Let’s briefly explain some knowledge about hypothyroidism today

A hypothyroidism is a clinical syndrome caused by thyroid dystrophic dysfunction.This disease is mostly in women. If adults become sick, they are called "adult hypothyroidism".Those with embryonic or infantiles are called "small diseases" or "Katin disease".For hypothyroidism, some people may not know much about it. Today I will briefly explain some knowledge about hypothyroidism.

Not all hypothyroidism requires iodine

Iodine is an important raw material for synthetic thyroid hormones. When suffering from hypothyroidism, it often causes hypothyroidism.So, do all patients with hypothyroidism need iodine? The answer is negative. Whether or not iodine depends on the cause of hypothyroidism, and avoid blind iodine.

If hypothyroidism is caused by "simple iodine deficiency" (such as hypothyroidism caused by local goiter), it is necessary to properly supplement iodine; if hypothyroidism is caused by chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, the cause and autoimmune disorders areIn terms of this type of patient, not only should not supplement iodine, but it is necessary to appropriately restrict the intake of iodine to avoid inducing or aggravating autoimmune thyroiditis.

Patients with hypothyroidism should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth

Due to hypothyroidism, patients are prone to colds due to slow metabolism, low heat production, chills, and obvious weakness. In addition, the body’s immunity decreases. If the treatment is not timely, it may induce mucus edema and coma.Therefore, patients with hypothyroidism should not eat cold foods, especially in winter, pay special attention to keeping cold and keeping cold and preventing colds.

Don’t take medicine, reduce medicine or stop medicine without authorization

Some patients with hypothyroidism will buy drug treatment by themselves after they are sick. It is unknown that there are many causes of hypothyroidism. It is easy to aggravate the disease and make the disease cure for a long time.

In addition, some patients must obey the doctors’ suggestions when conducting drug treatment. Do not claim to reduce or discontinue drugs by yourself, stop drugs or reduce the medicine without permission, so that the disease treatment is insufficient and it is easy to recur.

Avoid pregnant patients with hypothyroidism

A hypothyroidism can be inherited by mother and baby. If pregnant women suffer from hypothyroidism, they will not only cause abortion, but also increase the risk of premature birth, and even increase the probability of dead tires.Even if the baby is born normally, the thyroid function is normal.However, it may also be a high probability that the mother’s hypothyroidism is inherited, which will affect the child’s IQ development and physical development, leading to the emergence of dwarf.It is recommended that female friends better prepare for normal thyroid function.

Pay attention to hypothyroidism

The lack of thyroid hormones will affect various systems of the whole body. Therefore, the symptoms of hypothyroidism are diverse and lacking specificity, and it is easily mistaken for other diseases.If you have symptoms such as fatigue, chills, bloating, constipation, drowsiness, slow response, low emotional, depression, fat, anemia and other symptoms, you must check armor skills so that "hypothyroidism" can be found in time.

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