Liao Zhai story: Women’s dreams are happy with others, and men who give birth to meatball men: I am a snake fairy

During the Ming Dynasty, there was a hundred households under the Dahei Mountain called the mountain.Because it is located in the center of the mountains, it has not been affected by too much war.Most young people in the village are still farming.

There are Ding Laohan family in the village, and the couple and a daughter show.Ding Laohan is over 50 years old, but this daughter is only 18 years old, and is talking about the age of her mother -in -law.There is only one woman in the old couple, so she wants to recruit a son -in -law and give the two pensions at the end.

Ding Laohan’s husband and wife had a son. Like the rural guys, the sunrise entered the sun, and when the farm was leisure, he hunting some small animals to change some silver, and his life was stable and calm.

When the son of the Ding family was 14 years old, he had an accident when he went up the mountain with his neighbors. It was found after three days. Fortunately, the corpse was complete and was not eaten by the beast.Ding Laohan’s husband and wife are painful and unwilling to give birth. After dealing with his son, he was thinking about going with his son.

As soon as the old couple packed the family, they took the food that the son liked it and came to the son’s grave.After the two cried, they tied a rope on the tree and wanted a family to reunite.

At this time, a large wind was scratched, and the branches of the rope were broken.The second old man held the determination of the three -mouth reunion and re -tied the rope again.How did you think that the rope was broken and the rope was broken again.

Mrs. Ding was shocked all at once, and she cried in front of her son’s grave and cried: "Son, is it you, do you not want me and your father to accompany you?"

Ding Laohan also reacted to listening to his daughter -in -law.So I had a tearful eyes: "Son, you are gone, how can I live this day with your mother? Why don’t you ask us to find you?"

The husband and wife cried silently with each other, and after a while, they saw a rabbit running in the distance. The rabbit ran fast and hit it straight towards the big tree.The husband and wife stayed, and when Ding Laohan stepped forward to check, the rabbit had long -lived.

The old Mrs. Ding turned quickly, and she saw her again and said, "My child is distressed by my father and mother, I can’t bear my father and mother, I don’t eat or drink, this is given to us!"

Ding Laohan also agreed with his wife’s statement. The two sorted out their clothes and took the rabbit with the "son" to get off the mountain.Since then, the couple have been able to pick up the hare pheasant who has just died at home or in the field every three differences.Although the days are bitter, they can still pass.

That night, Ding Laohan and his wife had a dream at the same time.My son stood not far away and said to the couple: "Daddy and mother, I am here, I can’t stay in this world. The city grandfather reads me as good as good, respects my parents, and promises me again to be your child.I am leaving first, wait for you to regenerate the child, then it is me. "

The husband and wife were crying again, and the signs were crying until dawn.

After listening to his son, the husband and wife took the meat vegetable to the son’s grave and said goodbye to the son.Ding Laohan watched the soil loosened in front of the grave, so he said to his wife, "I don’t know which bastard to move my son’s grave. If I know it, I will definitely interrupt his legs."

Ding Laohan complained that he repaired the grave. At this time, he exposed the glittering golden in the loose soil. Ding Laohan’s eyes quickly dug the soil. Obviously, this was a piece of gold.

Mrs. Ding said: "This is my son who is afraid that we are old and can’t support him. He specifically asked the city grandfather to give us us."

The two didn’t know that at this time, there was a pair of big eyes on the big trees behind the grave.

A few months after the two returned home, they slowly began to adapt to the death of their son.Not long after, Mrs. Ding was pregnant, and it was full in October. Mrs. Ding gave birth to a beautiful daughter.The two cried very much, holding the little daughter to gimmick the Land Lord and the city grandfather.

In a blink of an eye, Xiu Xiu was at the age of talking.The Ding family has the ingot of the gold ingot, which has saved money in these years, and the life is good.

On the day of Qingming, the three people of the Ding family brought drinks to eat and paper money for their son.Ding Laohan said to the grave bag: "This year, your sister is eighteen years old. My father and mother are old. We just want to find a son -in -law for your sister. Our family does not want to separate."

Mrs. Ding said: "Son, you have never come to your father and mother’s dreams since your sister was born. This time, the mother begs you to help your sister find a good husband’s house."

The three of them each said a few words, worshiped one or two and burned the paper money and went home to go home.

This time, Ding Laohan’s couple did not dream of his son, but his daughter dreamed of a handsome and tall man to speak with him.

The man said: "I have admired you for a long time, but your family has grace to me. I can’t do your home -to -door son -in -law. It is also our past life, and now it is time to break."

After the man said, he hugged Xiuxiu.

There are several good little sisters in the village. The rural girls have married early, and the younger sisters marry them back and forth.When the sister gathered in one place, she had to speak blushing and heartbeat.Xiu Xiu learned about men and women in his sisters, and also wanted to marry people as soon as possible.

This time I met a beautiful man in the dream, and Xiu Xiu blushed. When the man had further development, Xiu Xiu did not resist.As a result, the two became husband and wife in their dreams.

On the second day Xiu Xiu felt very tired after waking up, and fell asleep after eating.Mrs. Ding just did not sleep well at night and didn’t think too much.Xiu Xiu consciously ashamed of things in his dreams, and even more embarrassed to speak to his parents.It’s just fun with men every night, so happy.

After more than half a month, Xiu Xiu was drowsy during the day, and the eyebrows were faintly blue.Ding Laohan’s husband and wife have only one daughter, especially at the daughter. Mrs. Ding said to her daughter: "Xiu Xiu, what do you do in the evening without sleep, just wait for the day to sleep."

Xiu Xiu didn’t dare to bluntly talk to her mother, just lied that she dreamed of following the ability of the fairy to learn, so she couldn’t sleep well.Mrs. Ding didn’t believe it, but couldn’t ask anything, so she discussed with Lao Laohan that the old lady stayed with her daughter tonight.

The night fell, and the old lady Ding and the old man looked at her daughter with each other. As a result, her daughter dreamed overnight, and the couple had no sleep all night.After watching my daughter woke up from her sleep, she looked dizzy.The two were shocked: Is it possible to meet the elven monsters?

Just when the two did not know what was good, Xiu Xiu, who was eating, actually vomited.Ding Laohan quickly asked her daughter to vomit. Xiu Xiu said nothing, only to say that she was sleeping at night, so she fell asleep again.

Ding Laohan’s husband and wife found Lang Zhong’s soup medicine. Xiu Xiu not only did not improve for a few days. Instead, his stomach slowly bulged, and he seemed to be pregnant.

Ding Laohan’s husband and wife couldn’t sit still. They only asked Xiu Xiu why the belly became bigger, and Xiu Xiu only cried and didn’t speak.Lang Zhong shook his head and shook his head, but just said that he would ask the witch doctor to see it.

When Mrs. Ding saw everyone left, her words said to Xiu Xiu, "Xiu Xiu, you have been sleeping for more than a month, every day, what do you dream of?"

Xiu Xiu saw that he had a big stomach, and shyly said, "I came back from the elder brother’s grave that day, and I dreamed of a man. He claimed that his brother had saved him a life, and now he has come to gratitude.I have done something between husband and wife, and he said that he wants to pay a life for our family. "

After Xiu Xiu said, she blushed and her heartbeat, and she was not talking.

Mrs. Ding couldn’t, she could only wait for her husband to bring the witch doctor back to solve the problem.

It is strange to say that from the vomiting of Xiuxiu to the big stomach, it is only seven or eight days.In the days when Ding Laohan returned home, Xiu Xiu’s belly seemed to be much bigger, and from time to time, he had fetal movements.Mrs. Ding is anxious: "The daughter hasn’t married yet. If this is a strange child, how can this be good!"

Five days have passed, and Ding Lao and the witch doctor finally returned.The witch doctor touched Xiuxiu’s pulse and frowned. "This girl may be really pregnant. I have been living for the first time for the first time to live."

Ding Laohan didn’t know that he was in love, so Mrs. Ding told Xiu Xiu’s words to her husband and witch doctor.Ding Laohan said angrily: "Which fairy family did bad things!"

The witch doctor also said: "There is a cause of everything, don’t be angry first, let me talk after I ask."

It was night, and the witch doctor stayed in Xiuxiu’s house and went into Xiuxiu’s dream.After a while, I saw the man coming.

Witch doctor said: "Who are you, why do you let the girls conceive your child! Aren’t you harming this?"

The man said: "I was a snake immortal who practiced for 500 years. I was almost killed in danger a hundred years ago and was rescued by the previous life of Xiu Xiu. She lost her belly because of saving me and could never have pregnancy. I owed it.She died. "

The man said slowly and said, "I read her grace, just waiting for her to be born to a good family, I was rewarding. Unfortunately, the son of Ding Laohan’s husband and wife was killed because of saving me in the past few years!The kind and kind old couple lost their son, so they often grabbed wild chicken and rabbits for them. "

The man cried: "Coincidentally, Xiu Xiu’s previous life is about to reincarnate. I asked the city to use my own hundred -year way to give Xiu Xiu as a child, so I pretended to be their son in the dream to tell them that as long as they were pregnant again, they had to get pregnant again.There must be a child who is reincarnated. "

The witch doctor said: "Listen to you, you are not a bad guy, so why should you still show birth to a child?"

Snake Xian also said, "Only in this way can I repay Xiu Xiu’s life. This child will be born in dreams after seven days. At that time, I will take them away.I will send them back. "

After Snake Xian said, she ordered a child to give birth to a child, so she changed her body to disappear.

After waking up, the witch doctor woke up, and recounted the words of the three of them.Ding Laohan sighed for a while, thanking Snake Xian for many years.Because of her feelings with it, Xiu Xiu couldn’t help crying by hearing that Snake Xian was going to take the child.

The seventh day was fleeting. On this night, Snake Xian came to Xiu Xiumeng again. He stroked Xiu Xiu’s belly and said, "You saved me in the last life, I fell in love with you. Seeing you losing your child and crying, he was crying.I am also sad. But at that time, I was seriously injured and I couldn’t give you a dream. When I was injured, you were all on the way to reincarnation. I followed you to the reincarnation here and chose a good family for you. I am also happy to see your life happy.. It’s just that the shemales are different. I can’t get close to you. In order to report grace, I will return you a child. When you get married and get pregnant in the future, I will send him back and just ask you to raise him well. "

After speaking, Snake Xian and Xiu Xiu were crying, and they couldn’t bear.

After a while, Xiu Xiu gave birth to two meat groups. Snake Xian asked Xiu Xiu to get the name, and disappeared.

Xiu Xiu woke up from the dream. At this time, there was also empty stomach, where any children.Everything is like a dream!

Since then, Xiu Xiu never wanted to marry someone, just wanted to wait for Snake Xian to send the child back.

Ding Laohan advised: "Snake Xian said, when you get married, he will send your child back to your belly. How can you get pregnant now?"

Xiu Xiu said: "I have a month of couple with him, how can I marry someone else. When the child grows up, he will definitely come back!"

Ding Laohan’s husband and wife couldn’t persuade her daughter, so she didn’t care about her.

A few years have passed. On this night, Xiu Xiu had a dream. In the dream, I saw two young boys playing on the ground.A man came towards Xiu Xiu.

The man laughed: "Why are you not a relative? I am too tired of these two children."

Xiu Xiu only cried and didn’t speak.

The next day, Xiu Xiu and Ding Laohan packed their luggage to a new place.

Listen to the descendants again that Xiu Xiu married a good man and gave birth to several children.The family accumulates virtue to do good and has no illness.


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