Leader, I’m pregnant!

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One day, the female secretary looked dignified: Leader, I was pregnant.

The leader continued to look down at the document, and then smiled slightly: I tied early.

The female secretary smiled for a while: I was kidding you!

The leader looked up at her and drank tea and said: I am too.

Enlightenment: People who are mixed on the rivers and lakes should not panic when they are in trouble. Let the bullets fly for a while.


The female bathroom was on fire, and the people were making a mess, and they ran nakedly, and saw a large group of white flowers on the street.

The old man shouted "Hurry up", and the naked girl suddenly realized, but there were three places to be tightened.

At this time, the old man shouted again, "Just cover your face, everything else!"

Revelation: Under special circumstances, grasp of work cannot be available, and you must seize the key points.


The young woman reported: "I put the money in the corset, and was stolen by a handsome guy in the crowded subway …" The police wondered: "You didn’t notice such a sensitive place?"

The young woman blushed and answered: "Who can think of him touching money?"

Revelation: It is the highest state of the business model in a happy experience in a pleasant experience!


A company posted on the urine pond: "A small step forward, a big step of civilization", as a result, there were still many urine stains on the ground.

Later, the company carefully learned the lesson and redesigned: "You can’t urinate in the pool to indicate that you are short; urine to the pool indicates that you are soft." As a result, the ground is much cleaner than before.

Revelation: The investment suggestions for customers must be specific, precise, and harmonious.


Men to mention kiss, woman parents: Please introduce herself.

A said: I have 10 million;

B said: I have a mansion, worth 20 million;

Parents are very satisfied.Just ask C, what is your family?

C Answer: I have nothing, only one child, in your daughter’s belly.

AB is speechless and left.

Enlightenment: The core competitiveness is not money and houses, but people who have their own in key positions.


Seven years ago, he abandoned his fiancee for going abroad. Now his career is successful. He started to feel guilty. He heard that she was not doing well. He wanted to make up for it.

He went to her fish stall. She was scraping the scales and squatted with a baby baby. She looked a bit like him, and he shocked in his heart.

She stopped suddenly and pointed at the man next door: You don’t cook for the child!

He was relieved and turned away.She handed root smoke to the man next door: I was embarrassed just now.

Revelation: I don’t want to be your burden, and I don’t want to let you go with guilt.


The father was washing the car, and his son picked up the small stone to draw on the door.

When his father was angry, he picked up the wrench and hit it. Later, his son was taken to the hospital to confirm the fracture of his finger. In the face of his father, his son said softly: Dad, your fingers will be good, don’t worry.

His father blamed himself in his heart, and when he was angry, he rushed back to smash his car.

He saw the trace of his son: Dad, I love you.

Revelation: Is it better to make some decisions after seeing it clearly?


There are lion mother and child on the grassland.

The little lion asked the lioness: "Mom, where is happiness?" The lioness said, "Happiness is on your tail."

So the little lion kept chasing the tail and running, but he couldn’t bite.The lioness laughed: "Fool! Happiness is not obtained like this! As long as you go forward, happiness will always follow you!".

Enlightenment: deliberately pursuing, it is better to go forward bravely, how far is success?Intersection


When he proposed to her, he only said three words: believe me;

When she gave birth to his first daughter, he said to her: hard; the day when the daughter got married, he held her shoulder and said: There is me;

On the day he received her illness, he repeatedly said to her: I am here; the moment she was going to leave, he kissed her forehead and said softly: You are waiting for me.

In this life, he never told him "I love you", but love never left.

Revelation: There are people who can’t confess in this world, but who said they must lack love?


The son couldn’t afford the elderly mother and decided to throw her up the mountain.

In the evening, the son said that his mother would go up the mountain, and the mother climbed his back effortlessly.

He was thinking about climbing up and dropping her again. When he saw his mother sneaking beans on the road on his back, he asked angrily: "What are you sprinkled with beans?"

As a result, his mother’s answer made him cry: "Silly son, I’m afraid you will get lost when you will go down the mountain alone."

Revelation: Parents’ love is accompanied by your life, even if they are old!

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