Love first after pregnancy?Gao Ye Wang Xiao is Taiyou!

Recently, Bai Baihe’s new work "Our Marriage" has become a drama of many people.

The protagonist’s drama did not set off too much water. Huo Liankai (Wang Xiao) and Li Xiaotian (Takaya), the CP, became the driving force for many people to chase the drama.

Sure enough, the male lead and the heroine are good at the director, and the two men and women are left to the audience.

Haiyan has a saying. The idea is that he will not write the love of older men and women.

It means that the love of older men and women is not very beautiful, no longer simple, no longer pure, and the relationship is more calm and mature, full of calculations and weighing.

Is this really true?

Li Xiaotian and Huo Liankai’s CP, one advertised "men’s useless theory" and one is a non -maritalist, maintaining a cautious attitude towards marriage.

However, after the two people had further contact, they broke their own principles and started a ridiculous relationship.

In fact, everything cannot escape the law of real incense.

The two older single men and women are really a great love tutorial.

■ 02

Li Xiaotian and Huo Liankai’s CP are the funny burdens in the play, which is a bit happy.

Li Xiaotian was simply single because he had never encountered his soul partner.

In a person’s life, she also lives very well. She will carefully make food for herself. She will relax through painting and plant various spices such as mint in the house.

The influence on Li Xiaotian has little influence, but the impact on her mother is relatively great.

Li Xiaotian’s mother hurried to this matter and ran to a blind date every day.But Li Xiaotian was unwilling to be, and he was not interested in his mother’s man.

She said to her friend Shen Huixing:

"Men are not useful for me. The money I earn can’t finish it. I will cook myself. I can take care of myself well. I have their own hobbies. I don’t know how happy a person is free.

Find a man, I have to take care of him, what am I picture?"

Huo Liankai is a firm non -marriedist. He feels that marriage is not fair for men.

To buy a house and a car, get a lot of gifts, and make money to support the family, the risk is too great, it is simply a gambling.

Coupled with the wolf life of the chicken flying and dog jumping after getting married, he didn’t even have any thoughts about getting married.

Li Xiaotian and Huo Liankai intersect because of work.

Huo Liankai is the investment manager of the long cloud shirt, and Li Xiaotian is the head of the risk control department.

Huo Liankai submitted dozens of projects, and as a result, Li Xiaotian was returned.

Huo Liankai was rushing to find Li Xiaotian theory, but was grabbed by a meal, and the two became deadly opponents.

But the more rigid the relationship is, the less it is good for work. Huo Liankai decided to change his mind and get close to Li Xiaotian to do a good relationship.

Occasionally, Huo Liankai went to Li Xiaotian’s house.

The potted plants in Li Xiaotian’s family, as well as the cooking and painting she showed, made Huo Liankai subvert her understanding.

Li Xiaotian, who seemed to be indifferent and arrogant at work, was a person with interest in life and warmth in private.

In the clean and elegant house of Li Xiaotian, after eating the mushroom soup and lamb chops she made, Huo Liankai suddenly fell.

Huo Liankai pulled Li Xiaotian’s self -defense shell with the right degree and humor, and Li Xiaotian also had a good opinion of Huo Liankai.

She found that Huo Liankai was a bit confused, and her mouth was cheap, but people seemed to be pretty good. They were full of enthusiasm for work, sincere and carefulness, seeing profoundly, and a little humorous.

Unconsciously, the ambiguous feelings between the two began to skyrocket.

This is the feeling of adults. There is no unrealistic fantasy, there is no instant passion, but it is more frank and more rational.

You can reveal your true self, and you can encourage each other.

After going closer and closer, even the two of them drank and chatted, showing each other.

Li Xiaotian said that he did not compromise with marriage and had his own confusion.Huo Liankai proposed to him directly holding mint.But after the wine woke up, the two felt embarrassed.

They collided in misunderstandings and were attracted by each other in each other. It seemed surprising, but also expected.

Li Xiaotian has a sense of stable order. She has stable daily life, stable hobbies, and stable values.

The disturbance of the outside world has nothing to do with her, and her mother’s marriage will not disrupt her rhythm.

Huo Liankai Gui hid an interesting soul under the frank and true, careless appearance.Moreover, his jumping happened to neutralize the "stuffy" in Li Xiaotian’s character.

The two are inconsistent, but the kernel is consistent.They are all bright and personalized people. Although they are single, they are well organized by work and life.

Two mature people, their feelings for their lives are icing on the cake.

There is a saying that before meeting mature love, we must be the complete ourselves.

When he was single, he completed his independent personality and independence. He learned self -acceptance and self -undertaking. He knew how to create a little luck for himself. Only when TA knew what kind of feelings he needed, he also had more effort to operate a good relationship.

It’s not that life will be interesting.Instead, two independent individuals with souls are together, so that the rich and interesting of the day’s operation.

Learn to fulfill yourself first, and life will become all of you.

■ 03

An unexpected pregnancy broke the ambiguous state between the two.

Li Xiaotian found that she was pregnant unexpectedly, but apparently she was not ready.

The doctor persuaded Li Xiaotian that he was not young and the first child.

However, when Huo Liankai said that having a child is too terrible, he wants to raise him, for him to go to school, and get married for him, buy a house for him, and where can there be a little free and happy?

Li Xiaotian’s pushes and dilemma were full of panic.

The paper could not help the fire. Li Xiaotian’s B -ultrasound was accidentally obtained by the assistant to the conference room.

For a while, Li Xiaotian became the center of the company’s gossip, and everyone was guess who her child’s father was.

At this moment, Huo Liankai couldn’t sit still.

He sometimes thinks that Li Xiaotian is the person he wants to be most in the second half of his life. With Li Xiaotian, he will have a very warm and determined feeling.

But to say that he was married, he felt that he was not ready, and he felt too surprised.

After thinking carefully, he still proposed to Li Xiaotian, and said the following:

"I want children, mainly because I want you."

"Marriage is not so terrible. Even if you have been in love, you will have problems after a long time.

When Huo Liankai hesitated, many people were disdainful to him, and Shengjiangchuan even scolded him as a scumbag.

But in fact, a person faces his heart frankly, gives himself a period of time, fully consider the advantages and disadvantages of a choice, and then make a choice.This is a truly mature adult who should have a cautious attitude in the face of major choices.

After calm thinking, and full psychological construction, a talent can be more available to deal with various new problems that are about to face.

Huo Liankai was finally prepared to welcome a new life. Li Xiaotian also found a lover with similar interests. The two entered the fight side by side to fight side by side, refunded partnership for parenting, and did not lose.

In such a fast time, the two accepted their new roles, probably because love would bring courage.

They are too sober, and they have seen through the penetration of human nature and the difficulties of marriage.But after encountering the opponent, he still took the courage to change his principles, and willingly changed the relationship.

This is the most precious promise than the fluttering "I love you": I know that marriage is difficult, but for you, I am willing to work hard to be a qualified lover.

■ 04

Why do many people still be single when they get age, do they think marriage is not important?On the contrary, they think marriage is important.

Because it is important, it cannot be easily.

The significance of single is to operate yourself well, take responsibility for yourself, and create happiness for yourself.The meaning of feelings is to accompany each other, comfort each other, and share the pressure of life together.

In the "Adult World Defense Meeting", there is a very realistic question: It’s more than 30, must you get married?

Li Xueqin’s answer is funny and humorous, but deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

She said that it is normal to not get married at the age of 30. After 30 years of age, she feels that she must get married immediately. It is strange that they can get married.

Marriage is a very important thing, not the number of 30 -year -old can be easily determined.

Marriage is like during the exam. When you encounter a geometric question, you can scratch your ears and scratch your cheeks. You can’t write. "This question expresses the feelings of hometown A."

With a moment of enthusiasm, I got married. When the day of enthusiasm retired, the conflict that should have occurred, and the realistic problems that should be faced could not be avoided. I bought it for my impulse, only myself.

A divorce lawyer on the Internet said: "In a large number of failed marriages in my contact, the reason for the divorce of more than 40%is that when I get old, I get married in order to complete the task.

Those who are not easy to have children are the most suitable for parents; those who maintain a cautious attitude towards marriage are often the most suitable for marriage.

Because they are too clear to get married and have children, they need to pay for the huge costs, and they need to face various problems.

They do not get married easily, do not easily have children, are responsible for their lives, and they are also responsible for the next generation.

After all, good feelings are the mutual support of the two strong men, not the internal consumption of the two weak people.

Andrei Jide has a saying: I live in a wonderful waiting, waiting for any future of me.

Management is good now, not to worry about the future, and people who meet are destined to meet.

A person who is enough to be self -consistent can gain happiness, whether single or getting married.


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