Let’s talk about the dream you have done during pregnancy

I do n’t know if it ’s the cause of hormones. When I was pregnant, I dreamed almost every day. What is the content?

people.Someone told me that women are usually familiar with people, but men are the opposite.I don’t know right or wrong, but it is fulfilled in me.First of all, elementary school classmates, then junior high school, high school, and university classmates, and then began to reunite with family, relatives, colleagues in their dreams.In these strange gatherings, the one who had the highest appearance rate turned out to be my first love.I am also wondering about this. I said that there is something to dream about every day, but I will never miss him so after more than ten years of breakup.He is my college classmate. Whenever he sees him in his dream, he will have that kind of joy. It feels good. We are still together when we are young.But every time is the end of tragedy. He either doesn’t talk to me, or he turns away and goes further and further. I desperately want to do something, but I can’t do anything.Another time, I dreamed that he was dead, and I cried very sadly.Maybe he is a knot in my heart.

animal.I dreamed of snake during pregnancy.I have been pregnant three times, all dreamed of snakes.The first two dreamed of white and black snakes held in my hands.In the last time I dreamed of a big green snake, very large, climbing in from the window and climbing on the wall. I also told the people in the house not to be afraid. This snake listened to me and would not bite people.As a result, my son was later.Maybe this is a baby dream, right?

eat.The happiest dream is probably the dream of eating.It is common to dream of eating big meals with parents and friends. The most clear thing to remember is to dream of eating watermelon.Walking on the road, in the big sun, there are some cut large watermelons on the roadside, green greens, and bright red melon.It is strange to eat my husband, haha.

Dear officials, let’s talk about the dreams you have ever made

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