Limparies are the calamities that mothers are unable to escape. It has nothing to do with anesthesia.

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If you start the topic of "confinement disease" in your mother’s group, 90%of mothers will follow, and 70%of them will think that their confinement disease will be reflected in "lumbar spine pain"!

I am actually a member of the "back pain" army!The main part of postpartum back pain is near the waist and sacroiliac joints. Like me, I feel tired and painful from the position of the waist to the tail vertebrae.

Listening to a lot of Bao mom said that sometimes they feel painful, even extending to the legs!It’s hard to imagine what kind of suffering is.

During pregnancy, many people who came here had instilled me a lot of thoughts of "confinement must sit well", so when I was confinement, I paid special attention to keeping warm and not exhausting, but I still feel back pain when I confinement!

I even thought that it was related to my anesthesia when I was born!Later, after consulting the doctor, I also checked a lot of information, so I knew it was wrong.

In fact, low back pain is basically the calamity of all postpartum mothers. It has nothing to do with hemp medicine and is not confinement. It can even be said that it has been doomed from pregnancy and buried roots.

The puncture needle used in painless delivery is particularly fine. In fact, the small needle hit the back will basically not cause muscle damage to the mother’s waist!

If you just refuse to fight pain because you are afraid of back pain, it is really not necessary!

You see, even the host Li Ai is particularly regrettable that he did not have painlessness at that time, so that when he talked about childbirth, he would take it out.Yu Huai!

My mother said to me at the time not to be painless. It was not good for my children and you. To be honest, I was so sad after listening. Why didn’t my mother think about me?As a result, it could not be painless, but it still had back pain after giving birth to a baby.My mother later figured out what was going on, and jokingly told me: Thanks to that you didn’t fight at the time, otherwise I thought you had back pain because of painlessness.

It’s really not everyone who can give birth to the baby at once!As Li Ai said, the maternal without painlessness will still have back pain.

In addition, painless pain is completely different from the back pain that feels after giving birth. Generally, it will be good for a few days, and postpartum back pain may last for several months or even years.

Whether your confinement is sitting well or not, back pain may follow, because everything is doomed from pregnancy.

1. The physiological radian of the spine is bent

In fact, after "back pain" from 6 months of pregnancy, my stomach began to grow bigger, and it had already appeared faintly!

The fetus grows growing and the belly is bulging in the middle and late pregnancy, which will cause the balance of muscles and ligaments around it to be broken, causing pain near the waist spine.

This is why doctors continue to emphasize that you have to control your weight during the check -up!In addition to avoiding huge children, pregnancy diseases, and difficulty recovery after giving birth, this is the most important reason.

If the weight is soaring, it will be even more curved on the waist spine, which will cause greater bending and even cause the lumbar disc hernlet!

2. The ligament becomes loose

During pregnancy, mothers will secrete a relaxation in their bodies to relax the joints near the pelvis, so that the pelvis is opened, so that the fetus can be born smoothly!

However, this relaxation will also make the joints of the spine easier to deform, and the burden of muscle and ligaments increases, causing waist damage.

3. More serious is the separation of rectus muscles

One of the most prepared projects that should be done after pregnancy is to repair the rectus muscles. As the muscles on both sides of the middle of the abdomen, the effect is very important. It can not only protect the abdominal organs, but also support the back of the waist and reduce the pressure on the waist.

During pregnancy, because the belly is getting larger and larger, the rectus muscles gradually grow up, and naturally the waist support will be weakened.

You can simply understand it as a rubber band. The longer the elasticity, the smaller the more elastic, the more loose.

Of course, it is also necessary to objectively speaking, back pain is really related to the bad habits during confinement, and it will aggravate the degree of pain.

During the confinement, the elderly will let Bao Ma lie down on the bed most of the time to rest and restore vitality. In fact, the best way to recover is to move in an appropriate amount.

To exercise more, the spine, ligaments, and muscles that can be changed during pregnancy can be restored. If you stay on the bed for a long time, you don’t walk around, plus incorrect breastfeeding positions and long -term hugging baby, it will make your back pain even more!

First of all, we must control the weight during pregnancy!Try to make the baby grow steadily. If the baby grows too fast, it will not only produce stretch marks, but also increase the compression of the belly to the spine, and the abdominal rectus is severe.

Be sure to strengthen the control of carbohydrates, eat more fresh vegetables, and eat less sugar!Eating less meals is a universal way.

Then there is the correction of bad posture of postpartum posture. The first thing that is the pose of correct breastfeeding, holding baby and changing diapers.

A feeding and sitting posture:

Try not to let your body sideways or lean forward, high and low shoulders, etc., will bend the spine.

The correct posture is to pad a cushion under the baby to raise the baby naturally. This will not only free your arm, but also feed and sit in a relatively positive posture to reduce low back pain.

B changing diapers:

If the baby’s bed is relatively short, the bending posture of changing diapers will increase the burden on the waist. It is recommended to prepare a high degree of diapers as much as possible, or take the baby on the bed!

C holding children:

It is recommended not to hold the baby for a long time after giving birth. Holding the baby for a long time will aggravate the pressure of the lumbar spine.

At the same time, do n’t let the center of gravity shift when holding the baby. Try to hug your children as much as possible. Use your back towels or professional waist stools and stools!

D takes heavy objects:

Remember to avoid bending, you can squat down to get heavy things first, and then get up and take away.

Of course, if you can, let your dad do these!At this stage of delivery, we are the weakest, don’t work hard.

Finally, consciously enhance the strength of the waist muscles and reasonable calcium supplementation, which can strengthen the bones.

Try to take a walk under the bed within one month after giving birth. Do not perform strenuous exercise. After that, you can improve the exercise under the guidance of professionals.

At the same time, whether it is pregnancy or after production, the matter of calcium supplementation has always been paid attention to. In addition to eating more foods with high calcium content, don’t forget to expose the sun and supplement vitamin D to promote the absorption of calcium in the body!

Finally, if you have a severe back pain, don’t get out of your heart, go to the hospital for a good examination to avoid aggravation!

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