Longyue Embers: Do I know that Su Su was pregnant?

“烬, some audiences are curious, do I know that Su Su was pregnant?According to the performance in the play, he didn’t know.

In the end, Yantai Emperor decided to go to close the same grief. Prior to this, in order to Su Su, he did not forget himself and did not forget the past and emotions with his own.It was Shengdu Yefu five hundred years ago.

He took Su Su into Prajna Floating. Su Su saw the Chun Tao in Yefu, his father and Ye Qingyu, his elder brother and grandmother were very moved.At this time, Su Su asked Yantai Embers, is there any possibility of everything?At this point, Yantai Ember cannot be turned back.

So Su Su said that she wanted to imitate mulberry wine and imitate the way of saying goodbye to mulberry wine and Ming Ye, because she also had to say goodbye to Yantai Embers, so they made up for the lack of cave houses that year.

Three days later, Yantai and Su Su married in the demon world, but the same grief was constantly taking everything in the world. Therefore, they failed to finish the honeymoon, but were busy saving the world.

Become the Emblge of the Demon God. He knows that only the true god can destroy the demon. He understands that the only way out is to make the Phoenix’s Su Su who practice ruthlessly to become a god so that he can completely eliminate the demon.

Therefore, in order to make Su Su a god as soon as possible, Yantai Ember could only use the method of persecution. In the end, Su Su became a goddess, and finally understood the intention of Yantai Emblios.

It was because of the cave house in the cave room of Yantai Ember and Su Su, Su Su was pregnant, but Yantai Embers didn’t know, because he was busy closing the same grievances later.

In addition, as for why Su Su was willing to give birth and raised his daughter, it was because Su Su also loved Yantai Ember. After she became a demon from Yantai Embers, she was still willing to marry him to see it.

In fact, I would like to say that, in addition to Master Xianmen, Yantai, Su Su is another person who has always believed that he has not changed.In the finale, there was a suspense. In the end, the Emblog of Tantai would return. Think about it. When he came back to him, he found a daughter, how much surprise it should be.

In fact, the audience is also very happy for Yantai Embers. In the case of he did not know, Su Su was pregnant and gave birth to his daughter. This was to add some sugar in his bitter life, which was a return to him to save the world.What do you think of it?I am Yuyi, follow me, and see more exciting content.

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