Looking at your circle of friends, you know that you are lacking in love

"How are you recently?"

I received this news at night, and was sent by a friend who hadn’t met for a long time.

I opened her circle of friends and saw the trivial part of life inside, but there were few happy parts.

Busy reply to her:

"Still the old, how about you?"

Unexpectedly, she chatted like opening a box, telling her luck and misfortune in the past.

She said that last year, because of some contradictions that could not be resolved, she and her husband decided to divorce.Now bringing the child alone to live alone. Although there is a raising fee sent by her ex -husband, she is not very smooth at work.

Two days ago, because offended the boss, even facing the risk of losing work.

The reason why I was looking for me is because these things have been in my heart for a long time, and I want to find someone to tell me too much.

She said that she wanted to be accompanied by personal, she wanted to have a stable job, wanted to live a stable life in the world, and wanted to end her current soldiers.

It’s really difficult.

She felt like walking in the boundless darkness. The most difficult time, no one cared about it, and even wanted to hug.

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After listening to her, my heart was not tasteful.

We were college classmates, and I have seen her optimism.I did not expect that in a few years when I entered the society, I was flattened by reality early.

I am in a similar environment, understand her difficulties, and understand her helplessness.

In fact, there are too many such people around us–

Someone walked through a long tunnel alone, and they could not see the light; some people were facing a situation where they were separated from their partners, and they were overwhelmed; some people’s work encountered a bottleneck, there was no breakthrough in, and they were all compatible.

Most of them want to tell that there is no space, and there is no place to talk about. Someone edited the uneasy in their hearts into text and wrote it in the circle of friends that could not be sent.

If you look at it too much, you understand the sufferings of the world.

I really understand that the circle of friends of adults is mostly trivial life, and fewer people on earth.

Speaking of which, I remembered Hu Jingjing in "I am pretty good in his country".

In the eyes of outsiders, she is a cheerful and generous girl, she can take care of people, and she is also very popular.

She also has three best friends in this life. Four people are working hard in Shanghai, and there will be a response on weekdays.

But no one could think that on the day of her birthday, when the sisters set the seats and set up the private room, the news that she was waiting for her jumped off the building ended her life.

Like the thunderbolt, friends who were still jumping in the last second, lying on the cold and general elimination next second.

No one accepts this reality.

Several friends sent a crazy for the reason, flipped through all the news of her past, and inquired with all her friends in the past. Then I knew that Hu Jingjing, who was so happy all day, was unhappy.

She talked about her boyfriend, but broke up in a few months.

She owed a online loan, and someone urged her to pay off her debt.

She just lost her job and did not even get a point of compensation.

She even suffered from depression, and she secretly went to see a doctor alone, and lived hard to live.

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When a friend cleared all the difficulties in her life, she discovered that it turned out that the bruises hiding behind the smile mask were her most true appearance.

Every time I think of her decisiveness to end her life, I always feel a pity.

What a cute girl she is, she is sincere and active.

She may just be in an isolated situation at a certain time.But in fact, there are too many friends who want to hug her and give her warm and loved friends.

If she is not alone when she encounters a problem, but a solution, or finding a person to talk about it, maybe the problem will be slowly resolved.

Even if you do not get a solution immediately, perhaps the mood of depression will be temporarily relieved. Perhaps you will have a different mentality in the face of the future life.

Few people in the world of adults are easy.

Sometimes, we need to learn help in lonely despair.

There is a lyrics in "Time Steal": years are a trip to go, and the good ones are all scenery.

It’s just that sometimes we pay more attention to the part of our lack.

Readers told me that she had a particularly difficult day.

Not long after the second child was pregnant, her husband was unemployed.

Worried about the economic problem at home, I still do n’t know how many times in her mind.

Later, they felt that children could come to fate, and they couldn’t bear to send them away like this, and they decided to give birth.

When I couldn’t find a job, my husband went out to fight zero, and he had worked for takeaway and drove the car.

But no one expected that when she was five months pregnant, her hometown came to the bad news that her father had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and admitted to the hospital because the disease was too sudden, the rescue was not timely, and her life was dying.

She bought the ticket to go back for the first time, but she didn’t want to be stopped by her family.

The family said that according to the custom over there, she was still pregnant and could not go to such occasions, and she missed the last side with her father.

She said that she often washed her face with tears at that time, and she even thought about induction of labor and rushed back regardless of everything, but was stopped by her family.

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That year, she was so painful that she lost her father to her. It was tantamount to losing the most important spiritual pillar in her life.

She said that she would never be loved anymore, and she said that she deeply realized what hemp rope was to take a closer look, and I was doing a bitter life.

Later, the child was born, and he was a little boy, with a bit like her father in his eyebrows.

She said that the night before giving birth, she also dreamed that her father came to see her, holding her hand, but laughed kindlyly.

She seems to be more powerful to face the next life.

A while ago, she filmed a family portrait and took to sacrifice her father during the Qingming Festival.

To him, Dabao and Xiaobao are healthy, and Xiaobao can already know Grandpa’s photos.

Tell him that her husband has found a job, and she occasionally fights zero workers, and her life is quite stable.

He also told him that he missed his dad, and I hope that Dad often comes to dream.

Today, she seems to have put down those regrets, continue to move forward, and work hard.

In fact, life is difficult to complete, and everyone’s life is more or less missing and regrettable.

But imperfect is the norm in life.

Those who regret strong life can be called the strong of life.

After the age of 100, Yang Yan wrote down a period of life:

Shang Cang will not make all happiness concentrated on someone.

Getting love may not have money, money may not be happy, happiness may not have health. If you have health, you may not have everything.

Indeed, the same is true of life. Those who seem to be smooth and smooth may have unknown difficulties. Those who seem to be rich and noble may have the troubles you don’t know.

Some people push the cup to change the two silver, some people buy drunk late at night, some people ask for marriage in front of the old door, and some people look for Guanyin to ask for a son.

The world is not easy, so it is so.

No one is smooth in this life.Not perfect is the norm, and imperfect is life.

So, how should we face in the face of the pain and misfortune of life?

Thinking of Qian Yanshu’s words:

"Take a bath, look at a flower, and eat a meal. If you feel happy, not all because the bath is clean, the flowers bloom well, or the dishes will taste it, mainly because you don’t have any hindrance."

indeed so.Although life cannot be as good as you think, it is not as bad as you think.

When you are sleepy, you may have a bite to usher in the dark flowers.

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The rest of your life is still long, I hope you can have an optimistic and generous heart when facing the unfortunate world.

May you be able to make friends and be good at each other. When you are uneasy, someone will accompany comfort.

I prefer that no matter what situation you are, some people can treat their teeth sincerely.

In life, there is no hurdle that can’t live. Sometimes in the valley, it also means that life should be improved.

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I also hope that you and my life, ask for wealth, love and love, sigh less, and more unexpected surprises.

Author: Zhou Meiyou, the mountains and rivers are scattered, and the fireworks on earth are as usual.Source: Read at 10 o’clock, 10 o’clock in the middle of the night, accompany you to read, a beautiful life.

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