Lily Tang can relieve the heat

Lily is sweet and flat, has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and coughing, and clearing the heart to nourish the yin.

In the summer, it is better to eat lily soup. The people who are particular about add lotus heart and mung beans to burn together.In the past, every summer and autumn of Changchun Food Store in Huaihai Middle Road, fresh lilies were sold on the fruit cabinet, and Lily lined up immediately.Recently, Fan Fan, the daughter of Hongquan, a great master of Yixing, sent me a large box of Yixing Lily. It took a special care. Lily is a good heat of the summer.Lotus seeds, lily osmanthus cake and other foods.

Yixing Lily, Jiangxi Longya Lily, Lanzhou Lily, is the three major lily in China.According to the "Wanzai County Chronicle", Wanzai Longya Lily Fan has been a court tribute since the Song Dynasty.It is said that when the poet of the Southern Song Dynasty Lu Youyou went to Jiangxi Wanzai Baishui, he ate the sweet and delicious lily powder brewed from the white water and Qingquan, and saw the lily of the flowers, and then made a poem: "Fang Lan takes through Zhonglin.Why do you want to grow jade? Be begging the two clusters of fragrant lilies, and the old man is still childlike. "Lanzhou lily is tender and sweet, and it is very refreshing for cold.The lilies from Jiangnan are a bit bitter. You need to tear off the transparent thin clothes in the petals, which can reduce the bitterness, but I eat lily without removing the film, keep this film, and the taste is more clear.The consumption of lily has rolling Dan, Xiaojuan Dan, Shan Dan, Tianxiang Lily, Baihua Lily, etc. Yixing Lily is mainly based on Roll Dan.Wuxi people eat lily, first taste lily in the summer solstice, and then eat lily after the summer.Some people think that lily is the fruit of lily. In fact, it is a bead bud in lily. The scientific name is qi lofty bulbs, which can also grow in the air.Lily is tightly hug because of its lofty petals and dozens of pieces, like white lotus, hence the name "lily".

Some lilies are new varieties of artificial hybrids, with red, white, yellow, yellow, golden, golden, orange, etc.There are so many Lily Flower Halls, including coral lily, perfume lily, fire lily, Mao lily, musk lily, Hubei lily, Minjiang lily, Yunnan lily, pink lily, wild lily, etc.In the holidays, the lily in the flower shop is very large, some lily flowers are strong, and the bottle period can reach one month.

My friend, Mr. Chen Baixian, a Chinese medicine expert in Shanghai, believes that lily is sweet and flat, has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and coughing, clearing the heart and nourishing yin.Good effect.Lily can be cooking, including casserole baked lily, lily fried celery, lily fried asparagus, lily fresh shrimp cake, etc.Someone in Xiangtan, Hunan, cooks fresh lily, is red and white in color, and the taste is delicious.Wang Wei, the poet of the Tang Dynasty, probably also knew that lily cooked meat could treat lacrimal vestritis. Zeng Yin said: "Search for lilies, really make heavy meat … the fruit can stop tears?The Qing Dynasty Zhao Xuekai’s "Baicao Mirror" cloud: "Lily, the white flower is medicine, the red person is Shan Dan, and the yellow flower is the night harmony.Those who can use it, take such as lotus petals, and those who have no roots and roots. "Lily entered the painting, and once saw the" Clear Plan "of Xugu, a bergamot, lily, and persimmon.Essence(Yang Zhongming)

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