Latest evidence: How many months after miscarriage, embrace the baby rate?Mistakes have increased risk of abortion rate!

“My life is also headline”

Many sisters in the circle consult the doctor after abortion, and general doctors will tell you for half a year without thinking.

Is this right?Does the doctor say that it makes sense?Today, this seemingly common sense problem, we planed the roots and ask the bottom!


Where is the six -month -old statement?

This statement comes from authoritative WHO. The WHO gives this proposal based on a single study in Latin America in 2005. The year is 2007. It is recommended that women re -pregnancy after 6 months after abortion or abortion.

In 2005, this Latin America research report held that if the next pregnancy interval is less than 6 months after abortion and artificial abortion, it is related to the increase in the risk of adverse periodic periods.

According to large-scale data, ovulation will generally occur after an average of 21-29 days after abortion surgery. If contraceptive measures are not taken, re-pregnancy may occur.

Regarding how long the interval is, except for this 6 months, it has always been a very controversial topic. Now more and more research tips are not necessarily the best choice for 6 months.


The latest research in Norway in 2022

Norway’s research time span from 2008 to 2016, the number of samples was included in 4,9058 abortion patients (I guess it was a patient with natural abortion), 23,707 patients with artificial abortion.

Researchers have modeled the relationship between the two types of people’s pregnancy interval and 6 adverse pregnancy (premature birth, spontaneous premature birth, small fetal age, large fetal age, threatened abortion, and gestational diabetes).

turn out:

① Compared with abortion (natural abortion), compared with childbirth at an interval of 6-11 months, the gastrointegration of pregnancy is low in the risk of small fetal age with a 3-month and pregnancy interval of 3-5 months.

② Compared with abortion (natural abortion), the pregnancy interval is also related to the risk of lower gestational diabetes.

③ Compared with childbirth with an abortion of 6-11 months, the risk of small fetal age with a pregnancy interval of <3 months has no significant correlation.

④ Compared with childbirth with an artificial abortion interval of 6-11 months, the risk of large fetal age is relatively low in pregnancy interval for 3-5 months.

In short, the study shows that the risk of miscarriage (natural abortion) or within 3 months after artificial abortion has nothing to do with the increase in the risk of bad pregnancy.

Combined with previous related research, these results show that women can try pregnancy shortly after abortion (natural abortion) or artificial abortion, without increasing the risk of peripherals.


Research on post -abort after abortion

This issue is not only concerned abroad, we also have related research in our country. Sister Circle has found a few more representative sharing with everyone.

First, let’s look at the research of a woman and baby in 2017.

1083 women with early abortion experience were selected as research objects to follow up at least 6 months of menstrual cycle until they were pregnant and delivered.

The interval time from early abortion to starting pregnancy is used, and the time for pregnancy will be used until pregnancy.

Results from 0 to 3 months (765 cases, 76.7%) of more than 3 months (233 cases, 23.4%) of couples (53.2%vs.36.1%, P <0.05).

Shortening 5 cycles of pregnancy can significantly increase the live yield rate, and the adjustment of the adjusted reproductive ability is 1.71 times the original.

This fully shows that there is no need to delay the re -pregnancy time after early abortion. Direct pregnancy can increase the live yield.

A report from the community physician in 2012 also believes that it is safe to pregnancy 3 months after natural abortion.

In 2011, Tian Jianli’s article selected 476 case analysis after miscarriage.

She found that the survival rate of fetal delivery was 85%within 6 months after miscarriage, which was significantly higher than that after abortion. The survival rate of pregnant fetuses was 74%again.

At the same time, she also came to another shocking conclusion. The longer the interval time of the graduation again, the more likely it is to increase the possibility of abortion during pregnancy again.


Related research of British and American countries

The well -known medical weekly "British Medical Journal" (BMJ) published a large -scale queue study in Scotland in 2010.

In this study, more than 30,000 abortion women (their abortion occurred before 24 weeks of pregnancy) was divided into three groups: pregnancy within 6 months after abortion, pregnancy between 6-24 months after abortion, 24 months after miscarriageThe above pregnancy.

It was found that this group of women in pregnancy within 6 months after abortion was the best for fertility (including mothers and infants); women’s fertility endings with more than 24 months after abortion were the worst.

These endings include: abortion again, in the palace of fetal death, abnormal pregnancy, cesarean section, premature birth, low birth weight, etc.

Therefore, 6 months of abortion contraception cannot be standing.

In 2015, the Journal of the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Association (Gray Ski Magazine) published a forward -looking study that divided women who had miscarriage before 20 weeks of pregnancy into two groups: the situation of pregnancy within 3 months after abortion, and 3 after abortion 3 after abortion-6 months of pregnancy.

It was found that the live yield rate and bad pregnancy ending (including the abortion rate) between the two groups did not significantly different.The average time from the end of abortion to pregnancy was less than 9 weeks!

In other words, let alone 6 months, you can get pregnant in two or three months after abortion, and it does not affect the child’s health at all!

In summary, Sister Circle believes that there is no need to take contraception after miscarriage. Of course, the premise is that your body has recovered, and the important symbol of your body recovery is that menstruation has returned to normal. At this time, you can prepare for pregnancy.

There is a process of preparing for pregnancy. Few people are pregnant as soon as they are pregnant. You can conduct nutritional conditioning in this process without delay at all!

Our youth is limited, and our eggs are also limited. Taking advantage of the good youth pregnancy, we will be wasting on the unnecessary conditioning waiting. Come on!

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