Linyi 12 -year -old girl was pregnant with her mother’s boyfriend rape and discovered in April


Both men and women were divorced. Because they met the "temporary husband and wife" because they worked, they wanted to take care of each other. I did not expect that the so -called "stepfather" was actually a wolf wearing sheepskin, and she was pregnant and pregnant.Recently, after a public prosecution was filed by the Procuratorate of the High -tech Zone in Linyi City, Shandong Province, the People’s Court of the High -tech Zone sentenced to the first instance that the defendant Liu Moumou was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

In 2015, 44 -year -old Liu Moumou went to Lan Mountain District, Linyi, and learned about the same divorced woman Jingmou. The latter two developed into a cohabitation relationship. In order to save the cost of living, the two rented a private house.Jing Mou and his ex -husband’s daughter Ma Moumou (only 10 years old at the time) lived together with the two, and said Liu Moumou was "dad".Because Jingmou often went out to work or at night, at this time, Liu Moumou was responsible for taking care of Ma Moumou’s daily life.

One night, Jing Mou found that Liu Moumou went to the bed of his daughter Ma Moumou, and questioned whether Liu Moumou violated his daughter, but Liu Moumou denied it.Jing Mou asked Ma Moumou, and Ma Moumou showed a very scared look, begging his mother not to go to night shift.However, Jing Mou did not put these abnormalities in his heart, and still put Ma Moumou at home and went out himself.

In October 2017, aunt Ma Moumou discovered that Ma Moumou was unwell and took him to the hospital for examination. As a result, it turned out to be four months pregnant.The aunt immediately took Ma Moumou to the public security organs to report the case. The public security organs quickly filed the case and arrested Ma Moumou’s "dad" Liu Moumou. Liu Moumou confessed his criminal facts.

It turned out that since July 2017, the relationship between Liu Moumou and Jing began to become nervous.Out of the psychology of revenge, Liu Moumou used a mobile phone for Ma Moumou as a temptation, and repeatedly took advantage of the opportunity to go out to rape.And Ma Moumou was just 12 years old, and he was only afraid in his heart, and dared not tell his mother anything.

The prosecutor handling the case believes that the cause of such sexual assault cases is: "temporary couples" family relationships are unstable, and hidden dangers have been buried for criminal acts; acquaintances have committed crimes.The age is generally smaller, and the time of sexual assault for the first time or even before 12 years in advance.Here, the prosecutor handling the case reminded that the establishment of a "temporary couple" still requires a legal marriage formalities to ensure it. For children who have experienced divorce of parents, they should pay more attention and pay more attention to make them sunshine.harm.

(Original title: "" Temporary Couples "has an unstable relationship," stepfather "repeatedly rape" step -girls "to get pregnant")

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