Makeup, hot hair, nails … Can you still do these things when you are pregnant?

Every expectant mother has a beauty of beauty, but the people around them may persuade "I am pregnant now. For the baby’s health, you can’t apply it on your face.Essence

I believe everyone has a lot of questions: Can I care skin care, makeup, hot hair, nails, and perfumes and essential oils if they are pregnant?After pregnancy, the level of human hormone changes will have a lot of impact on the skin. The skin becomes black, acne, melasma, stretch marks and other problems, so expectant mothers should pay more attention to skin care.

The primary work of expectant mothers during pregnancy is moisturizing. Try to choose components with high safety factor, such as Vaselin, wool fat, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Products with these ingredients can use it with confidence.

As for products with anti -wrinkle and acne, expectant mothers should not use it.Because anti -wrinkle skin care products mostly contain vitamin A acid, most of the acne products contain salicylic acid, these ingredients may have adverse effects on the baby’s baby, it is best not to use it.

Some expectant mothers will use baby cream during pregnancy, which is also a good choice.Baby cream is generally safer, but the absorption effect varies from person to person.

Improve acne and skin greasy

Due to changes in hormone levels and poor sleep during pregnancy, many expectant mothers are prone to acne and greasy skin. Although they can naturally improve after giving birth, of course, the fairy hopes that the entire pregnancy is also beautiful.What: Reasonable diet: eat less high sugar, high fat and irritating foods, such as cakes, milk tea, fried, spicy foods.Ensure 300-500g of vegetables daily, 200-400g of fruits, and drink 1500 to 1700ml of water.Pay attention to living habits: Don’t stay up late, and don’t touch your computer or mobile phone for a long time, which will also promote skin oil.Skin care products are selected: facial cleanser with weak alkali and moisturizing factors can be used to help remove the oil points of the face. At the same time, it must be hydrated and moisturized to maintain the skin’s water and oil balance.Use drugs with caution: Do not use medication during pregnancy, and try not to use ointment after acne, but if the acne is serious, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Do a good sun

During pregnancy, it is more likely to have problems such as darker skin and chloasma because of changes in the body. At this time, pay more attention to sun protection than usual.

Can I make up during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, you can still make up. As long as you choose regular brands, choose the right ingredients, and make makeup removal at night, the impact on mother and fetal baby is relatively small.

Choose a regular brand cosmetics

Specific mothers pay attention to choosing cosmetics of regular brands and channels. The quality of regular cosmetics is more secure. Generally, regular cosmetics will indicate that pregnant women are not suitable for pregnant women to use it with caution or disability.And now some brands have cosmetics that can be used for pregnant women during pregnancy, and mothers can buy such products.

Pay attention to the right ingredient

When choosing cosmetics, expectant mothers should also pay attention to ingredients to avoid some components that are not recommended during pregnancy.

When selecting foundation such as foundation liquid and concealer, avoid the ingredients to contain "for" hydroxythezolate, vitamin A acid ", these ingredients may have adverse effects on the baby, try not to use it.

Many expectant mothers are worried that "lipstick contains lead and will be eaten into the stomach." The survey results released by the FDA of the Food and Drug Administration FDA showed that using lipstick according to routine, the lead will not harm human health.Therefore, regular lipsticks can be applied with confidence. If you are still not assured, you can also choose lead lipstick.

Can I have to dye my hair during pregnancy?

Theoretically, in the process of dyeing hair perm, chemical ingredients can be absorbed by the human body very low, and the possibility of affecting the growth and development of fetal baby is relatively low.However, due to the limited research on hot hair during pregnancy, it is the safest way not to be dyed during pregnancy.

If the expectant mothers want to dye hair or perm, try to be 3 months pregnant.

Can I use perfume and nails during pregnancy?

The composition of perfumes is complicated, generally contains alcohol, various aromatherapy, artificial musk, etc., while nail polish generally contain toluene and phthalate. These ingredients may affect the health of expectant mothers and fetuses. It is recommended to be pregnant during pregnancy.Try not to use it.

Can I use essential oils during pregnancy?

Whether the problem of essential oil during pregnancy can be controversial: some views believe that the use of essential oil for aromatherapy can help alleviate anxiety during pregnancy and reduce pain in the process of childbirth; there are also opinions that chemicals in essential oils will be absorbed by expectant mothers, and the body of the expectant mother will be absorbed and absorbed by the body of the expectant mother.And through the placenta, it may affect the developmental baby.

In general, the current related research is limited, and the safety of essential oils during pregnancy is uncertain.For safety reasons, expectant mothers are best not used.

Finally, let’s remind everyone not to be superstitious about some so -called pure natural products. Propagating pure natural products may not be natural, even if it is really natural, it may not necessarily be safe.

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