Looking for the mysterious pigs in Shanghai, if you want to see it, you must first go through the three levels and take a bath four times.

On February 6, Xinmin Evening Newspaper published the article "50 heads → 5000 heads of Chongming Black Mosque", which aroused enthusiastic attention from citizens.

Historically, there are "four famous pigs" in Shanghai, namely: Jiading Meishan Pig, Chongming Shawutou Pig, Jinshan Fengyu Pig, Pudong White Pig.These local pigs have a good taste and taste. They used to be the meat "main dish" on the table of Shanghai citizens.Unfortunately, for various reasons, these four local pigs have almost disappeared in recent years, and their childhood tastes are no longer available.Are the "four famous pigs" in Shanghai?What is their conservation?Can Shanghai people come here in the future?Xinmin Evening News reporters went to the field survey in the suburbs of Shanghai and interviews from various parties. From this time, the "Survey of the Four Famous Pigs’ in Shanghai" is launched. The first part focuses on the maple pigs.

Speaking of Fengjing pigs, you may not know, but when you talk about Fengjing Dingxiao, there is almost no one in Shanghai.The two international gold awards in the history of Fengjing Dingxiao, the raw materials used are maple pigs. It can be said that the maple pigs have made the name of Fengjing Dingxiao.In 1980, there were 124,800 pork breeding pigs. Today, Maple Pigs only have more than 300 production pigs in Jinshan.It is even harder to see them really more than seeing the stars.

24 -hour isolation "quarantine"

Lian Chuang three levels take a bath four times

At 10 am on February 18th, the reporter came to the first -level isolation point set in Songjiang.After entering the door, sprayed for 30 seconds, and this was just the beginning.

Subsequently, the staff sampled our ears, nose, clothing, objects, and mobile phones for inspection, and disinfected all portable items.We were asked to take a bath for 15 minutes and put on the pig farm work clothes from the inside out.

After waiting for 4 hours in place, we were told that the results of the animal epidemic detection were negative and we could go to the field isolation point 24 kilometers away.

On the way to the isolation point, Liu Hajun, a special car driver, said: "When the African swine fever was outbreak before, a pig farm was transported to the dead pig for a week, and the breeder wiped his tears."

The isolation point in the field is actually the gatekeeper of Shanghai Xinnong Technology Co., Ltd. Jinshan Pavilion Forest Fengjing Pig Pork Farm.The second sampling inspection, bathing dressing.All the perceptions are fumigated with ozone for 2 hours before returning to our hands."It’s not easy to enter the pig farm! I have been here for several years, and I have never seen Fengjing pigs. I know the pig is slow!" Master Mengang Zhou Jilong said with a smile.

There is a guest room where the gecko is out of the gatekeeper one night, and gets up early to receive the second laboratory test report, negative.But the legendary maple pigs in the "face" are still going through the third level.

After eating breakfast, the reporter bathed his clothes again, and was finally allowed to cross the iron door between the gatekeeper and the inside of the pig farm.Before entering the pig farm production area, I saw a bathroom. After taking a bath, I finally "successfully broke the level."At this time, it was 10 am on the 19th.

The "quarantine" of these 24 hours is the fastest time after the anxiety.Yang Xulong, the director of the pig farm, said: "This is not a small problem. Once the African swine fever is dyed, the pigs will be covered with the whole army. We must be careful and be careful." Employees from outside the pig farm generally be separated for two days for two days.EssenceFirst reach the first -level isolation point, then to the secondary isolation point, and then be sent to the field isolation point for 48 hours.Employees living in the pig farm living area have to take a shower 4 times a day, go in twice, and come out twice.The employees here enter the factory, and it is often a few months.Those who are far away from their homes go back once or twice a year.Yang Xulong is from Nantong, Jiangsu. He goes back every two months, and his wife and children are in the old home.

"Pig Sheng" arranges well

Sowing to enjoy special service service

Under the leadership of Yang Xulong, the reporter visited every "pig node" of Fengjing Pig.

The production of Fengjing pigs is mainly divided into five areas, namely boar houses, sow pregnancy houses, delivery rooms, conservation houses and fattening houses.

The male maple pigs of the pigs are strong and lively, and the black -purple hair stands.As soon as he saw the breeder, he rushed towards the iron fence, and the huge pink pork nose was stuck in the railings.28 carefully selected boars, daily "work" is to pick up and breed.The semen will be preserved by the constant temperature, and then the sow is artificially fertilized.The smart boar "do a dojo in the snail shell", eating, sleeping, excretion, and separation of wet and wetting. The staff said that "three points of positioning".In the compartment of the pregnancy house, the sows should be much more quiet.They just experienced artificially breeding.Each pig’s ID card indicates the time and source of conception.

About 114 days after pregnancy, the day when the pig was born.Pig mothers will be led to the production room to produce.The sow is concentrated and concentrated. When the reporter visited, it was the peak of production.The breeder Zhang Xiaoyan set up a folding bed in the pig house, and was waiting for the sow day and night.When encountering difficulty in giving birth, the breeder needs to give birth artificially.

In the delivery room, a nest was born in the morning.After 24 days, these piglets would be taken away from sows into the conservation house and finally entered the fattening house.After growing, most pigs will be slaughtered and sold, and only a few will be selected as breeding pigs.

According to Yang Xulong, compared with the white pigs, the growth rate is slow, happy, and afraid of cold.If you get sick, it will be easy to fall off and recover slowly.Therefore, it takes more time and energy to cultivate maple pigs.As the main force of the sundial pig, the New Nong pig farm has been preserving tasks from mid -2021.The 48 sows and 12 boars were initially introduced. In less than two years, they have expanded to 164 sows, 16 sows produced boars, and 17 sows and 27 boars.

Old experts miss

"Maple Pig cannot be poured"

To say that people who have the deepest relationship with Fengjing pig must be an 86 -year -old old expert Yang Shaofeng.He dedicated his life to Fengjing Pig’s life and witnessed the prosperity and decline of the maple pig.

Last week, the reporter interviewed Yang Lao at the Jinshan District Animal Epidemic Control Center.Although hearing hearing disorders and Parkinson’s disease, when talking about Maple pigs, Yang Lao was endless.After many years, his details of the maple pigs are like a few family treasures: "Maple pigs are the highest -yielding pig in the world. I have seen a 33 maple pigs with my own eyes, and the highest record is 42.For three categories, sliding tip type, Weng head, and life type. There are 8 pairs of nipples, like wine cups, too delicate! "

Fengjing is the hometown of fish and rice, which has developed transportation since ancient times.The prosperity of Fengjing Pig stems from a mild climate and developed socio -economic foundation.Yang Shaofeng recalled that in the 1970s and 1980s, when he worked at Jinshan County Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station, the largest pig trading market in East China was in Fengjing, and Maple Pig was a very sought -after variety.At that time, there was a pig farm in each township of Jinshan, and the maple pigs were raised.

In 1980, Fengjing pig breeding pigs reached 124,800 heads.However, with the large number of foreign lean pork species introduced, the famous maple pigs suddenly fell in the mid -1990s.Yang Lao couldn’t accept it: "What a good variety, it’s dying. If it is really gone, we are criminals in the animal husbandry, sorry for our ancestors!"

The maple pigs are almost extinct. Yang Shaofeng believes that there are two main reasons: one is that the system changes, and the pigs who raised pigs will no longer be responsible after the public and private support; the second is the market change.Willing to raise pigs.

"Maple pigs must be developed, and Fengjing pigs cannot be poured!" Yang Shaofeng said firmly, "I hope that people of insight will develop maple pigs as an excellent local variety.The needs of high -quality pork. "

Plant pig breeding a wave of twists and turns

Add gene "static preservation"

Lu Chunguang, director of the Jinshan Animal Epidemic Control Center, said, "Maple Pig is a giant panda in Taihu pigs."

After the "Speed" breeding became the mainstream of the industry, local pig species were compressed in large quantities, including maple pigs.By the end of 2002, there were only 4 family departments, 79 sows and 7 boars in Jinshan District.After some efforts, by 2017, the number of core groups of Fengjing pigs increased to 6 family departments. A total of 120 sows and 18 pigs were produced.Small.

Related companies have also carried out small -scale branding development of Fengjing Pig, but they could not be shocked by African swine fever.

"The protection and development and utilization of Fengjing Pig is a very complicated job, and it is impossible to wait." Sun Zhipeng, Chief of the Aquaculture Section of the Jinshan District Agricultural and Rural Commission, said that in recent years, due to various factors, the industrial development space has been affected and the industrial development space.Increasingly, we must find a "good family" for Fengjing Pig through policy support.In 2021, with the addition of new agricultural companies with stronger strength, the development of Fengjing Pig has ignited new hope.

"The source of the species is equivalent to the chip in agriculture. It cannot be stuck around the neck." Sun Zhipeng said that Jinshan set up "dual insurance" for Fengjing pig breeding, exploring the establishment of "Maple Pig" species and sharing mechanism.In addition to the living body of the maple pigs, the pig farm also cooperates with the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences to use the genetic static preservation work with genetic materials such as the ear cells, semen, and embryos of the maple pigs.However, the current support for support is still limited, mainly due to the two levels of urban areas, and relevant units are actively striving for financial support at other levels.

Looking forward to the black pig’s hoofs full of Shanghai fluttering fragrance

Fengjing pig welcoming marketization test

Maple pork skin is thin and tender, rich in oil, taste Q elastic teeth, full of aroma.When can the delicious maple pigs move from the preservation stage to the scale and embark on the people’s dining table?The reporter interviewed Lin Xing, the general manager of Shanghai Ding Yixing Food Co., Ltd., the old man of Shanghai, and Yang Ruisheng, chairman of Xinnong Company.

Lin Xing admits that because of the problem of cost and raw materials, the maple pigs are not used in Fengjing hoof.However, the company is designing a high -end product called "Ding Yixing Black Pork Ding Hog". The raw materials use the maple pig.Lin Xing hopes to use this to revitalize the old name. "We even designed products and packaging, and participated in the selection of Shanghai Settlement Gifts in 2022."

Yang Ruisheng introduced that Xinnong Company can be able to columns 2,000 of the Fengjing pigs this year, and will reach 5,000 heads in 2024. In 2025, 10,000 heads are expected to be out. Fengjing pigs are expected to return to the citizen dining table.Last year, Xinnong Company registered the new brand "Shanghai Manxiang", which means that the meat fragrance of Fengyu pigs is full of Shanghai.Yang Ruisheng said that new farmers are willing to contribute to the species of maple pigs. They also firmly believe that Fengxian pigs will have broad business prospects in the future.Breeding and breeding and disease purification are the strengths of new farmers, but subsequent marketization requires a lot of energy."Anyway, only a new way can only be made only if you keep going forward."

Author: Tu Yu, intern Chen Jiahua (Xinmin Evening News · Xinmin Eye Studio)

Photo: Tu Yu, intern Chen Jiahua, Zhou Xin, and the interviewees confessed the picture

Source: Xinmin Evening News

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