Jin Xiaomei was pregnant with a second child, and kissing with her boyfriend is so sweet, Xiaoman waist is still so thin

After the first daughter Statmi, the younger sister Kelly Jenna and her boyfriend Travis Scott, they were separated for a while, but the two have exchanged afterwards. As the youngest billionaire, Jin Xiaomei not only operates the beauty brand operationIt is also intimate with her daughter.

Recently, the news of Kelly Jenna was released. She and her boyfriend were about to have a second baby and did not want Stomi to be lonely alone.

Although Travis Scott and Jin Xiaomei have never got married, the relationship between them is still good. The appearance of a family of three wearing parent -child together is really loving.

Stomi is also a cool baby. Her dress is very much like a dad, but Jin Xiaomei took her to participate in a series of events, or shooting a blockbuster. She was not afraid at all.Essence

The photos released on the design platform on the Vogue magazine can see that the relationship between the two is very good, and the kiss is full of love.Jin Xiaomei’s lower abdomen has been slightly bulging, but she still loves to wear a waist dress, highlighting her figure’s figure.

Xiaomei Jin did not have a shape because of pregnancy. The exquisite fishtail dress has a retro atmosphere, and the black dress of Travis Scott looks extremely adjustable and has a couple.

The magazine said that the couple were looking forward to their second child, congratulations.

In fact, Xiaomei Jin is a very brave girl. She only ushered in her second baby at the age of 24. She can be regarded as the winner of her life. Not only is she rich, she also raises children with her lover.

Not long ago, in the photos released by the little sister Jin, she could not see the signs of her pregnancy at all. She was wearing a gentle fruit green knitted skirt, a wave -like curly hair, a kind of little goddess temperament, and her waist was still so thin.The skirt has a kind of contrast.

This bandage skirt with a sense of division is also the favorite of the Kardashian family women, and the little sister Jin is no exception.Sitting in a bunch of LV handbags, her beauty exuded, her slender limbs and waist showed the S curve, which was enviable.

In fact, Travis Scott, as his father, also loves Stemy very much and will accompany her around her. Whether the two fathers and daughters are wearing or temperament, they are extremely similar.Is it cute and ancient and weird?

When Jin Xiaomei and Stomi were together, they were more like sisters. Because they were young, they gave birth to a baby. Kelly Jenna recovered her state and time. The mother and daughter looked warm and happy.

Jin Xiaomei was pregnant with a second child, and kissing with her boyfriend is so sweet, Xiaoman’s waist is still so thin!Do you think Kelly Jenna, who is pregnant, has a good figure?””

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