Jiangxi’s 4 months of pregnancy Women are domestic violence, local government: The situation is not true, the woman’s first move the hand

Recently, the video of the men’s family violence in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, has aroused heated discussions, which is very shocking after watching it.

On May 29th, a woman in Yongshan Town, Laiping City, Jiangxi Province broke the news on a media platform that she was violent by her husband in her husband’s house for 4 months, and then reported to the police.

In the video, the woman’s husband grabbed her hair fiercely, and then kicked her body with her feet.Later, an older woman ran from the outside and was angry and rushed forward to pat the man, but the man was still puzzled, and the woman sitting on the sofa was held again.The surveillance video completely restores the men’s violence.

The woman was tragically violent by her husband

The woman claimed that the two had been married for 5 years and had a daughter. On the day of the incident, the child had a contradiction due to the child’s dressing problem. The scene in the video then appeared.

It is understood that the woman who stopped her husband’s beating in the video was her mother -in -law.

The woman said that her husband had a bad temper, and she hit her many times because of some trivial things, even if she was pregnant.

After watching this video, it makes people feel very angry, so bad.The man treated his wife in pregnancy too much, and he played his hands, and he had no intention of pitying incense.After playing, he didn’t take it for granted, and he didn’t realize his mistake at all.This irresponsible attitude makes the wife in pregnancy chill.

It is understood that the woman had returned to her mother’s house after being beaten. In the next step, she was going to the court to sue for divorce.There is a saying good: domestic violence is only zero and countless times.The woman choosing a divorce is also her difficulty.

To be honest, the woman is very pitiful. If this let the mother’s family see the beating video, how angry it should be!

For this reason, I remembered such a thing that happened to us: a young man in his 20s was confused, hit his wife at home, and was known by his mother’s family.The guy stabbed fiercely and fell everywhere at home.After the stingy, the young man was honest, but the family was gone.

It is reported that it is a woman’s first -mounted hand and does not rule out this possibility.After all, during pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones in the body, emotional instability will cause psychological changes such as strong temper, irritability and anxiety.At this time, some stress reactions are made in time, which is also exciting.

1. Parents and considerate wife

Women during pregnancy are the most lacking sense of security. As a husband, you must pay more attention and considerate.Women during pregnancy will often be difficult to control, and emotions will become fragile and sensitive.

2. Understand the difficulties of my wife’s pregnancy

Wife’s pregnancy is very normal. As a husband, when his wife is pregnant, he should understand the difficulties of his wife.Since my wife sacrifice so much for you, my husband should be his wife’s backing and supporters.More understanding and tolerance.

1. You can call the police and keep the police records and police transcripts.Remember the reason for the police and the process of being violent in the police record;

2. Go to the hospital to check the injuries in time, keep the hospital’s consultation record, and write the cause of the injury in the consultation record;

3. Take pictures or photography on the domestic violence site, take pictures or photography as far as possible to determine the date of domestic violence;

4. Move away from the place of residence as soon as possible to avoid being hurt again.

There is a saying: Parents don’t have to marry the person you marry, but your parents will not marry if you don’t let you marry.Xiaobian also reminds the majority of unmarried female friends that they must find the right person when they get married.

1. Listen to my mother

Marriage is a major event in life. When involving a problem of marriage and love, you must ask the elders more, so that the elders are right.After all, parents are people who have experienced life, have more experience, and are accurate.Still: Parents don’t have to marry the person you marry, but your parents will not marry if you don’t let you marry.

2. Character most important

When falling in love, you must pay attention to the man’s character, don’t think of the rich and rich.The two people are consistent, and it is most important to talk about it.

3. Stay away from the camouflage man

Plaster your eyes and stay away from the scum man.The scumbag is best at camouflage. When they enter, they can spend a word to make you chun. You can make your heart soft and sympathetic.When finding the object of marriage, you must polish your eyes to see the essence of the other party. Do not talk about marriage and marriage casually.

4. Far away from men with strange personality

Especially those who are irritable, they have personality defects and are easy to make mistakes.In case you meet such a person, you can go far as you can, and keeping yourself the most important.

5. Native family is important

If the opponent’s native family is not very happy, it must be more cautious, because not beautiful childhood may affect the life of people.

First, family members should respect and care for each other and create a good family atmosphere.

Second, society should strengthen publicity and education, so that people can better understand the harm of domestic violence and provide help and support in time.

Third, relevant departments should increase punishment, severely punish domestic violence, and effectively protect the rights and interests of women and vulnerable groups.

Anyway, the wife in pregnancy is definitely wrong. The brute force cannot solve the problem. It will only make the contradictions get bigger and bigger. The family’s atrocities must curb!Marriage life is desirable.After marriage, both husband and wife will inevitably have contradictions for some trivial matters.To communicate more and understand more is the best way to resolve contradictions.Learn to restrain yourself, don’t be impulsive.A good marriage life needs to be operated and maintained by each other.

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