Li Chengyun’s official announcement was a boy, Qi Wei cooked a video of production, saying that the husband could not hold the accidental pregnancy

Li Chengyi and Qi Wei are very famous star couples in the entertainment industry. The two of them work like a relay match.After Qi Wei’s work, Li Chengyi took the baby to variety shows. After the variety show, he went to his brother again. After the fire, the couple appeared to drive Qi Wei’s popularity. Qi Wei began to live broadcast and brought pregnancy work.The couple took turns in turn, which can be described as loving couples in the entertainment industry.

Although Qi Weiguan announced the news of production for a few months, the two did not disclose the child’s gender from the official announcement.Recently, Li Chengyi announced that he had a steel man who had a steel man, and the official announcement of the second babies was a boy’s good news.For good words, double harvests of family careers.

Qi Wei also showed the video of the production process. Qi Wei was armed in a pregnant belly wearing a sportswear in a sportswear and a mask sunglasses. She waited for the pregnancy test. Li Chengyi sat in his hand and held the inspection document.Write on the face.

Qi Wei also exposed her baby’s B -ultrasound in her belly. Her son seemed to know that he was in a mirror in his abdomen, and he actually had a scissors with a victory. Although he was sweating, his fleshy fist stretched two.The fingers are very obvious and so amazing. Qi Wei and her daughter also imitated a precious photo.

After the production, her daughter Lucky also said these mothers to her mother. She seemed to be grateful to her mother to give her a little younger brother to take care of her. The videos were full of tenderness, which made people feel the happy family of Qi Wei and Li Chengyi.

However, Qi Wei does not seem to be very happy about his second child. In the video, he also deliberately blame her husband Li Chengye, saying that pregnancy is an accident. On the last day of his physiological period, he blame him to hold it a bit, which will lead to himself.Be pregnant with a second child.

After all, for Qi Wei at that time, Li Chengye’s explosion also brought new opportunities to her career. If it was not because of pregnancy, she was going to have a baby, and Qi Wei, who was broadcasting at the peak of the goods, I was afraid to make a lot of money.

And the physiological period is not unable to get pregnant, it is a matter of probability. At this time, it is not a good thing for Qi Wei’s body. Perhaps this is the fate baby to let Qi Wei have a male baby at this time.This is a remedy and positive preparations. It may not be possible to have such a good pregnancy.

Li Chengyi and Qi Wei have been married for more than eight years. They all said that the entertainment industry is a big dyeing tank. It is difficult to have affection after getting married and have no scandal, but they have been loving after seven years of itching.It seems that there is no real love, but I have not met the right person. They have no ability to control their own control. I wish Qi Wei and Li Chengyi always love the family happiness.

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