Lin Xinru appeared as a big belly and appeared as pregnant!Wearing a black crown, my stomach can’t hide too much like a pregnant woman

Not long ago, Lin Xinru participated in the high -end jewelry exhibition. Her changes this time have been too big, especially the richness of the figure and the roundness of her belly, making her in a dress that can not be covered at all. This also makes everyone start guessing.Is she pregnant?

The cheap sense of black dress skirt

In fact, in addition to the full blessing of her figure, Lin Xinru made her debut this time looking up. The biggest embarrassment was her whole body shape. A black dress long skirt, which made Lin Xinru even wearing a gorgeous diamond crown, alsoIt still has a clear sense of cheapness in the shape of the whole body.

A proper dew can better modify the figure

In fact, for the black dress long skirt, compared to the tight style design of the package, it has some sexy long skirts to wear the whole sense of high -level and stunning, especially for girls who are blessed.In terms of, proper skin design will be more suitable.

So I believe everyone can also see the embarrassing place of Lin Xinru’s shape …

1 Type splicing increases a sense of cheapness

For dresses, tulle stitching is a very common type of fabric stitching, but if girls who are not slender enough, when wearing a tulle, try to avoid exaggerated contact with the body.The fabric really can’t wear any high -level sense, but it will also show the roundness of the body more directly.

2 The design package is too strict

In terms of style design, in order to better modify the effect of the figure, proper skin exposure will be more appropriate, especially for girls with round figures, if a black shape is too tightly wrapped on the body, but instead, it will instead.It will make the figure look a lot fatter, and the sense of cheapness of the whole body is even more obvious. Instead, it is a proper sexy design, such as low -collar, suspender, sleeveless style, and can wear a high -level sense of dress.

Two -one black wear is not thin

Dressing is thin, it is the effect that many girls want to wear most. This is why everyone prefers to wear black. In addition to the good dressing and matching, the most important point is in everyone’s impression. BlackIt’s the most thinner.

However, black still has to be combined with the silhouette of the clothes to wear a real thin effect …

Like Lin Xinru’s dress, it is a embarrassing design. A combination of black and skirts looks like the whole skirt is not perfectly combined with the figure.Although the length of the ground, although the elegance of the whole body is increased, the combination of the design of the skirt seems to be too cumbersome, without any layer of change.

Tips for thin wear

In fact, if you want to wear a thin effect, the most important thing is the highlights of the color matching and the position of the waistline.

Tip 1: Be sure to have a high waistline

The position of the waistline’s proportion of body proportion can play the most effective effect, and the prominent method of the waistline, in addition to emphasizing the position of the waist through the waist, can also be designed by the clothes itself.Highlighting the waistline. At the same time, in order to better wear the effect of the slender waistline, it is best to have a certain three -dimensional styling sense. This design will better visually achieve the effect of the slender waistline.

Tip 2: The same color system is thinner and thinner

In terms of color matching, in addition to its own sense of high -level sense, the same color matching can also wear a thin effect of body figure., Both should pay attention to the embodiment of the sense of layering.

Therefore, you can choose the shades of the same color system to match, so that you can increase the sense of change in the color through the color …

For the same color of the same color system, in order to highlight the changes in the sense of layering, it can emphasize the sense of change through the matching of the silhouette, such as the design of the waistline, and the styling sense can be increased through accessories.

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