Li Sisi: CCTV’s youngest female host, the peak of her career married to her first love for the first time

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Since the Spring Festival Gala of the Tiger, where has Li Sisi who has not appeared in the CCTV show for more than half a year?

The news search behind Li Sisi’s name has all become -Li Sisi probably left the Spring Festival Gala.

A beautiful hostess on the Spring Festival Gala stage suddenly appeared in a CCTV paid channel after many months, "Central New Shadow Old Story Channel".

The CCTV host industry has been undergoing changes in the past two years. Senior hosts are preparing to transfer to retirement, and there are more and more young and strange faces.

Li Sisi is going to stay or stay, which is really a traction topic.

Some people know that Li Sisi was at the 2007 CCTV Spring Festival song and dance party, but most people should know her at the 2012 Spring Festival Gala.

That year, Zhou Tao missed the Spring Festival Gala host, and the 26 -year -old Li Sisi and Sabenin, Li Yong, Dong Qing, etc. appeared on the Spring Festival Gala Stage.

That year’s host lineup also broke the "three men and three women" group in previous years, and switched to the "four men and two women" combination.

Li Sisi’s white teeth, bright and gentle smiles, and a stable broadcast cavity soon left a deep impression on audiences across the country.

She and Dong Qing’s style are very close, and they are both gentle and understandable.At that time, everyone felt that Li Sisi was probably Dong Qing’s prospective.

However, under the gentle face of Li Sisi, there is a heart that is tenacious and not brave. She is far more "spicy" than we think.

Since childhood, Li Sisi is often called "children of others".Not only has the academic performance, but also the talents of talents, almost all the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting must be available.

Li Sisi’s grandfather is a hero of the War of Resistance, his father is also a soldier, and his mother is a medical worker.

Mother Li is a full literary youth. She loves singing and dancing. She is beautiful and Li Sisi is exactly the same.

At the age of five or six, her mother reported a dance class to Li Sisi. After school from school, other children were free to play, but she would follow her mother to dance class to practice.

In the winter dance room, the bolt of the rod is pierced, but Li Sisi still has to persist in practicing his legs and waist every day. The tender bones are painful.

At first she felt that her mother was so cruel, and she had to send her to dance.

Until one time I was practicing, Li Sisi insisted on her waist silently while crying. Through the vague dazzling, she saw that the mother not far away wiped her tears.

She only knew that her mother loved herself.Since then, I have worked harder to learn, dance well, and talk about the pipa, and the composition is also great.

Li Sisi’s excellence made other cousins and cousins in the family difficulty. Every time the relatives’ parents always used her to inspire her children.

But she has been learning new things too fast, and how can other children can’t catch up with her pace.

When he graduated from high school, Li Sisi was accepted by Peking University and Renmin University at the same time.

Because she had had experience in Jilin Satellite TV before, she chose the Dream School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University to learn broadcast hosting.

However, this is just another starting point of Li Sisi’s excellent resume, and this girl will always climb up.

In the freshman year, Li Sisi not only passed the recruitment test of "Peking University News" founded by Peking University, and became an anchor in Peking University.

Then he participated in the CCTV’s "Challenge Host" competition show, becoming the first "female master" to win eight issues in the show.

Li Sisi was like a tenacious warrior at that time, always energetic and always full of energy.

But in addition to her own efforts and abilities behind this, it is inseparable from the support of the family.

After she was admitted to Peking University, her parents decided to accompany her to study in Beijing.It’s not sent!——Anly abandon the work and life of his hometown, and start again in Beijing.

Li Sisi’s first birthday to Beijing, his parents could not accompany her because of work arrangements.

Mother Li deliberately sent a big package from her home, all of which were carefully prepared for her daughter’s birthday gift.

Basic clothes, pants, shoes, and small earrings.Although that birthday was not beside him, Li Sisi was new from top to bottom from inside, all new, all of the mother’s love.

Li Sisi and mother

"If she has 100 % love, she must have devoted me to two hundred percent, and she gave me everything."

In my junior year, Li Sisi began to enter CCTV internship.At that time, she met another important person in her life -her future husband.

Speaking of them, they are also classmates, and it is rare to be their first love.

There is a good saying that excellent people will attract each other. The two people have been encouraging and encouraging each other since they fall in love with each other.

When she was in love at school, Li Sisi most moved by her boyfriend would send her back to the dormitory every time.

From her into the dormitory building to the bedroom, her boyfriend will always wait downstairs.It was not until she left after she arrived at the dormitory.

Li Sisi is a liberal arts woman, and the other party is a science and technology man. His complementary enthusiasts do not interfere with each other.After graduating from her boyfriend, she went abroad to further studies, and Li Sisi successfully became a member of CCTV.

In 2008, she hosted the 110 -year school celebration party with Sabenin, Shu Dong, Geng Yan, etc.

In the past few years, Li Sisi began to emerge in CCTV’s multiple programs, and she also had her figure at various event party.2011 gradually approached the Spring Festival Gala stage.

At that time, Li Sisi, who was only 26 years old, was young and unattractive and connotative.At the age of 26, she can stand on the Spring Festival Gala stage as the main female host.

"When the live broadcast starts, I stand there and feel like dreaming."

From 2012 to 2022 Spring Festival Gala, Li Sisi became a "old friend" who accompanied the audience across the country every year.

However, this also means that in the past ten years, she cannot eat a reunion dinner with her family on New Year’s Eve, especially her husband and child.

Many people may doubt that there are nine programs on Li Sisi, in addition to other work arrangements.How did she complete the marriage and having children in such a compact time?

"My work and life are completely split, and work life is life. Including friends, work partners and friends in life are also two waves."

In the busy work, Li Sisi and her boyfriend had a low -key marriage after six years of love.After marriage, her husband was engaged in the financial industry, and she continued to glow on the host stage.

Compared with many seniors who presided over CCTV, in order to work completely, they completely abandoned their lives and love, Li Sisi really used his own efforts to perfectly balance his career and family.

However, because of her confidentiality of her family, the outside world has also begun to emerge since the news of the marriage: Li Sisi’s husband is a rumor like a rich man …

"The rumor stops at the wise. I can’t explain it with everyone. Everyone has a different me in the eyes of everyone.

In 2014, Li Sisi and her husband ushered in their little baby- "Yuanbao", a very cute son.The arrival of the newborn brings joy to a family.

But for Li Sisi, no matter whether it is studying or exam -to -work from a young age, there is no "novice mother" identity that can’t be caught off guard.

After the eldest son was born, Li Sisi has not realized that he is already a mother.

The parents of both sides also had husbands, and they all turned around the baby. She was even a little jealous and uncomfortable.

It wasn’t until her son’s three months that she really reacted.But the hard work of raising her children made her struggling.

At that time, everyone pays attention to pure breastfeeding. Li Sisi’s breast milk is not enough. The son is uncomfortable to eat, and it will affect the amount of milk.The vicious circle caused her to depressed after a while.

When all the problems are settled, Li Sisi must return to the work again, and every time he leaves his son’s closing at the door of the elevator, he will cry.She didn’t listen to it.

When Yuanbao was almost two years old, Li Sisi was pregnant with a second child again.

As the saying goes, the first child should be raised as a book, and the second child is a pig.With the experience of the first child, Huai Erbao and even the latter lactation have successfully succeeded.

Of course, in addition to preparing to welcome another little life, Li Sisi is most concerned about the emotions of the eldest son Yuanbao.She rationally told Yuan Bao’s brother’s existence and cultivated his big brother’s consciousness.

The name of Erbao was taken by ingot. At first, it was called "Pippi", which was the name of the character in the cartoon that ingot watched.

Later, Yuanbao felt that the name was not good, and gave his brother a new name "Jinbao".

This time, the two sons made up "Golden ingots", and a family must be happy.

However, the experience of two years of pregnancy in three years can not be ignored on Li Sisi’s physical body.About six weeks after giving birth, Li Sisi returned to work, and the second child was almost the same.

During the confinement, she had to make up for and kept her body. Before returning to work, Li Sisi lost 40 pounds before returning to work.

In addition, memory has also declined. Li Sisi said in the live broadcast, and suddenly forgot his words and desperately rescued the field.Fortunately, I found that there were no flaws when I saw the reconstruction.

In 2020, the show "Yishang China", the producer of Li Sisi, was well received.But the energy to make a show is very energetic.

The two children gradually grew up, and Li Sisi Aizi did not want to absent the child’s growth and education.

In addition, the two fertility and two cesarean section have greatly affected her body, and according to her own production of the show, Li Sisi probably wanted to turn behind the curtain.

However, some netizens broke the news that the contact information in Li Sisi ’s social account has changed to its own, so as to facilitate interviewing business cooperation.

The host of CCTV does not allow the contact information to take part in cooperation outside. From this point, Li Sisi may have left CCTV.

There are a lot of guessing, but it is certain that she still wants to balance the relationship between work and family.

She is a good host, but she must now want to be a good mother.As a mother, some choices are difficult, but they have to choose.

I wonder if this year’s Spring Festival Gala can still see Li Sisi?

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