Korean media: Big S is pregnant!Several doubts cited speculation, netizens: transfer attention

Recently, the Korean media exposed that Big S was suspected of 9 months of pregnancy and was taken care of by Jun Jun.This news quickly aroused the attention and speculation of netizens.However, this report has also been questioned by some netizens, thinking that it may be a fake melon that deliberately created in order to transfer the public’s attention to the big S drug incident.

According to the reporter An Zhenyong’s news, Gu Junyu has been taking care of the big S silently, including feeding and careful care.

He said: "Gu Junyu has never mentioned this. Even if it is true, I think he will choose to be disclosed when the child is born. Regarding Xu Xiyuan’s health, they did not explicitly disclose itTake care of her. From these signs, although the possibility of pregnancy cannot be completely ruled out, the couple did not directly admit it, so I think we should be polite before they officially disclose.Related situation. "

Recently, everyone knows the melon that Huang Zijiao broke out. The abuse incident of sizes S was full of trouble. Da S stood on the cusp of public opinion this time.Many netizens are skeptical of Korean media reports, thinking that this may be the false news that Da S deliberately released in order to transfer the public’s attention to her drug abuse incident.

Netizens have left messages and questioned: "Big S will have epilepsy for a while, the heart is not good for a while, and it will not be effective for a while. Why is it pregnant again? Is the Korean media made her color Doppler ultrasound?" Some people questioned that it was not the first time that Big S was not the first time.I was rumored to be pregnant. Since she was married with Ge Junye last year, rumors about her pregnancy have always existed, and Da S himself has also rumored many times.

In addition, some netizens have pointed out the fact that the big S is not small and has a poor physical condition.They mentioned that Big S is close to 50 years old, which makes pregnancy’s physical condition is not very allowed.

The Korean media released a report on Da S’s suspected pregnancy at this time, which is really thoughtful.Many netizens doubt this rumor.They questioned whether this was a fake melon intentionally made in order to transfer the public’s attention to her drug abuse incident.

For Big S and Ge Jun, this rumor is not the first time.Since the flash marriage of the two last year, the rumors of Great S’s pregnancy have not stopped, and new rumors have appeared almost every time.After each rumor appears, Big S will also rumors through public speeches or social media.

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