Look at the expectant mothers and pregnancy. Can you do these things if you are pregnant?

Well -off girls have nothing to do on Weibo

Seeing the vitality goddess in her mind posted a Weibo

The content is as follows

Sure enough, the goddess is still so vibrant.Run 5.55 kilometers in 37 minutes, and the jackets fluttered because of the wind speed of running!

However, she was pregnant. Is this suitable for running a five -month pregnant belly?Sure enough, netizens have left a message below:

Like this

But there is such a

Whether you can exercise if you are pregnant?Xiaokang sister specially integrates authoritative information to reveal the mystery for everyone.

Exercise during pregnancy will not increase the risk of premature birth

A study published in the "American Obstetrics and Gynecology Magazine" in 2016 observed whether the exercise during pregnancy was related to premature infants during pregnancy. It was found that exercise during pregnancy was safe and did not increase the risk of premature birth.

Even now, many women are still banned from performing strenuous exercise during pregnancy. It is upgraded to the key protection target with the children in the stomach. Many families are worried that the sports will increase the risk of premature birth.

However, a large number of studies have confirmed that exercise during pregnancy does not cause damage to babies, and it is good for mothers and babies. The incidence of gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy exercise is also low.

However, even some studies have confirmed that some pregnant women and their families still disagree, and some pregnant women are unwilling to exercise due to emotional factors or psychological concerns.Therefore, exercise during pregnancy should be active and different from person to person. Do not force yourself because of benefits.

Chen Danqing, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical College, said: "What we are most worried about now is that pregnant women are unwilling to move, and the weight is ‘super weight’.It is equivalent to taking 5,000 steps in our ordinary people, and there will be no bad effects. "

A Chinese residents also require an adult to take more than 6,000 steps a day, and pregnant women are no exception.6000 steps are about 3 to 4 kilometers of walking distance, that is, 30 minutes of medium -intensity exercise.

If pregnant women often run before pregnancy, if they are healthy after pregnancy, they can continue to run, and they can run until the third trimester (source: Doctor Duan Tao).

What are the benefits of exercise during pregnancy?

Excluding the impact of exercise, of course, we should pay more attention to the benefits of exercise during pregnancy.

Control diabetes

Women in pregnancy are easily entangled by diabetes. For pregnant women with gestational diabetes, pregnancy exercise is a recommended treatment for pregnancy.

Therefore, for healthy pregnant women, not only do you not limit exercise, but also proposed moderate exercise.

Prevent thrombosis

During pregnancy, blood is in a high -coordinated state. Long -term bed is easily formed to form deep venous thrombosis in the lower limbs, and even thyrolying pulmonary embolism to endanger the life of pregnant women. Moderate exercise is conducive to promoting blood circulation and reducing the risk of thrombosis.

So don’t lie down when you can stand.

Improve constipation

Due to the effect of hormone during pregnancy and an increase in uterine to hinder intestinal movement, about 1/3 of pregnant women will have to varying degrees of constipation.

But as long as you eat more dietary fiber, plus the appropriate amount of exercise, you can easily prevent or treat constipation.

These pregnancy exercises "taboos"

Is it true or false?


Do not drink sports drinks when pregnant women exercise?

This taboo is true!

During pregnancy, you may sweat and it is easy to sweat, so you need to pay attention to hydration.However, it is not recommended to drink carbonated drinks or sports drinks, because these drinks often contain a lot of sugar, which will allow you to consume too much calories, which is not conducive to weight control and physical health.

It is recommended to drink water!


Can’t abdominal training during pregnancy?

This taboo does not exist!

Professional exercise experts believe that the training of abdominal muscles during pregnancy can not only train abdominal muscles. It is best to train your core muscle group at the same time, including the muscle group on the bottom of the pot.These exercises help you maintain your health, and also help your future smooth delivery and postpartum recovery.

As for how to train abdominal muscles, core muscle groups, and pot bottom muscle groups, you can ask professional fitness coaches.


If the following situation occurs during pregnancy, it should be suspended immediately and go to the hospital for treatment:

Any physical discomfort, such as dizziness, headache, dyspnea, chest pain, muscle weakness, calf edema or pain;

Abnormal pregnancy, such as premature birth, fetal movement decrease, premature fetal membrane, and vaginal bleeding.

Although there are many benefits during pregnancy exercise

But the physical condition of each pregnant mother is different

It is recommended to consult a professional doctor

Then choose the way that suits you

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Some content sources: Southern Metropolis Daily, Medical Circle Obstetrics and Gynecology Channel, etc.

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