Learn soup from scratch!These 10 beauty soups, let you drink more and beautiful

If a woman wants to be beautiful, in addition to the health of the body’s hardware facilities, it is also very important in intrinsic care.

Drinking more soup with the effect of nourishing and nourishing beauty plays a very important role in improving your skin quality and complexion ~

Today’s 10 beauty soups are given to the beauty MMs, I wish you more beautiful and beautiful ~

1. [Peach Jiao Tremella Sydney Sydney]

Efficacy: Beauty, clearing heat and removing heat, nourishing yin and moisturizing the lungs

Ingredients: 15 grams of peach gum 1 (300 grams) 1 000 mm


1) Put the peach gum into the water for soaking the water for one night (about 12 hours) to the soft rise, the volume can rise by about 10 times.Remove the black impurities on the surface of the soft peach gum on the surface of the soft peach gum, repeatedly clean it with water, and then become a uniform small piece.

2) After the white fungus soaked in water for 20 minutes, after 20 minutes of softening, it was smashed by hand.Sydney is peeled into a 1cm size.

3) Put peach gum, white fungus and water into the pot. After cooking on high heat, change the low heat and continue to cook for 30 minutes. At this time, the soup starts to become a little sticky.

4) Put in pear and cook for 5 minutes, then put in rock sugar and cranberry, stir and cook for 3 minutes, until the rock sugar is completely melted, and the soup is thick.

Super 嗦:

** This sugar water has the effects of beauty skin, clearing heat and fire, and nourishing yin and lungs.It can be drunk while it is hot in winter.In order to maintain the skin, in summer, I usually do the last week.

** Peach gum is not expensive, and other ingredients of this sugar water are not expensive, but in many Cantonese restaurants, a small cup will sell for 28 yuan.

** Peach gum is a resin secreted from the trunk of the peach tree (there are also apricot trees, Li trees, and cherry trees).The dry peach gum is crystal stones (very similar to transparent rubber), and it needs to bubble soft hair and then cook.Peach gum is divided into industrial and food. Of course, if you eat it, you must choose to eat peach gum.

** Tao Jiao is very common in the southern cities. In the north, you need to go to the dry cargo stalls in the large wholesale market.For convenience, there are many shops selling peach gum on Taobao. You can search for it.After the peach gum is soaked, it can be a lot of hair development. Buy about 200 grams and can be used for a long time.

** Blommery is produced in North America. It is dark red and has a sweet and sour taste. It contains many nutrients such as blue and white, catechins, vitamin C, and vitamin E.Frequent consumption can play health effects such as anti -inflammatory, stomach, and skin beauty.Sold in many baking shops, or imported shelves in supermarkets.If not, don’t use it, replace it with other honeypot, such as raisins to adjust the taste and taste.

2. 【Rock Sugar Bird Nest】

Efficacy: Beauty, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves

Ingredients: 6 grams of bird’s nest (one) wolfberry about 20 yellow rock sugar 50 grams


1) After soaking the bird’s nest with warm water of about 30 degrees for one hour, change to 30 degrees warm water and soak for 1 hour.

2) Gently wash the bird’s nest with your hands and pour out impurities.Pour it into warm water and wash it three times. After clamping the bird’s hair doped in the bird’s nest with a mule, the soaked water is poured out.

3) Finally, pour about 300 ml of pure water and soak the washed bird’s nest to a soft rise.This soaking process takes about 4 hours, and the water is not over the surface of the bird’s nest.

4) Pour the soaked bird’s nest, pour the stew pot with the soaked water, add yellow rock sugar and wolfberry, put in the stew pot, and simmer for 45 minutes.

5) Take it out after stewing, you can eat warm or cool.

Super 嗦:

** Bird’s nest is a valuable nourishing product. It is rich in amino acids such as water -soluble protein and glycine, which can promote the growth and regeneration of cell tissue, smooth the skin, elastic and gloss, and reduce wrinkles. ThereforeFor beauty.In addition, bird’s nest also has the effect of moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough and nourishing blood.Bird’s nest is produced in India, Malay Islands and Hainan Island and South my country Sea Islands.

** Bird’s nest is actually "the saliva of the swallow", but this swallow is not the home swallow we usually see, but refers to the golden swallow.Since ancient times, because of small quantities and difficulties in picking, and has the functions of nourishing beauty and prolonging life, the price of bird’s nest is relatively expensive.

** Bird’s nest is divided into white swallows, blood swallows, and Huang Yan according to the color.According to the shape, bird’s nest can be divided into a bird’s nest, a swallow, a swallow, a swallow, a swallow cake, and a swallow.The natural price of complete bird’s nests is also high, but in fact, the nutrition is not much different. If you eat it yourself, you may wish to buy swallows, but you need to trouble it when you pick out feathers and impurities.

** Bird’s nest feats pay attention to "with clearing and clearing, soft and soft." Generally, eat less spicy and greasy foods during eating bird’s nest, and smoke less.Because the human body cannot be absorbed well during a cold, it is best not to eat it.

** The soaking of bird’s nest is slightly different depending on the variety of immersion time. The shorter the maw of the bird’s nest, the shorter the general quality, the shorter.The usual immersion time is about 4-8 hours.

** The specific stewing time of the bird’s nest is also related to the soaking time. If it is soaked for a long time, the stewing time can be reduced accordingly.It is usually stewed in 30-60 minutes.

** This bird’s nest stew can be eaten in 3-5 times. You can put it in a sealed container in the refrigerator for a refrigerator.

** Yellow rock sugar is a type of polycrystalline rock sugar (also known as old rock sugar). It is a sucrose crystal made of multiple crystals.Rock sugar has the effect of nourishing yin and raising, moisturizing the lungs and cough.Yellow rock sugar is available in supermarkets. It can not be bought, and white rock sugar can be used.

3. [Beautiful Skin Sugar Water]

Efficacy: beauty, acne

Ingredients: Lotus seeds 8 lilies, 1 barley, 50 grams of jade bamboo 15 grams of Huai Mountain 15 grams of American ginseng 15 grams of wolfberry 20 graphics of rock sugar


1) Lotus seeds, barley, Yuzhu, Huaishan, Western ginseng and wolfberry poured into a bowl and rinsed.

2) Pour the washed ingredients into the pot. After adding a large heat and boil, turn to low heat and continue cooking for 30 minutes, then add the washed lilies. After 5 minutes, add the rock sugar.After the refrigerator is frozen, the taste is better.

Super 嗦:

** Barley rice is available in the grain area of the supermarket. In addition to cooking this sugar water, it usually uses barley and rice to cook porridge by 1: 1. Even if you eat it for a week, you can also treat acne on the face.It is recommended that pregnant women do not eat barley.

** Yuzhu, Huaishan, and Western ginseng can be bought in Chinese medicine stores, but it is not recommended to put too much amount at a time, especially those who do not like the taste of Chinese medicine, give yourself a gradual adaptation process.

4. [Beauty Rose Jasmine Green Tea]

Efficacy: beauty, soothing, moisturizing, moisturizing

Ingredients: Green Tea Bags One Rose 10 Jasmine and 20 Honey Random


1) Put the green tea bag, rose, jasmine into a bowl, pour in boiling water, soak it for 5 minutes, remove the green tea bag, otherwise the taste of green tea is too strong, and it will cover the aroma of roses and jasmine.

2) After the tea soup is slightly cooled, add honey.

Super 嗦:

** You can choose Liton green tea bags sold in the supermarket. You can also brew with bulk green tea. Do not have too much amount.

** Jasmine has a very good effect in terms of stability and relieving fatigue, and the flavor is fragrant. Basically, everyone can accept it.Drink more jasmine in autumn, as well as the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing.But jasmine has the effect of scrutiny, and it is not easy for little mothers to drink too much during pregnancy.

** Rose can alleviate the discomfort of women’s menstrual period, and also have the effect of detoxifying beauty and beauty, dilute spots, reduce the problem of skin oil and sebaceous glands, and make the skin gloss and elastic.

** Because roses have the effect of promoting blood circulation and blood stasis, you are already pregnant, don’t drink it, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

** Usually use roses to make drinks, try to avoid stew for a long time. It is best to use brewing. Otherwise, the rose essential oil will volatilize because of long -term cooking, lose its effects and fragrance, and become bitter.

5. 【Replenishing blood and beauty red bean paste】

Efficacy: beauty and beauty, nourishing blood

Ingredients: Red beans 200 grams of lotus seeds 15 grams of fresh lilies 50 grams of tiny peel two pieces of rock sugar 80 grams of clear water 1000 ml


1) After washing the red beans, put it in water and soak for 2 hours.

2) Wash the lotus seeds and Chenpi, take the fresh lily, wash and drain it for later use.

3) Put the red beans, Chenpi and lotus seeds into the pot, add a sufficient amount of water, and turn it on the heat for 1 hour.During the period, we must continue to pay attention to the amount of water in the pot, and often stir the red beans in the pot with a spoon to avoid sticking to the pot.

4) After the bean paste is cooked, put the fresh lily and rock sugar, and continue to cook for 5 minutes.Stir with spoon while cooking, until the rock sugar is completely melted, and the bean paste becomes sticky.

Super 嗦:

** Red beans don’t have to soak for too long, at most one to two hours, those who have no time can not be soaked, but the cooking time is longer.

** If you do n’t have fresh lilies in your city, you can use dry lilies instead. If you use dry lily, you can use it about 10 grams. After washing, you do n’t need to soak in advance with red beans and lotus seeds.

** In the process of boiling bean paste, water can be added in the middle, and it can be added with water and hot water.

** Gwitta must be put at the end, otherwise red beans will not be easy to cook, and the amount of rock sugar is adjusted according to its own taste.

** This bean paste is very hot in winter, especially suitable for menstrual women, and can also play a role in nourishing blood and beauty.If you eat in summer, put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours to eat, and taste better.If there is a shaved ice machine, put some broken ice and put it in, it is even more cold.

** Not all red beans can be boiled into bean paste. I used to buy a very small kind of beans, and red beans with twice as small as ordinary red bean particles can not be cooked for a long time. In this case, international students overseas students overseasBe sure to pay attention.If you buy red beans in the supermarket, buy as much as possible, the red beans with large granules can be used to make bean paste.

6. 【Coconut milk horseshoe Simi Lulu】

Efficacy: moisturizing, whitening, clearing heat, eliminating food

Ingredients: 200 ml of coconut milk 60 grams of corn grain (or half of fresh corn) Horseshoe (荸 荸) 200 grams of rock sugar 50 grams of wolfberry 20 grains of wolfberry 50 grams of water 1000 ml


1) Peel the horseshoe to cut into corn particles in size, soak the wolfberry into the water for 10 minutes, wash it and drain it for later use.If the corn kernels are frozen, they need to be thawed in the room temperature in advance (if you use fresh corn, wash the corn first, and then cut the corn grain with a knife).

2) Wash Simi slightly.Pour about 500 ml of water and sago in the pot. After the high heat is boiled, change the low heat. The whole cooking process must be stirred with a spoon to prevent the bottom of the sago stick to the bottom of the pot or mutual sticking to each other.Two times the clock to Simi becomes transparent to turn off the fire.

3) Loow the sieve of Simi with mesh, and immediately pour it into cold water for later use.

4) Mix the coconut milk and the remaining 500ml of water and pour into the pot, add corn kernels, horseshoe, wolfberry, and boil over low heat for 8 minutes.

5) Add rock sugar and sago, stir until the rock sugar melts, you can turn off the heat.

Super 嗦:

** Simi is also called Sigu Rice. Some are processed with cassava flour, wheat starch, and bud valley powder.Simi has the function of moisturizing the skin, so it is very popular with ladies.

** Simi is sold on the shelves selling grain in supermarkets. When buying, choose full particles. Do not buy too much.Simi’s absorption is very strong, so put it in a sealed bag after buying back. As for the cool and dry place, it is stored.

** Simi will continue to become thick during the cooking process, so it must be placed more in water to cook sago, and continuously stir with a spoon after boiling to prevent the sago sticky bottom.Cold water immediately to avoid Simi from sticking together to become a big puppet.

** This sugar water is strong and refreshing. It can be used while it is hot. It is recommended to put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours in summer.Coconut milk can also be replaced with irrigated coconut juice.

** Coconut milk contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, plant proteins, etc., which is indispensable for the human body. Many people are called plant "milk".It is rich in vitamin E, which can maintain women’s youthful vitality, whitening antioxidant, and avoiding the skin of the skin.

** Horseshoe (属 于) belongs to benign food. It has the effects of clearing heat and diarrhea, eliminating food and eliminating swelling. It is suitable for summer consumption, but it is necessary to eat appropriate amount for people with cold spleen and kidney.

7. [5 bean beauty soup]

Efficacy: beauty, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and peace

Ingredients: Black bean, red bean mung bean soybeans, 1 spoon (the size of the spoon is casual, 5 raw materials can be available) brown sugar (adding appropriate amount according to personal taste)


1) Wash the 5 raw materials and soak it with water for one night.

2) Pour the water soaked in beans into the pot and add water. The amount of water is about 6 times the amount of beans.After boiling on the high heat, change the low heat, cover the lid, cook for half an hour, wait for the beans to bloom. It is better to add brown sugar to the brown sugar before eating.

Super 嗦:

** The Spring Festival vacation finally had time to finish watching the "seeking medical treatment for yourself" by the Liba people. A very simple beauty soup attracted me.I tried several times at home, the effect is really good, I will share it with you.For women, those who are "suspected" are willing to try.The author is called the beauty porridge, but I call it the beauty soup, because it is not sticky, it is a bit like the sugar water.

** Soaking 5 raw materials takes one night. After the weather warms, I recommend covering a layer of plastic wrap on the soaked container and refrigerated in the refrigerator to avoid breeding bacteria due to excessive temperature.

** (The following text is excerpted from "seeking medical treatment than to ask for yourself".

Soybean: sweet and flat.Enter the spleen, lung, and large intestine.Nourish qi and spleen, conduct qi stagnation, nourish blood and moisten dryness, and strengthen the swelling of the water.

Mung beans: sweet and cool.Entering the heart and stomach.Clear heat and detoxify, swelling with water, appetizing and strengthening the spleen.

Black beans: sweet and flat.Enter the spleen and stomach.Nourishing yin and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and moisture, nourishing deficiency of black hair, removing wind and detoxifying.

Red beans (red beans): sweet, sour, flat.Enter the spleen, liver, and bladder meridian.Evolic water to dispel, eliminate swelling and dispel, strengthen the spleen and nourish blood."Food Materia Medica" believes that its "edema and thin people for a long time" seems to have the effect of weight loss.

Purple rice: sweet and warm.Enter the heart, spleen, and kidney meridian.Nourish the heart and soul, strengthen the spleen and nourish blood, and strengthen the kidney.

In summary, this pair of "Bean Mi Fang" takes care of the five internal organs, the combination of cold and heat, not cold or dry, diarrhea does not hurt the spleen and stomach, and it is really a wonderful recipe for longevity in the face.I asked the origin of the lady’s party, and she said it was unintentionally matched.

8. 【Replenishing Blood and Nourishing Soup】

Efficacy: beauty, nourishing blood

Ingredients: 15 cinnamon 8 cinnamon 8 red dates 12 wolfberry, about 30 pieces of brown sugar (15 grams) 1000 ml of water (1 liter)


1) Use a knife to gently pat the cinnamon skin out and take out the cinnamon meat.(Don’t force it, otherwise the shell of the longan round is sticking to the longan meat, and it has to be opened with your hands.)

2) Wash the longan meat, red dates and wolfberry with water, put the big almonds into the casserole, pour 1000 ml of water, boil the high heat and adjust it to a low heat, and continue to simmer for 20 minutes.

3) After cooking, add brown sugar while it is hot and stir well.

Super 嗦:

** red dates, longan and wolfberry are generally selling dry goods.The big almonds in the United States, the kind of bag sold in the supermarket, can be used as a big almonds that can be eaten directly as snacks.

** Antioxidants in large almonds in the United States, such as vitamin E and flavonoids, are comparable to green tea, and these antioxidants can help the skin to resist oxidation violations, delay wrinkles, and prevent and improve skin pigment deposition.

** Do not use this soup all the raw materials at a time, and need to be stored in a dry and cool place. Do not be tide.

** This sugar water is very suitable for girls and women. In this season, eat the last week to nourish the body, improve qi and blood, and poor complexion. It is said that it can also soothe the gods.It is true that you say that I am like selling fake medicines.Drinking in the few days of each month can also relieve dysmenorrhea.

** Although it can be beauty, although it can be beautiful, although it can be drifted, everything can not hold you to eat every day. Too much to eat with longan and wolfberry is easy to get angry.Don’t rush to achieve success. This recipe is enough to last twice a month.

9. 【Whitening and skin soup】

Efficacy: whitening, skin care

Ingredients: 5 grams of Baiji Yuzhu 5 grams of barley 50 grams of native chickens and half ginger 1 piece

Seasoning: 1 teaspoon of salt (5 grams)


1) Wash the chicken.After the water is boiled in the water, put it in the chicken and scald until the discoloration is removed.Ginger cut into slices, or scattered with a knife.Wash the water, jade bamboo and barley with water.

2) Put the frozen chicken in the casserole, pour in a sufficient amount of cold water at one time. After boiling on the high heat, change it to a small fire, add ginger slices, Baiji, Yuzhu and barley, cover the lid with a small heat pot 2In the hour, you can finally add salt.

Super 嗦:

** This is a whitening and skin soup that I drink every month. After several years of practice, I can be responsible for saying that the effect is great.The skin whitening is the pursuit of permanent life of every beautiful girl.

** The barley in this soup must be put. In addition to the efficacy of skin whitening, it can also be that the soup becomes sticky and the taste is particularly good.

** Do not let go of Bai Yan and Yuzhu, otherwise the taste of the medicine is heavy, and those who can taste at first will not be used to it.In addition, Bai Yan and Yuzhu Pharmacy are available, and barley supermarkets are sold.Chicken, if you can’t buy it, you can use black chicken or firewood chicken in the supermarket.

** A beauty mask that netizens once gave me, blew the white pebuls, Poria, and barley according to the ratio of 1: 1: 1, and adjust the face with yogurt. The whitening effect is particularly good.And the price is cheap.

10. [Beauty Black Chicken Soup]

Efficacy: beauty, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing yin and nourishing kidney

Ingredients: 1 piece of ginger, 1 piece of salt (5 grams) of water 2500ml of water

Decoction: 5 lotus seeds 5 lotus seeds 5 barley 10 grams of lilies 10 grams of wolfberry 10 Huaishan 40 grams of Codonopsis 10 grams of sprout sand, 3 lentils 50 grams of lentils


1) Take the black chicken head, clean the internal and external internal organs with water, and cut it into large pieces.Ginger peels and cut the blockbuster.

2) Put the soup (red dates, lotus seeds, barley, lily, wolfberry, Huaishan, Codonopsis, Sichuan and lentils) into large bowls, pour water in water for 2 minutes, pour the water and rinse it with water repeatedly.Dry it.

3) Put the black chicken into the pot, pour the water at one time, boil the heat on the high heat, and skim the foam with a spoon. Be sure to skim it up.Pour the drained soup into the pot, cover the lid, and use a small heat to cook the soup for 2 hours.

4) Finally, open the lid and pour the salt to season, change the low heat to cook for 5 minutes, and drink it.

Super 嗦:

** Many girls would rather spend thousands of yuan to buy skin care products day by day on their faces, and they also pay less attention to the beauty of raising from the inside and outside.Good skin is a part of a woman’s beauty. Boil every weekend that helps beauty and beauty. Coupled with daily moderate use of skin care products, the maintenance of both inside and outside repair is really effective.

** Women can be beautiful, both complexion, skin, and state, smooth qi and blood is very important.This is a soup score that is very helpful for supplementing and raising women.In addition to being suitable for nourishing the body and nourishing the skin, maternal mothers can also be used to sort out physical discomfort caused by production.

** The nutritional ingredients contained in black chicken are much higher than ordinary chicken, especially in nourishing yin and nourishing the kidneys. It has significant effects in regulating blood and nourishing blood. It is a raw material that is very suitable for women.In this soup, it is not recommended to replace the black chicken as other raw materials.

** Make this soup soup, red dates, lotus seeds, barley, lily, wolfberry, these 5 -like Dongxi, you can buy it in the supermarket.Huaishan, Codonopsis, sprouts and lentils can be purchased in Chinese medicine stores.

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