Know the tea series (1) 丨 Queen of wearing gold crown: How to choose black tea?How to drink?Understand at a time!

Gentlemen open the door seven things, Chai rice oil and salt sauce vinegar tea.In our country, tea has long been inseparable from the life of millions of households. Drinking tea is not only a need for ordinary life, but also a noble culture and art. It is also an important medium for interpersonal communication. A cup of tea opens the door of communication and set up a bridge of friendship.

There are six major tea in my country, how should I choose?How to drink?Next, I will use a series of articles to take you to understand once!


Queen of Dai Jinguan: Black Tea

Black tea, originated in our country, is no longer available for exact years.Its aroma is pure, rich in taste, long -lasting back, rich honey fruity fragrance, soup color is like a rosy roasted sweet potato, just looking at it at a glance, it feels sweet and warm.Since its inception, it is well -known in the homeland, swept in the British, and prevails in the world. Because of its red soup and Phnom Penh, it is praised as the "Queen of Dai Golden Crown".


Small breeding black tea, Kung Fu black tea, red broken tea

Small breeding black tea appeared earlier in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian (representing tea is the small species of Zhengshan).Later, the small breeding black tea spread to Qimen, Anhui. The craftsmanship was more fine and worked hard. Kung Fu black tea was born (Qi Hong -the only black tea that was included in the top ten famous tea in China).After 1580, Kung Fu black tea flowers were blends together. In addition to Qi Hong, many categories such as Yunnong, Chuanhong, and Huhong were also born.As soon as the tea -cut machine was introduced to my country, red tea was also born.


How to choose black tea?Hope, smell, touch, rush

Hope: Look at the appearance of dry tea

The good black tea stripe is tight, the shape is well -proportioned, and the mixed tea leaves are smashed at the end, the color is black and oily, and the color is consistent.

Wen: Wen Gan tea aroma

High -quality black tea, clear and long -lasting aroma, short -quality black tea aroma, smell sour, green, astringent, and flavor.

Touch: touch dry tea

Seeing whether the tea can be crushed directly with your fingers, it can be crushed is fresh tea, and it is old tea that is not good to save.

Chong: Breeding Paper

High -quality black tea soup is translucent, Phnom Penh is obvious, and the entrance is mellow.

The inferior black tea soup is turbid, dull and dull, and the entrance has a odor.


How to drink black tea?Water chapter

Water is the mother of tea.Choose water first.If you drink at home, you can use pure water for red tea. The water temperature is more than 97 degrees, and it is indispensable.But pay attention, do not use "thousands of water".The black tea soaked in this kind of water has a bad taste and the fragrance is impure.


How to drink black tea?Articles

To achieve a good cup of tea, in addition to the complement of the tea and water, the combination of tea and the beads of tea is also indispensable.The instrument is the father of tea, and the appropriate utensils can better stimulate the tea nature.

Black tea should be used for black pottery pots.But if there is no black pottery pot in the family, the thin porcelain pot is also a good choice.Porcelain is the most inclusive utensil. Any famous tea can be brewed with porcelain, which can be lively.

Drink black tea, should use a white porcelain cup.The red soup is deep, the gorgeous and gorgeous in Phnom Penh, and the two are held by the elegant white porcelain, such as the golden red red cricket flashed on the palm of the fairy!The wave heart is slightly Yang, and the aroma is long, which is really pleasing to the eye!


How to drink black tea?Church

Eating is not eaten from time to time, as well as drinking tea.

Within one year, the most suitable season for drinking black tea is autumn and winter.The weather is dry and cold in autumn and winter, the yang weakens, and the physiological function of the human body is slow, so it is easy to get sick.Black tea is warm. Drinking black tea at this time can not only replenish yang, but also warm up, moisturize, and replenish water.

One day, the most suitable time for drinking black tea is 1 hour after breakfast and 1 to 2 hours after lunch.

Drinking black tea in the morning is because people have not completely "awakened" after sleeping all night. A cup of black tea can promote blood circulation, ensure the blood supply to the brain, and make the body "full and electric"!The reason why you choose to drink after breakfast is that on the one hand, drinking tea is not good for the body, and on the other hand, black tea can promote gastric acid secretion, increase gastrointestinal power, and help digestion.

After the busy morning, our body has accumulated a lot of fatigue. This fatigue will be after lunch. As the "post -meal fans reached the peak, we need to take a nap.After waking up, the fatigue is still broken, if it is left, at this time, a cup of black tea is to wake up, relieve, and concentrate, let us open the "second half" job in the best state!

P · s:

Tea is not only a unique business card in China, but also an important carrier of Chinese culture.Follow me and share more ground tea knowledge with you.May the smoke rise, a cup of incense tea, warm your heart.

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