Let me tell you what to do during ovulation bleeding, what to do

Bleeding occasionally occasionally, and a small amount, it can be observed without treatment.Girls with continuous ovulation bleeding occur during ovulation and usually interfere with conception. After excretion of other diseases, medication can be treated.

Why is ovulation bleeding?

Bleeding during ovulation is in the middle of two menstruation. Due to the short decrease of estrogen levels caused by ovulation, the endometrium of some women loses the support of estrogen.Bleeding during ovulation, this situation is a positive ovulation bleeding.However, genital diseases such as cervical polyps, cervical cancer, endometrial polyps, and submucosal fibroids in the uterine can also cause ovulation bleeding, and ovulation bleeding caused by diseases is abnormal.

Physiological ovulation bleeding is difficult to distinguish between ovulation bleeding during ovulation. Pathological ovulation bleeding needs to be treated with drug treatment.

Harm of bleeding during ovulation: prolonged menstrual period, excessive menstrual volume, tumor diffusion, reproductive system infection, and affecting conception.

The hazards of the ovulation period are mainly reflected in two aspects:

First, diseases that cause bleeding during ovulation can cause harm to patients.In most cases, ovulation bleeding is caused by fluctuations in hormone levels during ovulation, and generally no harm to patients.Some patients have bleeding during ovulation during ovulation, which is caused by endometrium polyps, tumor lesions in the endometrium, or cervical lesions, which may cause patients to have a long menstrual cycle and a large amount of menstruation.

2. Bleeding during ovulation during ovulation. If the bleeding time is long, it may cause infection. The main manifestation is that bleeding during ovulation causes harm to the patient. In addition, if the patient is preparing for pregnancy, bleeding during ovulation will affect the same house and affect the patient’s conception.

Daily precautions for bleeding during ovulation:

1. Pay attention to the hygiene of the vulva, change the underwear, change the sanitary napkin during menstruation, and keep the perineal clean and dry.

2. Eliminate the tension and anxiety and maintain an optimistic and happy mood.

3. Avoid staying up late.

4. Sports appropriately to maintain blood circulation and normal metabolism.

5. Avoid irritating drinks or foods, such as coffee, wine, strong tea, pepper, etc.

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