Lamb is listed as carcinogens by the WHO. Is it carcinogen or nutrition?Tell you the truth

Uncle Li, 70, usually likes to eat lamb. He will make his wife Zhang Ye make a lamb soon after a long time. At the beginning, Zhang Ye thinks that mutton is a good product, and his wife eats more for the body.However, Zhang Yan recently watched some health knowledge on the Internet and said that eating too much lamb will not only block blood vessels, but also cause cancer, and no longer let Uncle Li eat lamb.

Uncle Li said on this day that he was going to make a whole sheep feast at the birthday banquet. Zhang Ye even strongly opposed it. The two had no quarrel for the whole sheep feast.listen.

Is eating mutton harmful or beneficial to the body?This article tells you the answer.

According to the color of raw meat, the meat is divided into light white meat and dark red meat. Among them, white meat mainly includes chicken, duck, goose, fish and shrimp and other meat, while red meat includes pork, lamb and beef.muscle.

The reason why it is so distinguished is because a large number of studies have shown that consumption of red meat may be related to gastric cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc. Red meat has also been listed as 2A carcinogen by WHO.The carcinogenic carcinogenic is related to the nutrients it contains.

The first is that red meat is rich in saturated fatty acids, which can inhibit the secretion of insulin, stimulate bile acid into the duodenum, and deoxymal acid and stone biliary acid under chemical reactions, thereby promoting the formation of carcinogens on the rectal;

The second is the hemoglobin in red meat. The cooking process will form sub -iron blood pigment, which can be metabolized in the intestine to promote the production of carcinogens;

The third is high -fat red meat, which can increase risk of obesity, and obesity is a major cause of many cancers.

Fourth, smoke or processing red meat contains a large amount of nitrite, which is related to gastrointestinal cancer, liver cancer, and bladder cancer.

In this way, can red meat be eaten?Associate Professor Ye Yanbin at the First Academy of Nutrition of Sun Yat -sen University said that there is insufficient evidence of carcinogenic carcinogenic carcinogenic carcinogens on the human body and only found sufficient evidence in animal experiments.Red meat is the main source of high -quality protein, and it is rich in nutrients such as iron and zinc. It cannot be "scrapped because of the risk of cancer." Balanced diet is the key to health.

Can the mutton be eaten as one of the red meat?The answer is yes.Lamb is rich in protein and fat. The inorganic salts contained in are mainly calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

However, if you eat healthy mutton, you should pay attention to the matching of meat and vegetables.According to the suggestion of the dietary guideline, the per week of livestock and poultry meat intake is about 280-525 grams, and vegetables need to be guaranteed every day. Therefore, eating mutton should be mainly vegetables and less meat.

Lamb is controversial due to the trans fats contained. Many people worry that taking too much trans fats can induce cardiovascular disease.

Prosperous fatty acids, also known as trans fats, are more common in industrial and natural foods. Natural trans fats can be seen in beef and mutton.At present, the academic community has reached a consensus, and there is no health benefits of trans fats.At the same time, according to the statistics of the World Health Organization, trans fat intake can increase the risk of coronary heart disease death by 28%and 21%of coronary heart disease risk.

Does eating mutton increase the risk of cardiovascular disease?

The above mentioned that lamb is rich in nutritional value, it contains fat contains more phospholipids. Phospholipids can remove cholesterol on the vascular wall, improve lipid metabolism, and play a role in preventing blood vessels.

In addition, the fat melting point of mutton is 47 ° C, and the temperature of the human body is 37 ° C. That is to say, the fat contains the fat that cannot be absorbed by the body. Compared with the melting point of the fat such as pork and beef, the mutton is not easy to gain weight.

However, it should be noted that mutton is severe fever. For those who have fever, toothache, tongue sores, skin sores, cough and spit yellow sputum, and patients with liver disease, hypertension, acute enteritis and other patients should avoidedible.

A healthy diet is the key to preventing cardiovascular disease. How to eat "strong heart", please collect 5 suggestions.

1. Eat more dark fruits and vegetables

Dark fruits and vegetables are often rich in more nutrients. Fruits and vegetables have a protective effect on blood vessels. Different types of fruits and vegetables should be selected in daily diet.

2. Eat more whole grain food

Diet rich in whole grains is good for cardiovascular health. It is rich in dietary fiber, which is conducive to intestinal flora and defecation.

3. Multi -consumption of high -quality protein foods

High -quality protein includes soy foods, low -fat or fat -free dairy products, lean meat, and fish and seafood. Avoid choosing "vegetarian meat" and red meat to choose from, which may contain excess of salt and sugar.

4. Limit the intake of salt

The intake of salt is positively correlated with blood pressure. It is recommended that adults have a daily salt of less than 6 grams. The diet should be light, not too salty.

5. Limit the intake of alcohol

Long -term excessive drinking, in addition to various cancer risks, also has a great impact on cardiovascular health, may increase the risk of bloody stroke, atrial fibrillation, coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke.Therefore, for those who have never drunk alcohol, it is not recommended to drink alcohol or drink, and it is recommended to drink a small amount.

The human body needs a variety of nutritional elements to supply energy, so a healthy diet diverse and moderate.Because the food is not good, it is not advisable to rejection.

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