Many married women feel that they are too tired after marriage, and they are not as comfortable as a person. They all have the idea of divorce.

Many married women feel that they are too tired after marriage, and they are not as comfortable as a person. They all have the idea of divorce.

Many married women have a lot of unhappy things after marriage. Of course, there are many happy, but after having children and no job, people’s mood changes, and they will feel that they are tired after having children.There is no social, and no elderly help can’t afford a nanny.My child was pulled one and a half years old, sticking to me during the day, my husband went to work, I couldn’t eat the child’s meal, I had a bad rest at night, and my spirit was weak.Seeing my husband is not pleasing to the eye, lived in.I feel that the marriage is really cheating, I really want to divorce, I think every day, I am too tired.I miss the single days, just want to live alone.Some of their own small hobbies, comfortable to decorate their houses, in the last shift, to act in private.I do n’t know how beautiful it is, I do n’t know why I want to get married, so tired.I would rather be lonely and I don’t want to be so tired.

It feels like getting married.I used to live for myself, my parents spoiled themselves.I thought that a marriage would love himself, but the result was not the case.Husband is a furnishings and has to wait for him.With a child, her husband is not used.After having a child, I felt that my husband was too selfish.At noon, the child was taken out by her mother -in -law and chatted with her husband.My husband thinks I spend more money.I pressed the fire and asked him how much is it appropriate?He gave a number, I just wanted to kill him.I clearly told him that I have been restrained now, and then restrict me that buying things will reduce my happiness, and I will explode.His grandma’s salary card will not be controlled. I spend your own money and you can draw your hands. When you get married, you will spend some money on your house. You don’t know.Always tell me how much foreign debt in your family is interesting?Why not say before marriage?

Because there is a problem with money, I regret it now.It feels like I was deceived.After having a baby, I felt that my husband was lazy, selfish, without self -control, and arrogant.If you let me live again, I will not choose him.But there is no courage to divorce.

It feels like why I didn’t cherish single days before!Why get married?There is a job that can feed himself, how good a person is free!Don’t get angry, don’t be careful, you must be careful with your own money to buy something for your loved ones!The strange man is not good at his relatives, but only good for his relatives.Think about why you got married at the beginning?I feel so stupid, why can’t I think so much?

I feel that many people think that this man can rely on before getting married. He just married regardless of the opposition of his family. After marrying, he was pregnant and cut off social and work.Slowly can only take care of the children at home as a full -time wife.Life after marriage is that you are no longer a little princess who has been free and free.After giving birth to a child, he turned himself into an aunt ~ Turning around the child every day ~ My husband and your own private space and time ~ I have nothing ~ In fact, it is much more happy to be single.

It is not no wonder why many girls dare not get married and dare not have children. After all, there are too many factors after marriage. It really feels tired than one person. Life pressure is really too much.Husbands are not powerful, have children, and have a lot of arrears, they have no ability to live a good life.It is really too hard than a person. He also has to pull his parents to suffer to himself, take care of yourself, and pay a lot of family expenses.I don’t dare to buy clothes for myself, and the shoes are hesitant for a long time.My husband also feels that all this should be applied. He will not pay the salary and will not pay the living expenses. You have to borrow a loan every month and borrow it east. Why did you get married at the beginning?If two people live, no one is happy.Why are you together?The only thing I feel sorry for my parents, sorry for my children, and raising me for so long has not given them too much return. The children who have not been born have to bear the poverty life brought by my choice.

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