Lice, do you want to have a second child?Is there a hope of fertility?

Most families hope that two children will accompany each other to grow up.But due to the policy of previous family planning, many families only gave birth to one.Now that the two children are open, most of the families of the only children are considering whether to regenerate the second; but some families have ligated, so can the wishes of the two children be realized? How can they recover their fertility?

Regarding the fallopian tube ligation of women, in fact, it is only a part of the fallopian tube removed and ligated to make the sperm and eggs unable to meet, thereby achieving the purpose of contraception.Lice has a history of more than 100 years. There are more than a hundred types of ligation methods. Although women’s ligation is a small surgery, the impact of ligation on women cannot be ignored.

If you want to have children after ligation, you can go to a regular hospital for tubal connection surgery for losing.Lice does not affect the ovarian function of women’s ovarian. Therefore, as long as the fallopian tube connection surgery is performed, it may still have the ability to have fertility.

Whether a woman can resume after ligation must consider these aspects

After all, ligation and resurgeating are a process of recovering the function of fallopian tube fertility. It is also difficult to connect on the basis of the original ligation and destroying the fallopian tube. It is really difficult to reinstate.Essence

1. Lice.Traditional ligation, backward technology, mostly use resection or shearing fallopian tubes, and the operation during the operation is easy to cause infection, and further damage the fallopian tube. It is relatively difficult to close the dredging.Small, it is easier to comply with compatibility.

2. Lice time.The longer the ligation time, the greater the damage to the fallopian tube. It is also an important evaluation indicator before re -operation.

3. Hospital of ligation.It is a community hospital or an irregular black hospital. The ligation technology is not closed, the equipment is not complete, and the equipment is incomplete. The ligation process is large -scale damage to the egg tube, causing irreplaceable.

4. Lice the degree of damage to tubal tube.If the ligation range is wide, severe edema deformation of the fallopian tube, less than 4 cm in length, or the umbrella part of the umbrella, consider abandoning the tubal ligation and re -operation.

Speaking of a case I have treated at the end of 2016, Liao*Ju is such a family. He lives in Yueyang County, and a child has a son.big.Since the two -child policy is open, Ms. Liao has been careful to grow up, but she is 37 years old and can she have successfully conceived in the past 10 years? Can she still spend it in a stable in ten months of pregnancy?What’s more?

Ms. Liao, who wants the second child to check a lot of relevant information on the Internet, is not a difficult thing to get pregnant. As long as there are healthy eggs, smooth fallopian tubes, and a good uterine environment, you will have the opportunity to get pregnant.The ligated tubes can still be solved by resumed surgery, and there are still hope for the second child.

In January 2016 low, Ms. Liao chose to come to our hospital for treatment after considering many considerations. I took a consultation for her. After passing various inspections, Ms. Liao’s fertility environment was evaluated.very huge.

Ms. Liao heard my explanation, a heart hanging, stable, and immediately decided to go through biopoppyperum in the hospital.After surgery, I was assigned Chinese and Western drug conditioning, and I was pregnant with my baby smoothly under the guidance of pregnancy.A few days ago I got a little princess, and I was happy to send me a good news in WeChat.

I can reveal from the text and thank me for me. I know that Ms. Liao has won a small cotton jacket. All medical staff in our hospital are very happy. It can help infertile families to pregnancy is also the mission of every sun.

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