addition to minor patients who may suffer, will the medical record information of other patients be obtained and managed? How to protect the privacy and personal information of these patients? Only these issues are clear can this measure be further considered whether this measure is worth promoting."

Doctors have to infringe the clues of minors through a platform report. Does the parties or their families need to know?Deng Liqiang pointed out that if the doctor can confirm that the minor patients have signs of infringement, the legal requirement should be mandatory in any case. This is a social responsibility stipulated at the legal level.Be sure to obtain your consent.

(Original title: "Jiangsu Huai’an: Be pregnant at the age of 14, the hospital system will be mandatory to the public security organs at the time of consultation")))

Source: Surging News Network

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