Li Ai boldly put on the bikini sent by Liu Yun, and 48 days after giving birth to 30 pounds of meat, 30 pounds of body is so good enough to explode

RecentThe state during pregnancy is with the way of getting along with the family.

Compared with several other younger mothers, Li Ai is a older woman at age, so at the time of delivery, there are many more concerns and anxiety than others.

During the recording of the show, Liu Yun and Zhao Ziqi visited the good sister Li Ai. The three gathered together to chat and tease, and the atmosphere was very happy and easy.When they chatted, Liu Yun took out a gift to Li Ai, and Li Ai, who saw the gift, was obviously shocked.

It turned out that Liu Yun sent a set of sexy bikinis. In order to allow Li Ai to restore his body and state as soon as possible after giving birth, you can always warn himself when you see this biting bikini.But Li Ai, who was nearly 30 pounds because of pregnancy, said, saying: "This is to make me a supermodel."

On July 18, Li Ai generously showed his video on Weibo to wear Bikini, and wrote the text that he was not afraid of anything.From the video, we can see that Li Ai, who was born after giving birth, basically recovered his figure, and his slender limbs could not be seen at all that this was the state of just giving birth.It seems that Liu Yun’s incentives are really useful. Compared with before, she is more confident after giving birth, and her body is so good!

In fact, after Li Aiguan Xuan gave birth to her baby, only about 48 days in the past, Li Ai’s figure has been safely recovered.Throwing 30 pounds of meat 48 days after giving birth, this persistence and efforts are not common in ordinary people.

In the end, the editor felt that as an elderly mother, the pressure in Li Ai’s heart would definitely be relatively greater, but fortunately, her husband and mother -in -law accompanied the whole process.The mood is still very cheerful.Now the mother and son are safe, and the family of three is happier, let us bless them!

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