Low progesterone during pregnancy

Understand, progesterone is a hormone that plays a very important role in pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers’ progesterone will be shown as low, so what is the matter of low progesterone, what harm is it for pregnancy and how should it be treated?

Low progesterone

Mogoone, that is, progesterone, is a natural hormone in women’s body.Before pregnancy, this hormone was secreted by the ovaries, but its secretion was low.After pregnancy, this hormone is produced by the ovaries first, and about the 8th week, it will be produced by the placenta.

Magnomone is of great significance to the smooth progress of pregnancy, but sometimes the level of progesterone will be too low, which will affect pregnancy. Generally speaking, there are roughly the following reasons.

1. Ovarian luteal dysplasia, which will directly lead to insufficient secretion of progesterone, which is the main cause of low progesterone.

2. Endocrine secretion disorders.This is one of the most common reasons.

3. Disease cause.Some diseases can cause luteum functional insufficiency, or insufficient secretion.Clinically, common diseases are adrenal and thyroid dysfunction.In addition, if the body appears insulin resistance, it will cause too low progesterone.

4. While long -term intake of a large amount of sugar, lack of sufficient nutritional intake.

5. Lack of exercise, long -term pressure.

6. The endocrine of the luteum is abnormal.

Development of follicles.

Symptoms of low progesterone

For symptoms of low progesterone, different patients may have different symptoms, but in general, there are the following points:

1. Infertility.This is the most important symptom of progesterone, and generally appears more on women who are not pregnant.

2. Insufficient thyroid dysfunction, sometimes there are depression, and sometimes frightened.

3. The menstrual cycle before pregnancy is irregular, and the menstrual blood is a bit condensed.

4. Breast pain and discomfort, fiber cystic breasts occur.

5. The weight increases significantly, and there is a phenomenon of hypoglycemia.

6. Dry vaginal.

What will happen to progesterone

Before pregnancy, there must be sufficient progesterone in the body to get pregnant smoothly.

During pregnancy, progesterone is an indispensable role in normal pregnancy.Its role is:

1. Inhibit the strong contraction of the uterus of pregnant women and ensure the safety of the fetus in the abdomen.

2. Maintain the placenta function, strengthen the wall of pregnant women to prepare for delivery, and relax certain ligaments and muscles in pregnant women.

3. Stimulate the development of the breast guidance system and prepare for the milk secretion of pregnant women’s breasts.

As a result, if women’s body is low, it will lead to infertility. Even if you are pregnant, too low progesterone is not conducive to preservation, and in severe cases, it will cause miscarriage.

Low progesterone how to do

Since progesterone is low, it is necessary to improve progesterone in a targeted.

Under normal circumstances, can progesterone can be supplemented by taking pills, using polish, vaginal gel agents or injection methods.Low progesterone in different situations should be treated with different methods, so you should follow the doctor’s guidance during treatment.

What to eat at low progesterone

1. Diet therapy

Maganone that exists in food is the most natural and simplest and safest.However, it should be noted that the progesterone content in food is very low. If the progesterone in the body is serious, other methods should be used at the same time.

Foods rich in progesterone are mainly

a) Soybean (soybeans), pueraria, yam, sweet potatoes

b) Fresh fruit.Such as kiwi, strawberries, grapefruit and other fruits can supplement vitamin C and vitamin E, which can help progesterone to reach normal levels.

During dietary therapy, you can eat some fruits rich in pectin -rich and dietary fiber, which will not cause great fluctuations in blood sugar.

2. Drug treatment

There are two types of drug treatment: oral and injection, but no matter which one, it must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Chinese medicine can be eaten with low progesterone and angelica.Common western medicines include split ketone tablets, Zuo Nuo Peridone tablets, and daefantone musch tablets.

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