Junior students are pregnant and have children, but because their boyfriends can’t get 80,000 colorful gifts, they leave their children to leave home.

In the ruined room, Zeng Tiezhong was gently coaxing his daughter. After his wife left, he took care of his daughter alone, but after all, he was just a 22 -year -old boy. He was unhappy to take care of a babies in the puppet.After making a call to Peng Li, Zeng Tiezhong learned that his girlfriend was preparing to leave here at the bus station at this time.

After learning about this, the reporter and Zeng Tiezhong hurried to the station. After looking for it, they finally found Peng Li in the waiting hall of the station.At this time, she pushed a large suitcase and looked really ready to leave.Facing the retention of Zeng Tiezhong, Peng Li was not angry, and she told reporters that she was deceived.

She wanted to hold a wedding during her pregnancy, but Zeng Tiezhong’s mother said that the child was born before he was born, and promised to give her a gift of 80,000 yuan. Now the child is born, there is no gift and wedding.The Zeng family was still dragging again and again.The opponent’s behavior made Peng Li be desperate. She thought that she abandoned her studies as Zeng Tiezhong when her studies were not completed. They not only disappointed her parents, but also contrary to her ideals of life.It was the persuasion of Zeng Tiezhong and his mother at that time that Peng Li made up his mind to give birth to a child. Now this situation has made Peng Li feel that the other party has no credit at all. She just wants to escape this home.Is Peng Li’s fact that?Is the Zeng family really deceiving her?

The reporter immediately asked Zeng Tiezhong. It turned out that when Zeng Tiezhong was two years old, his parents divorced, and then the two sides formed a new family. He has always grew up with his grandparents. When he was young, the family’s warmth was made, so that Zeng Tiezhong always wanted to have a happy happiness.Family, so after Peng Li was pregnant, he made Peng Li give birth to a child without hesitation.But at the age of 22, he did not know the suffering of life. Peng Li could still do network management when he was pregnant. He earned 3,000 yuan a month enough to eat. After the child was born, in order to take care of Peng Li and his children,Zeng Tiezhong can only give up work, and the life of a family of three can only rely on the help of parents and relatives.The life that had been eaten like this made Peng Li’s heart desperate.

As for Zeng Tiezhong’s mother promised Peng Licai’s ceremony, Zeng Tiezhong said that he did not know what his mother thought. In order to figure out the truth of the matter, the reporter followed Zeng Tiezhong to his mother’s new house. Through the door panel, Zeng Tiezhong heard his mother’s voice.But no matter how he knocked on the door, his mother refused to open the door for him.This made Zeng Tiezhong very desperate. He thought that his mother had given up because of her son again.

Under the perseverance of Zeng Tiezhong’s perseverance, the mother finally came out, but as soon as she appeared, the mother had to leave the elevator. Zeng Tiezhong blocked the elevator and did not allow his mother to leave.Facing the reporter’s inquiries, her mother angrily stated that she was unwilling to give birth to her son and Peng Li from the beginning. She believed that when the two should wait for the two people to work stable, and after her life was stable, she would consider the child’s affairs.

But what is the 80,000 yuan gift that Peng Li said?Zeng’s mother told reporters that she promised to give Peng Li for 80,000 yuan in gifts, but the money was required to take it out after retiring.She made a word that her son was disappointed. She thought that she could afford her son. Although Zeng Tiezhong did not live around her, his living expenses and tuition fees were all out. Until last year, she graduated from her son to graduate.EssenceBut now her son is already a 22 -year -old adult, but still wants to rely on her completely, which makes Zeng’s mother unbearable.

For Zeng Tiezhong’s finding television, Zeng Mom felt that his son was tearing her face with herself.Since there is no ability, don’t have a child. If you give birth to a child, you do n’t want to work, but you want to come to the old age. Perhaps in the eyes of Zeng’s mother, Zeng Tiezhong just blame herself. This time, she is unwilling to make any compromises.

The reporter immediately found Zeng Tiezhong’s father. He also knew about his son’s birth, but he thought that since his son had changed his mother to change his surname, he had nothing to do with him.

The father does not ask, the mother does not ask, did Zeng Tiezhong and Peng Li really want to break up?The reporter found the mediation officer for the two, but no matter how the mediation officer persuaded, Peng Li still worried about the 80,000 yuan gifts. Perhaps for her, the 80,000 yuan was the recognition and respect of her., But without this 80,000 yuan, would she have to lose her mother from birth?Finally, after the persuasion of the mediator, Peng Li decided to make a decision after calmness.

Regarding Zeng Tiezhong, although parents used to be lacking in life, this is not the reason for your laziness. Since it has become a husband and father, he should bear his own responsibility.Your mistakes pay.

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