Learn 3 methods to monitor ovulation to improve the power of conception!

Perhaps boys prefer the title of "Grasp the timing of sex, don’t wear a suit and not get pregnant", but in fact, this is not contradictory, because the principle behind is the same, it is nothing more than paying attention to women’s follicle development rules.

For girls with menstruation, you don’t even need to monitor ovulation, because you only need to use the number of menstrual cycles to minus 14 to know which day of ovulation day.

For example, your menstrual cycle is 28 days, then 28-14 = 14, from the first day of menstruation, counting 14 days is ovulation day.

In the same way, the menstrual cycle is 30 days, then 30-14 = 16, 16 days is ovulation day.The reason why it is reduced by 14 is because the luteal life after ovulation is about 14 days.

It is only possible to get pregnant only on the ovulation day. The surrogacy rate of applause at other times is very low. The safety day is within 5 days after the end of the menstruation or within 10 days before menstruation.

Ovulation is just a moment. After the eggs pop out from the follicles, they will only survive in the fallopian tubes for 1-2 days. If she does not encounter her favorite sperm, she will die.

Unfortunately, for those girls with irregular menstruation, for example, this calculation method is extremely chicken.

So, is there a more accurate way to monitor ovulation?

There is no doubt that the most accurate monitoring method is of course to go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound, but this kind of examination time is expensive and hurts. No one has run to the hospital early in the morning.

Vincent teaches you 3 most suitable methods for home monitoring.

1. Observe the leucorrhea method

2. Ovulation test paper method

3. Basic body temperature method

Physiological, girls’ vaginal secretions will increase before ovulation, and transparent and brushed leucorrhea will appear. These leucorrhea can be pulled long and not easy to break, and clear, transparent and elastic, just like egg white.

They can sometimes be found to be hanging under or sticking to the underwear when they are going to the toilet. Sometimes they find that the underneath is wet when they get up in the morning. Sometimes they touch the bottom when they take a bath …

The day when you observe that the day of the most leucorrhea and the strongest drawing ability is usually ovulation day, please warm up with your lover in advance.

Maybe you also have a deep understanding that the sexual desires before ovulation will rise, and these transparent and brushed leucorrhea can also be used as a lubricant.

If you take a hormone examination before ovulation, we will find that girls’ lutein -promoting hormone (LH) levels rise very high, and its significance is to promote follicular rupture.

Based on this principle, some scientists have developed "ovulation test strips". This test strip can predict whether ovulation occurs by detecting LH in urine.

Ovulation test strip is a type of home test strip. Its advantage is that it can be detected anytime, anywhere. You only need to dip some urine with test strips to measure the LH concentration in the urine.

On the ovulation test note, if the detection line is colorless or light, it indicates that the lh is not high and ovulates. If the color presented by the detection line is consistent with the color of the contrast line, the LH surges and ovulation is about to ovulation.

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to start using ovulation test strips on the 10th day of menstruation. When you find that the color of the detection line is consistent with the color of the contrast line, please start to love love. Preparation of the pregnancy circle is called two bars.

It should be noted that because the LH of some polygamy girls itself is high, which can cause fake positive test strips and set up oolong.In fact, ovulation test strips cannot be used as yellow standards for judging ovulation.

Before ovulation, the follicles can only secrete estrogen, and there will be luteum after ovulation. The luteal can secrete progestable, and progesterone has the effect of raising the basic body temperature.

Based on this principle, we can draw a conclusion.

Girls’ basic body temperature before ovulation is low, and the body temperature after ovulation will increase at least 0.3 ° C. This is called bilateral temperature.

The measurement method of basic body temperature is not difficult, but it will give you a chance to rely on bed.

First of all, you need to prepare the mercury thermometer before going to bed and place it steadily on the bed, and then lie on the bed and put the mercury thermometer in the tongue to measure the body temperature for 5 minutes. Finally, please record the basic temperature on the mobile phone.Software or computer Excel table.

The measurement of the basal body temperature needs to be persistent. When you find that one day’s body temperature is more than 0.3 ° C yesterday, it is prompted that it may have been ovulation. This is a good opportunity, because you are still in bed at this moment.

I am not teasing you to play, because after a night of rest, the mental state of both men and women is the best, and the sexual desire of women before and after ovulation will rise, and men have a stronger sexual function in the early morning than night.

It should be noted that the height of the body temperature can vary from person to person. Girls with anemia and low A. Their basic body temperature will be slightly lower than that of ordinary girls. The luteal function is not particularly good.obvious.

Observing the white belt method is the most convenient, but it is not accurate, because not all girls will have leucorrhea brushes before ovulation.

The ovulation test strip method is very convenient, but the polycun girl paper can test the ovulation with ovulation test strips, because the LH height is a common manifestation of the thin polycystic.

Basic body temperature method is more troublesome, but this is the most accurate ovulation monitoring method. For girls with preparing for pregnancy, the basic body temperature method should be used as a criterion for ovulation or not.

Well, if you happen to ovulate today, turn off your phone and turn off the lights to sleep …

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