Luteal self -confession book

My name is luteal, and the majority of women must be unfamiliar and familiar to me.In gynecology, irregular menstruation, infertility, and habitual miscarriage, I may mix up in any incident.Largeon, luteal phase, menstrual luteal, pregnancy luteal … Are all all they are like thunderous ears, but they do n’t know what to do?So please listen to me slowly.

I do not exist at a woman’s body at any time. Only after adolescence can I appear and grow with women.

Near adolescence, the foundation of the foundation has begun to develop. Since then, only about 1 to 2 egg cells can be mature every month.After mature, the follicular membrane is ruptured, like a fish spit foam, and the egg cells slowly discharge.At this time, the cracked mouth of the follicles was closed by fibrin. At this time, the cavity was full of coagulation clots caused by the rupture of the follicular membrane blood vessels.

The granulocytes and follicular membrane cells outside the egg cells gradually invaded in the blood, and yellow granular lipids appeared inside their cells. The former mainly secreted progesterone, and the latter mainly secreted estrogen.At this time, I "occupied" the follicles completely, and truly appeared into "luteal".

My birth is so complicated, but my survival time is not long.7 to 9 days after ovulation, my development reached its peak, reaching 1 to 3 cm in diameter, and the secreted progesterone and estrogen have been nourishing the endometrium, making the endometrium "thick and soft", which is conducive to fertilized eggs in bedEssenceIf there is no signs of the "prince" when there is no egg within 9 days, I will gradually shrink, and the secretion hormone gradually decreases. The endometrium and blood vessels are less supportive of estrogen and progesterone.Replaced by connective tissues, called white body.If the eggs and sperm can meet each other during this period, the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) secreted by the fertilized eggs can provide me with sufficient nutrition and make me a pregnancy luteal.Revisit.

In the mature stage, I only have soybeans, but once injured, the problem will be small.No, at the night of the cave house, the young couple had just been affectionate, and the husband said that let’s try the "back -shaped needle".I secretly screamed, and I couldn’t help myself.Sure enough, after sexual life, his wife kept shouting with her stomach, thinking that it was appendicitis, and rushed to the hospital for examination, but the doctor announced that the culprit was me, and I was aggrieved in my heart.

About a week after ovulation, my body was full of capillary, which was easy to break and bleed at this time.One is to automatically rupture, and there will be a small amount of bleeding under normal circumstances. If there is psychological and mental stress, the amount of bleeding can increase.The second is found in the effect of external forces. Any situation that causes increased pressure in the abdominal cavity, such as impact, strenuous exercise, coughing, or stools, may break me.In sexual life, women’s reproductive organs are significantly congested. When orgasm, muscles often causing an involuntary contraction that causes the tension in my body to increase. In addition, men do not know how to pity the incense, or in a bad posture. I often break and bleed because my body is weak.

Once I have ruptured bleeding, the situation is mild, only faint abdominal pain, or even no feeling at all. The ruptured capillaries can be healed automatically without leaving any sequelae.If my cracks are large, it will cause the parties to bleed more.No, a young girl was lifted in the emergency room, with cold sweat, pale complexion, and cold hands and feet. The doctor’s abdominal pest was punctured.

Here, I want to appeal loudly that one week before menstruation, I was fragile and ruptured.If you have severe abdominal pain after severe exercise or sexual life at this time, please go to the obstetrics and gynecologist as soon as possible.

Because I can secrete progestin and estrogen, I have a close relationship with irregular menstruation and female infertility and habitual abortion.If I have poor development, the ability to secrete progestin is insufficient, and the endometrium is difficult to produce normal changes. The menstrual cycle is shortened. Menstruation is advanced in advance. Ferfered eggs are difficult to bed. Women are not easy to conceive.It is inevitable; or I have developed too well, and it does not shrink for a long time. In this way, the endometrium that should be shed is not "clean", the menstrual cycle is extended, and the amount of bleeding increases.These changes, doctors often say that luteum functional incompleteness is also one of the four main causes of female infertility.

Of course, I do n’t just know that it is troublesome. At the beginning of the 20th century, people have found that pregnancy luteal continues to secrete progestin and estrogen before 10 weeks of pregnancy. On the one hand, it is guaranteed to go smoothly for pregnancy. In addition, ovulation can be prevented.Drugs are synthesis of progesterone and estrogen, and it is not invented by my inspiration.

Although I am deeply hidden in the ovaries and silently regulate the women’s things, it is still easy to track and investigate whether I am in the wind.The easiest way to directly detect the basic body temperature. From the change of body temperature, you can initially determine whether I have a problem.

Basic body temperature and temperature center regulation, and my function is proportional to the regulation effect of stimulating the temperature of the body temperature, so the body temperature can directly reflect my function.Under normal circumstances, the basic body temperature of the menstrual cycle is "low and high".In the ovulation period of menstruation, the basal body temperature is relatively low. Generally, it fluctuates between 36.2 and 36.4 ° C. After the luteal production (after ovulation), the body temperature suddenly rises and it is maintained at 36.9 to 37.1 ° C. Only when the tide of menstruation is approaching, the tide of menstruation gradually decreases.EssenceThe method for measuring the basal body temperature is not complicated. After waking up every morning, the body temperature composition is not less than 5 minutes, and then the measured body temperature is recorded on the measurement table, and the line signs.

Temperature), this is abnormal and also belongs to functional incompleteness.

In addition, the method of exploration of my problem also includes the detection of blood levels of blood. Generally, the progesterone index (progesterone level) is an important indicator.Under normal circumstances, after ovulation ovulation, the level of blood progesterone reaches the peak from 7 to 8 days after ovulation, and then drops 3 to 5 days before menstruation. As a result, it is greater than 5 ng/ml.

If you want to know whether the fetus is safe in the mother’s body, this indicator can also be used.The level of blood progesterone during early pregnancy is high and relatively stable. If about 25 ng/ml can exclude ectopic pregnancy, it is prompted to be good in pregnancy. If it is less than 5 ng/ml, it often means that the embryo has died.When expectant mothers have symptoms of threatened abortion, B -ultrasound can be performed first. If the pregnancy sac is prompted to be normal and vaginal bleeding, the progesterone level is low (less than 10 ng/ml), which can supplement the exogenous progesterone, that is,Lbality ketone tire protection treatment.The actual dose is determined according to the specific detection level.

Early pregnancy (within the first three months of pregnancy) is a period of high miscarriage. If there is a history of habitual miscarriage, under the advice of doctors, tire protection can be treated for three months to ensure that the fetus is "rooted" safely in the uterus.In addition, because the choric membrane promotes gonad hormone can fully nutrition, in addition to lutenone, doctors often use it to cooperate with tire protection.”女 女”

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